Spare Evo Mount


Spare mount for Trail Evo.

Comes with 31.8mm and 35mm clamps and both black and orange anodized washers.

PLEASE NOTE: If your mount broke please email us: [email protected] and we will get you a replacement mount right away, no need to buy another one.   


Have multiple bikes? Want to swap Trail Evo between them often? Here ya go.

Customer Reviews

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Great light with a great pattern

Amazing light with an incredible amount of out out and great pattern.  I took it out for an initial ride last night and was thoroughly impressed by how much better it perform than my old light.  Even got me brave enough to take it on a single track downhill section.  Sadly, I was having too much fun to stop and snap a picture of that downhill.  Maybe next time. I did capture a pic at dusk before the ride. Looks as bright as a car light. Buy one and you won’t be disappointed.

Trail Evo

Awesome light and even better customer service! I was looking for something that didn't require an external battery pack and stumbled on this after reading some light reviews. It's the perfect handlebar light with a great beam pattern and excellent battery life. Extremely happy with it and would definitely recommend.

Your search stops here...

Was referred to Outbound by a friend in my cycling group. Could not have been happier with the experience; the quality of the light, speed of delivery and overall customer experience was way better than what you would get from the big “go-to” sites that we all frequent. No doubt about it…I will buy from Outbound again!

Easy to use mount.

Purchased extra mount for other bike. Super simple to use and out of the way when not in use. Love it.

Worth the $ if you have more than one bike

The mount system works well and is compact. It’s worth the money to me especially considering how frustrating it would be to drive out for a night ride and realize you left your light mount on your other bike. Eliminate that possibility with a mount on each bike = disaster averted.

Just do it.

I had just bought a competitors’ light for an up coming 24 hr. Race. Outbound lights popped up on the gram.. with an external battery source as well as a wider light beam.. it is a great light. twice the light of the glowlight2 I bought. I did break the mount.. user error. It is tight even if the nut turns. Just watch that. Company already sent replacement. Support the small guys.

These guys are the BEST!!!!!!

Probably the best MTB related purchase Ive made in the last few years!!! Believe me, you want these lights and you want to give these guys your money. Top notch in the industry. You're not gonna find a better product around, let alone with the customer service that these dudes provide. REAL lights from REAL riders for REAL riders, get some!!!

Second Bike

I have two trail bikes and a spare mount makes it super easy to swap the Trail Evo: Choose a bike 🤔, click, ride.

Evo mount (not the light)

I ended up breaking my first 31.8 clamp so I was glad I ordered an extra. I found it tough to find the right torque to where it didn’t break but also didn’t move. My other bike is 35 mm bars and I felt the clamp for this fit much more better and less chance of it breaking. After the first try it is a nice mount. Also bought a cable manger and that snapped immediately when I turned the bars. It’s just 3d printed and very fragile so would not but that again. The light is actually amazing though which matters the most

Hey Mark, really sorry about the poor first experience, as you know we already sent you some updated ones and working to improve the quality from our manufactures! Thanks again for the understanding.