The Outbound Difference

I know night riding can be sketchy. I've been there.

Narrow beam patterns that are nothing more than flashlights, unknown battery life, questionable electronics, and iffy reliability.

My name is Matt Conte, and that is why I used my experience as an automotive lighting engineer to develop a properly designed bike light.

Real Innovation

Click around on the image below to see what engineered lighting is like compared to a typical bike light!

Light in Motion

15 seconds is all it takes to see the incredible difference between a proper lighting system, and the expected norm.

American Engineered. American Built.

Not only did I design these lights to be the best from the ground up, I designed them so that I could keep assembly of them here in the United States. Tested multiple times throughout the build process to ensure quality. Each component was engineered for a purpose and to stay as simple as possible. Function over form.

Magnesium die cast housing, optical grade silicone lens, polycarbonate metalized reflectors, high quality LG lithium ion batteries, no component was skimped on.

How Do We Do It?

Using complex computer software and years of OEM automotive lighting experience I designed the Outbound Reflector Technology. This technology accurately places light exactly where it needs to be with 1,330 individual reflectors.

The typical reflector bowl that is found on most bike lights wastes an enormous amount of light in the all of the wrong areas for bike riding. It is great for a flashlight though!

Outbound Reflector Technology

Typical Reflector Bowl

What does this do?

With the Outbound Reflector Technology I developed two world class beam patterns: the Trail Edition and Road Edition. Both are expertly designed for different types of riding, whether it is hitting the trails or pounding the pavement.

This makes night riding FUN again for you!

Trail Edition

A massively wide beam pattern combined with an extremely even hotspot will have you riding in total confidence on any tight and twisty singletrack.

Road Edition

A sharp cutoff line lets you aim the light correctly without blinding oncoming traffic or fellow cyclists - increasing your safety on dangerous roadways.

Typical Bike Light

Unlike the Outbound Reflector Technology, typical bike lights are designed with small but intense circular hotspots. This can result in distracting lights that cause your brain to work overtime, making night riding a stressful affair for you and oncomers.

This is Outbound Lighting

I know you don't compromise on your bike and your lights should not be an exception.

30 day "love-it-or-return-it" guarantee

I am so confident in my lights and how it will transform your night riding experience that I guarantee it. If you aren't happy with your new Outbound light, just return it! I'll even cover the return shipping. What do you have to lose?

Engineered & Built In The USA

I am located just outside of St. Louis, MO where I design, engineer, source, and assemble all of the Outbound bike lights. I am also very involved with the local cycling community. Check out the social media pages for when and where I'll be hosting our next demo night ride, or what event Outbound will be attending!
5 star review

"I was descending one of our local twisty roads with the Road Edition on my wife's bike, and it was the most comfortable nighttime descent of that road I've ever experienced, and the light wasn't even on my bike!"

- Jeremy D.
Road Edition Owner