How Do We Do It?

Using complex computer software and years of OEM automotive lighting experience we designed the Outbound Reflector Technology. This technology accurately places light exactly where it needs to be with 1,330 individual reflectors.

The typical reflector bowl that is found on most bike lights wastes an enormous amount of light in the all of the wrong areas for bike riding. It is great for a flashlight though!

Outbound Reflector Technology

Typical Reflector Bowl

What does this do?

With the Outbound Reflector Technology I developed two world class beam patterns: the Trail Edition and Road Edition. Both are expertly designed for different types of riding, whether it is hitting the trails or pounding the pavement.

This makes night riding FUN again for you!

Trail Edition

A massively wide beam pattern combined with an extremely even hotspot will have you riding in total confidence on any tight and twisty singletrack.

Road Edition

A sharp cutoff line lets you aim the light correctly without blinding oncoming traffic or fellow cyclists - increasing your safety on dangerous roadways.

Typical Bike Light

Unlike the Outbound Reflector Technology, typical bike lights are designed with small but intense circular hotspots. This can result in distracting lights that cause your brain to work overtime, making night riding a stressful affair for you and oncomers.

OMR – Optimized Matrix Reflector

Multifaceted reflectors are not a new technology. Look at your car headlights and you will see an example of it already. However what we have done is take a very complex design process used in automotive OEM and miniaturized it to create a highly optimized matrix reflector (OMR) that allows us to control and redirect every lumen to create an incredibly well balanced illumination field that is noticeable from the first time you turn your new light on, to the end of the car or bike ride and heading home. 1,330 individual reflectors make up the Trail Edition reflector, and 90 sharp cutoff reflectors make up the Road Edition. All precision ground and polished to the highest quality.

Featherweight technology, heavyweight durability

We are the first to introduce magnesium die-cast housings and optical grade silicone materials to bike lights. These materials are not only ultralight but also ultra-durable. Magnesium die-cast is an expensive tooling process that allows for very thin features so that we can create a high-performance heat sink but adding strength where needed for a durable housing. One of the coolest features you will find about the light is the silicone lens, this scratch proof, UV resistant, ultra-light, and clear as glass material is brand new to the industry. The lens forms the seal that encloses the entire light, making it waterproof as well.

Cooler than cool

Anyone with experience in LED lights knows that heat is a major challenge to contend with. It is true that LED’s run “cooler” than HID or Halogen bulbs, but thermal control is still a large concern. With the die casting features we are able to optimize the fins both in spacing and height to have a thermal system that wicks heat away from the LED’s at an astonishing rate. The bar mount features an incorporated air scoop that forces air into the underside of the casting, further improving thermal performance.

Worry free riding

Never worry about electrical failures. We developed this light with the rough and tumble world of downhill racing in mind. High vibrations, big impacts, and crushing crashes will be shrugged off thanks to high end connectors and no soldered joints. We can’t say the same for your body or bike. Custom programming with a unique “get home mode” means that you will never be left stranded with no light. A reserve amount of juice is always available to make sure you aren’t unexpectedly left with no power.