We currently do not have an E-bike specific adapter, so you would need to be responsible for your own input wire. But this will work with a 12V steady input. We have extension cords that can be modified for the input.

More development with E-bike electronics will happen in the future.

It is IP65 rated, meaning it is be dust-proof and water resistant. Would we go diving with it? Nope, but will it handle falling in a creek after you’ve severely overestimated your abilities? Most certainly!

It is designed to fit handlebar sizes from 25mm to 35+mm.

Yep! A doubletap from the light being completely off will trigger a flashing pulse mode for daylight visibility. It will be a slow pulse at 400 lumens for an extremely long runtime.

Yes! Though we recommend the Trail Edition to only be mounted to the handlebar. We have an extension cord so that you can run a battery pack to your backpack or hip pack. Plus every light comes with a GoPro mount adapter to attach to a myriad of mounts out there.

It is four LG brand lithium ion cells in 2S2P putting out 7.4V and 6400mAH as verified by our electrical engineering team.

Mounting the light upside down will invert the beam pattern, and look very strange! However no need to worry about crashes. The silicone strap is very tight, however it will give way in a crash and you will not damage the light. It’s very well protected due to the magnesium die cast case. Believe me, we crashed a lot during testing!

Because we are an extremely small company we do not have a distributor channel yet. We currently only sell direct on our website and with a few small local shops in the St. Louis area. Ask your local shop to get in touch with us and we can work together to expand the Outbound reach!