Evo Cable Manager


Clever little part that helps keep brake cables and other items out of the way, preventing distracting shadows on the trail as you ride.

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Clever little part that helps keep brake cables and other items out of the way, preventing distracting shadows on the trail as you ride.


Simple attachment to the bottom of the Trail Evo.


Please note, this is ONLY for Trail Evo.

Customer Reviews

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Good addition to a great light

This is a good addition to a great light. Wish it had come with the light but Outbound prices it reasonably as an adder

Simple but effective

Great little cable management if you need it.  It’s simple, integrated, and gets those annoying cables out of the way.  I love mine.


The EVO CABLE MANAGER makes all the sense in the world! Having shadows from your cables it quite frustrating when you invested a lot of money in the best trail light on the market! Kudos to Matt and the Outbound Lighting Team for knocking it out of the park with this add-on!

Great product and service!

I can’t say enough about the quality of these lights (Evo and Hangover)...just nothing close on the market! An added benefit is the amazing customer service. I had a small issue with the mount which was likely something I did wrong. I emailed and got an almost immediate response which included a free replacement mount a few days later. Highly recommend Outbound Lighting!

Great Lights

I have the Trail Evo and the Overhang....the Evo is great...I don’t even need a helmet light for most trails and I ride as fast at night as I do in the day with this light. The Overhand light is almost too powerful. I usually have to run it in low or second from low setting so the spot light doesn’t overpower my main light...makes it hard for my eyes to focus if the spot is too bright. But that is not really a problem...I have actually ridden with just the Overhang by itself and it is certain all doable. Love them and the customer service is more than impressive. I had a small issue tightening my light...the they sent me a whole new mount just in case. Wow. Thanks. The cable manager system is really nice and does work on my bike. Maybe they should include that because now that I have it...I wouldn’t want the light without it.

Best light

Having other lights in the past, I also kind of felt like it still was lacking in certain areas whether it be beam pattern, light color/warmth, width, whatever. I have no desire to find another light anymore, its great. Only thing knocking it a little bit would be the clamp to the bar as it does seem a little fragile so be aware on tightening it.

Works wel but Fragile

I love how simple and effective this little gizmo is, it keeps the cables out of the way so they don't block the light beam. But on my 3rd time using it I snapped one of the two arms off with very little force. It was like 25 degrees out when it happened and maybe that made them xtra brittle but it is disappointing it snapped so easily.

We are sorry that happened! We discovered that our supplier didn't print the first batch of cable managers in the right material (or orientation) so they are far more brittle than they were supposed to be. We threw them all out and had them redone in the proper PA12 Nylon material which is very flexible and temperature resilient. We'll get a new one out to you right away.

Works as advertised

Works as advertised. Keeps the cables out of the the light beam.

Well Worth the 15 bucks

If you run you bar and stem low like I do the cable management is well worth it. Highly recommended.

Great little accessory

Keeps your cables/hoses tucked nicely out of the way... Works like a charm. Love it!