Focal Series Road & Trail Combo

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Are you the N+1 type of cyclist? Then you’ll love our combo pack. This combination includes both the Trail and the Road edition of the Focal Series headlight, one (1x) battery pack, one (1x) wall charger, two (2x) bar mounts, and two (2x) Go Pro adapters. This lets you save some money, while giving you the best lighting for your road bike, and the confidence needed to hit the trails with your mountain bike.

Comes with the following:

(1) Road Edition Lighthead
(1) Trail Edition Lighthead
(1) 7.4V 6400 mAH Battery Pack
(1) Heavy Duty Large Carrying Case
(1) Battery Pouch
(2) GoPro Adapter
(2) Handlebar Mount with Integrated Air Scoop
(1) US Spec Wall Charger


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As introduced via Kickstarter in November of 2017!   CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CAMPAIGN!

The Trail Edition features a beam pattern tailored specifically for off-road cycling. Laser measurements and analysis were used to determine the angles and intensities necessary to engineer one of the smoothest and most effective beam patterns that an off-road rider would use. A tremendously wide 110° beam pattern will bring a newfound confidence to riding in the woods; even with a single bar mounted light.

The Trail Edition incorporates a unique light carpet, which evenly illuminates the ground from your tire to where you need to see. This prevents the need to compromise between light up close for technical sections or light far away during high speed sections. This creates a much more comfortable riding experience at night, which allows you to attack the trail as hard, if not harder, than during the day.

The Road Edition takes advantage of a uniquely designed reflector which creates a sharp cutoff beam pattern, similar to that of an automotive headlight. The sharp cutoff, coupled with the intense beam light, provides a concentrated down-road illumination which will allow you to see further while avoiding blinding oncoming pedestrians, drivers, or fellow bikers.

Similar to the Trail Edition, this lighting option incorporates the light carpet to help you avoid hazards and debris while riding. For our European customers, we have developed the Road Edition to meet and exceed StVZO requirements for bicycle lights.

The Focal Series lights are designed using the same reflector technology found in high end automotive headlights (Audi, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, McLaren, and many more.) An automotive-grade high intensity LED chip, aluminized precision reflectors, magnesium die casting, and an optical grade silicone lens are used to deliver a high performance product.

Our team has spent hundreds of hours evaluating every aspect of the Focal Series both during design and simulation. The result is a light with over 96% optical efficiency. This means that nearly every lumen generated is put exactly where you need it. Whether on the road or trail, Focal Series will light the way.


Easy to press oversized silicone button allows you to cycle through five power output levels so that you alway have the right amount of light to best suit your terrain and ride length.

Adaptive Mode uses the phenomenon of “Dark Adaptation” to increase run time significantly without reducing overall perceived brightness. This is accomplished by slowly reducing LED output over a 45 minute time period as your eyes naturally adapt to the darkness. The reduction in output will be nearly imperceptible, but run time is greatly improved.


Thick robust silicone strap and bar pad makes it quick and easy to install the light securely on any bike handlebar size. The neoprene pouch has a single large strap that securely mounts anywhere on the bike frame. A weatherproof snap together power plug completes the installation. Every light comes with a GoPro mount adapter.


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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions10.75 x 9 x 4.25 in

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