5 star review

"This is definitely the best bike light I've used in over 20 years of night riding."

- Jason W.
Trail Edition Owner

Daylike Vision

Wide even illumination maintains your depth perception and makes your ride more comfortable.

Longer Rides

Amazing optical efficiency combined with an exceptionally engineered LED driver means twice the runtime of a typical bike light.

Quality Built In The USA

Assembled in our St. Louis workshop and tested multiple times throughout the process. Backed up with a fantastic warranty.

Road & Trail Specific Beam Patterns

Mountain Biking and Road Cycling demand different beam patterns so we developed two different lights dedicated to each sport.

Hundreds of hours of optical simulation and design have gone into my lights after not being able to find a light that I knew was possible with my experience of designing automotive lighting for a living.

A successful crowd funded Kickstarter campaign helped launch the lights and half a year later I quit my comfortable engineering job to pursue designing, building and shipping the best bike lights out of my workshop.

I can't thank customers like you enough for believing in the goal of bringing better lighting to our roads and trails. Let's light it up!


Matthew Conte
Owner & Engineer

  • I just used my new light for the first time. It was awesome and major upgrade from my previous experience. I ride both trail and road and have not felt comfortable riding trails at night until now. Highly recommended
    Richard (Trail Edition Owner)
  • I had what I thought was a really great top dollar name brand trail light, until I demoed an Outbound. It blew everything out of the water. The light design and brightness are obviously way better. But the little details are killer too. I cannot think of a single downside to this light.
    Kayce (Trail Edition Owner)
  • Best light I have had (used NR in the past). My friends laughed at me when I only showed up with the one light. They each had two on their bars and one on their helmet. They ended up making me lead because they could not see well.
    Dale Krantz (Trail Edition Owner)