Outfront Mount Adapter for GoPro


Mount to locate your light underneath a bike computer mount with a GoPro tab.

Confirmed to work with Garmin, Quad-Lock, and K-Edge mounts.

3D Printed using SLS technology and printed with durable Nylon.


Outfront mount for mounting a Road or Trail Edition Bike Light underneath a typical bike computer mount. Designed to work with computer mounts that feature a tab underneath for GoPro mounting.



Customer Reviews

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Works great

I mounted this to a Garmin “ Quarter-turn to Friction Flange Mount Adapter” and it allows me to install and remove the light in all of 2 seconds. This works perfectly to place the light under my Garmin out of the way and it looks good ok the bike in this spot

GoPro Mount Crumbles Under Pressure

In my use, the adapter is a bit soft and so tends to slip around (light repeatedly slipped down to point at the front wheel on rough roads/trails). Then while I was switching mounts the other day, the adapter fell apart when I pulled it out of the mount. Good thing I'd bought this replacement already!
The mount does seem to be made of a softer material than the other gopro adapters I've used from Light&Motion and NightRider.

Go pro adapter

Just a simple piece of plastic that looks like it was 3d printed. Actually worth about a dollar and outbound charged me $20 for it. What a rip off!!

Love these lights!

First, I'm a roady and commuter, so the road light with it's cut-line is a great improvement to the vast majority of lights on the market. I have been using the road version light for a couple years now. I am still impressed with the overall package of illuminating the road ahead of me, the longevity of it's burn-time, and the quality of the product. I have become convinced that a daytime headlight is a must for safety, especially when captaining my tandem.
While the "Go-Pro" mount is great for helmet mounts, it's not so good for out-front Garmin mounts, as they would turn the lamp upside down. Upon ordering a second lamp, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Outbound Lighting had solved this problem! I just finished a 38 mile tandem ride with the lamp mounted to my out front Garmin stem clamp mount. It is awesome! I may need to get a third lamp and adapter to complete all of my bikes. .....and DONE! Third lamp and bracket on order!

Generally good but could be a bit shorter

Quality of this piece is good and it fits fine. My only complaint is that it's really just excessively long for my particular combination (Garmin out-front mount) so the light vibrates a bit more than I'd like it to. I understand it's meant to be universal but I don't think it would be any more solid in any other application. It's not really an issue that will prevent me from buying one again, but is mildly distracting compared with what I'd like it to be. I may try to print a "stubby" version of this and see if it's happier.

Amazing Lights!

I purchased both the Roads and Trail Lights together along with the GoPro out front mount. After finally getting to use them on a few road and single track rides I’m pleased to say that I’m very happy with these lights! I also purchased a K-Edge out front combo mount for my road bike. I already had a GoPro mount for my mountain bike. The rubber grip mounting straps that come installed on the lights work great, I just like to have my lights mounted out front. The mount is easily interchangeable. The lights are really well built. Cooling fins on a solid aluminum casing that’s also water resistant. Large obvious power button even when you can’t see it, ie helmet mounted. The lights are both identical from the exterior. I had to try them out in a dark room to determine which one was which. Looked for beam cutoff pattern of the road light. For reference the road light has a courser light diffuser and the trail light has a much smoother diffuser. When mounting the road light I ran into a couple of snags. The out front mount didn’t fit in the GoPro flange on my K-Edge Combo Mount. I filed and sanded until it just snugly fit. Also realized while riding that I couldn’t see the power button or power level over the front of my Wahoo Elemnt. After measuring I found that a 20 millimeter extension was just enough to see my power levels. The heavy duty helmet mount adhesive pad was not compatible with my helmet. I like lots of airflow and it was just too large. Fortunately I had an old helmet mount with Velcro straps that worked just fine. The road light is more than enough on low or medium low. It did take some practice to find the proper alignment that wouldn’t blind oncoming traffic. Ended up aligning it just like you would align the headlights on your car. Off-road I use both lights on low with more than enough light. I really like that I can turn my head and still have enough light around that switch back. The extension cable has enough length to put the battery pack in my pocket and not feel stretched or unable to turn my head for the helmet light. As far as run time goes, after properly charging them for the first time per the instructions and playing with the different light levels, I got 5 2 hour rides before they needed re-charging. I probably could have done another ride but didn’t want to drain the batteries completely. The battery packs are securely wrapped in a thick padded case with a large Velcro strap that makes securing to a handle bar stem or top tube a breeze. The connectors also securely lock together. Overall, I’m really happy with both the Road and Trail lights and I am highly recommending them to all my friends!

Great beautiful light, but I need more battery life.

I bought the Road Edition after bracket failure on a competitors light. This light performs as advertised and I really like it and recommend it. Having the battery pack separate from the light allows a good solid mount for the light as the mount does not have to handle the weight of the battery pack (this weight causes support failures on “all in one” units. I would like to see an extended life battery pack as some of night rides extend past 4 hours on very dark roads (i have deleted the pack once so far). I plan to buy another pack and cary two so that I have lots of light for my rides.

Downhill package is super great.

I went on a group ride with 10 other riders so I've had a chance to compare these lights with other lights and they hold up well even to systems that cost a lot more. I feel like my speed wasn't inhibited at all. You can rip with these lights. Battery run time isn't an issue. I've run for two hours on high and still had charge left.

It's easy to get sucked in by total lumen but, really, light spread is just as important if not more important. A light with a highly focused bright spot lead to a kind of tunnel vision and you're eyes will adjust to that hot spot and make you less able to see anything that isn't in it.

The two lights work so well together. The bar mounted light provides the close spread and the helmet light punches into the distance.

The two together are more than twice as good as either one alone. This is a superb package. I have a brightly light field without hot spots and enough punch forward so I can ride plenty quick.

Aux GoPro mount is awesome

This saves handlebar space, which is at a premium on a Roubaix. Initial aiming is a bit tricky, and the mount could use a bit better left/right angular stability. It isn’t bad, just able to be knocked off line.

Out front GoPro adaptor

I bought the adapter to allow the light to be used under my bike computer out in front of the handlebar. It provides a much cleaner setup for the light than the handlebar option.