• Twice as many Lumens means I’ll see twice as far, right? Well…. No.

    It's a pretty logical thought right? A light that is 2000 lumens will be twice as bright as it's 1000 lumen brother, so I'll be able to see twice as far. Seems fair. However once we look into the real
  • Simple math, or how bogus lumen numbers can be proven

    We have all seen it before, and maybe have fallen for the claims ourselves. The hundreds upon thousands of Amazon, eBay, Alibaba , Aliexpress, and even reputable suppliers who might not understand the
  • LED Heat & Thermal Design

    One item that comes up often in forums that we do like seeing, is that thermal is discussed! As many of you know, thermal control is very important for not only LED life, but also the optical output,
  • Lumens, Candela, Lux, what does it all mean?

    Before we can start an in-depth discussion about beam patterns and biking, we first have to better understand a few terms and how they relate. This is where a lot of discussions about lighting get mud
  • Outbound is live!

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