Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light

Detour Bike Light

  • Wireless Bike Light with a cutoff beam pattern for Road/Gravel riding

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Customer Reviews

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Christopher J. (Brewster, US)
"Took a detour..."

Rider 1: (Takes detour on the bike path after a trail ride running Hangover/Evo combo)

Rider 2: (angrily) "I can't see ANYTHING, you look like a train!!!"

Rider 1: (rides home in shame and immediately orders Detour)

The lights are amazing, I hope somewhere that rider found it in their hearts to forgive me. Thanks guys!


Iowa B. (Des Moines, US)
Outbound Detour Road Light Review

I use the Outbound Detour on my road, gravel and fat bike as I do a lot of commuting around town combined with trail use. It's the perfect solution for me and checks all the boxes. I can also run with a small battery pack in the winter time.
Well made by a company that stands behind their products with great service.
What's not to love? Pricey but great value in the long run.

David F. (Eugene, US)
Love these lights

We own four of these lights. Love the beam pattern and cut off. Purchasing yet another one today.

Derek A. (Phoenix, US)
Best One Yet

I've tried a lot of lights for riding with my road bike club. NiteRider, Light & Motion, Lezyne, Magic Shine and others as well. Some were brighter than others, some had a better beam pattern, some lighter weight, some better battery life, but none have done it all with the panache that the Outbound Lighting Detour exudes. Its mount keeps it secure on the bar while still easy to remove and charge. The beam pattern gives a nice softer swath near and in front of the wheel while projecting a stronger central beam far enough ahead to avoid road debris at 35mph+. I also appreciate the beam cutoff that keeps some of those wonderful lumens from blinding oncoming traffic. The battery life options are great with the set-and-forget adaptive mode that breezes through my morning club ride, and long-running lower settings that keep the light burning through the early daylight to enhance my vehicular visibility. While it might not be the smallest or lightest of them all, it's not overly large or heavy either, and better in both regards than comparably performing lights. I've been running this light weekly for over a year and it's by far my favorite of the bunch - enough so that I added one of their mtb lights to my cache just last month as well. Great company to work with, too - they'd made an improvement to the Detour beam pattern over the last year and they upgraded the reflector in my light free of charge! Nicely done, guys.

Uriah K. (South Lake Tahoe, US)
Best bike lights out there!

I’ve done a lot of research, and at this point I’ve owned Outbound lights for 3 years now. I have their new road bike light with the cutoff beam, as well as the Hangover and Trail Evo lights. Their lights are amazing, and surely the best out there. They are lightweight, incredibly engineered, super bright, and easily rechargeable. They make riding at night fun!

Kate (Boston, US)
Light Of My Life

I can't say enough good things about Outbound or my Detour. Get one. It's better than what you have, no matter how happy you are with your current light. 11/10.

Two bike riders at night on the road with Detour bike light on their handlebarsTwo bike riders at night on the road with Detour bike light on their handlebars

Automotive headlights
For your bike

Bringing our automotive lighting experience to provide a clean cut-off beam pattern that evenly illuminates the road ahead. You wouldn't use a flashlight for your car, why use it for your bike?

Optical Engineering

This is the game changer. Not only did we bring the automotive grade cutoff beam pattern to your handlebars, we took it a step further by precisely controlling how much light leaves the light and hits the ground from the front of your tire all the way up to where you are looking. When you read "it's like riding in daylight" this is why.

We are the only USA-based manufacturer of cutoff (also referred to as StVZO) beam pattern bike lights, we also made sure the light has unreal width to light up the ditches and keep the spooky things away.

Gravel bike rider with a Detour on the handlebarsGravel bike rider with a Detour on the handlebars

No wires.
No fuss.
No Problem.

Say goodbye to bulky battery packs, hanging wires, zipties, and rubber bands holding your lights on your handlebar.
Happy gravel riders with Detours on their handlebarsTwo gravel women riders with Detours on their handlebars at night


Detour was designed with your ride in mind. Long runtime, easy mounting, broad panoramic beam, fast USB-C charging, and all backed by industry leading customer service.

Rock Solid Mounting

A good light isn’t so good if
it’s bouncing up and down on the bars all the time. That’s why we made a bolt-on clamp mount for Detour so it’s solidly locked to the bar, With a simple shim it adapts from 35mm to 31.8mm handlebars (25.4 and 22mm shims available) and the beam won’t shake around like lights with rubber strap mounts do.

Detour top down view showing the button

Keep Life Simple

Few people read instruction manuals, even fewer want to, we keep our lights dead simple so that you don’t need an advanced degree to remember some complicated sequence of button presses to get to the mode you want.

Detour bike light shown in a three quarter view

USB-C pass-Thru Charging

We were one of the first to offer USB-C charging as standard, except we took it a step further by offering pass-through charging as well. This lets you plug in any USB power bank and charge the light while in use,
in any mode. Game changer for 24 hour races and extra long night rides!

Road Bike Light thermal image

Keeping Cool

When you pick up this light you might be surprised to not feel any metal. Plastic?! Must be something we used to be cheap isn't it? Far from it. This material we use is an incredibly cool (ha) engineered resin that is not only very durable, but also conducts heat. The result is a lightweight, durable, and thermally balanced light housing.

View of Detour from the top at night showing the status lightsUsing Detour in the city as a commuter light

Make your Night ride enjoyable.

It can be sketchy riding at night when you are used to narrow beam patterns better suited for walking in the backyard. Our incredible optical engineering makes riding at night a joy again.


Lumens ~ 1100-1200 lumens
Battery Capacity 5000mAH
Weight 150g Detour Lighthead
36g Quick Release Handlebar Mount
Modes Adaptive - High - Medium - Low
Daytime Flash/Nighttime Flash
Materials Thermally Conductive Nylon (CoolPoly) upper shell
GF30 Nylon for mount
High Strength polycarbonate lower substrate
Soft touch TPU overmold
PMMA aluminized reflector
Electrical Features Thermal protection circuit
Constant current step-down converter
Battery management system
QC3.0 USB-C charging
Pass-through charging
Low Battery warning
20 minute "get-home" buffer in every mode
What's in the box Detour Lighthead
Quick Release Mount for 35mm Handlebars
31.8mm Shim (25.4mm and 22.2mm available)
USB-C to USB-A charging cable (USB-C to USB-C available)
M2.5 Allen Key
Instruction Manual (Download HERE)

Runtime Chart

Mode Runtime
Adaptive 2.6 h (152 min)
High 1.7 hr (104 min)
Medium 4.2 hr (250 min)
Low 8.5 hr (500 min)
Daytime Strobe 10 hr (600 min)
Nighttime Flash 4.5 hr (270 min)
Assembly worker building bike lights in ChicagoAssembly worker building bike lights in Chicago

Designed & Assembled in Chicago, IL

Skillfully built by our passionate team (and robots) while listening to a lot of podcasts.
outbound lighting employee photo tomoutbound lighting employee photo tom

Industry-Best Customer Support

3 year warranty + Lifetime customer service support backed by a real person. (yes, that's Tom)