Recently an article came out in Consumer Reports about LED headlights on cars, and as a lighting engineer it was frustrating to read due to the misconceptions and myths that are perpetuated by it. So thought I would take some time to point out the issues. Even though this doesn’t really have anything to do

There are lots of different styles of bike riders. Gravel, singletrack, bike pack, road, endurance, commuter, downhill, recumbent, and a dozen others. Each type of riding comes with some unique lighting demands so we decided to put together a quick guide for the major types of riding and what lights suit it best. Road Riding

We’ll be the first to admit, this is somewhat of a marketing ploy. Why? Because a lot of people are absolutely fixated on the reported lumen number of a light. Our lights use about 20% less than the “equivalent lumens”, so what are we trying to say? We are trying to say that our light

It’s a pretty logical thought right? A light that is 2000 lumens will be twice as bright as it’s 1000 lumen brother, so I’ll be able to see twice as far. Seems fair. However once we look into the reality of the situation, come to realize that it isn’t true. In fact in order to

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We have all seen it before, and maybe have fallen for the claims ourselves. The hundreds upon thousands of Amazon, eBay, Alibaba , Aliexpress, and even reputable suppliers who might not understand the specifications they are advertising. Of course we are talking about lumens! It is hard to shy away from the allure of a

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LED Heat & Thermal Design

One item that comes up often in forums that we do like seeing, is that thermal is discussed! As many of you know, thermal control is very important for not only LED life, but also the optical output, color temperature, and overall reliability. This is also why we opted for a downward firing reflector as

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