Curved Helmet Mount Base


Extra curved helmet mount for the Hangover. Pretty simple.



Extra curved helmet mount for the Hangover. Pretty simple.

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Great helmet mounted light

I have the Trail which I’ve been using for the past 5 months. I added the Hangover to replace an older Niterider with external battery. The combination of being lighter and no wires with being much brighter and wider spread has definitely improved my night riding.


Curved Helmet Mount Base

Maybe the perfect helmet light for me

During the shorter days of winter, I do a fair amount of night riding. For years, I used a Cateye Volt 1200 on my helmet, but they stopped making that light. I’ve tried a couple of lights as replacements, but either didn’t like the beam and/or the light was too tall and increased the likelihood of catching on branches or vines. The Hangover light solves both of those problems, and adds the bonus of being the only candidate that can be powered by a battery pack if the battery runs out. This is my new go-to helmet light and, when my handlebar light dies, I’ll probably mount one there, too.

EVO Trail Light

Did a MTB ride with my EVO light and here are my impressions:
1) Mounting bracket very nice and secure !
2) Light pattern beam - Very wide, balanced, supper / great coverage !
3) Adaptive and High settings are very bright
4) Medium is ok but the light from a rider behind you tends to wash it out. Must use Medium on long rides to maintain battery power.
5) Had trouble with power/on button - hard to push and not much tactile feeling. Also hard to push with arthritis in my thumb join. Adding a handlebar remote button would be awesome ! Also the button is hard to activate while you are riding.
6) Overall a fantastic light and look forward to using it !