5 star review

"Beam pattern is absolutely phenomenal... this is definitely the best bike light I've used in over 20 years of night riding."

- Vince Cuffaro
Trail Edition Owner

The Outbound Difference

Riding at night can be scary, or downright insane. We get it, we’ve been there. Although with the right lights it can be an amazing experience. Just you, your friends, no one else on the trails and an entirely new riding experience awaits when you are riding with Outbound Lights.

We know there are hundreds of choices out there for you when it comes to bicycle lights. From questionably cheap stuff with exaggerated ratings to incredibly expensive and well-reviewed systems. However there is one thing they all have in common, circular beam patterns. You may have never noticed this, or cared about it; but this why Outbound Lighting was started.

Real Innovation

Click around on the image below to see what engineered lighting is like compared to a typical bicycle light!

Who Are We?

We are a team of experienced automotive lighting engineers and bikers who realized that there was no real innovation happening with bike lights. Sure companies were in a lumen war, but that is not what legitimate lighting companies who develop automotive headlights care about. Instead development is focused on beam patterns, electrical efficiency and weight. Things that bikers absolutely care about!

So we quit our cushy full-time engineering jobs and launched Outbound Lighting to bring automotive grade headlights to bicycles. With a focus on well developed beam patterns that are designed specifically for Mountain Bikers and Road Riders, high electrical and optical efficiency to maximize runtime, and lightweight materials to have the highest bang for the gram.

Assembled and shipped from Chicago, IL, we are here to deliver not only the best lighting performance but also the best customer service. We are bikers just like you and we understand exactly what you want in your lighting. Any questions just shoot us an email or give us a call!

American Engineered. American Built.

Not only were these lights developed to reset expectations for bike lights, but also designed it to be made in our workshop located in Chicago. A focus on design for manufacturing (DFM) let’s us build these lights quickly and with superb quality instead of relying on questionable overseas assembly shops. As we grow we intend to keep manufacturing state-side in an effort to maintain our reputation for quality. Each component was engineered for a purpose and to stay as simple as possible. Function over form.

Magnesium die cast housing, optical grade silicone lens, polycarbonate metalized reflectors, high quality LG lithium ion batteries, no component was skimped on.

5 star review

"I was descending one of our local twisty roads with the Road Edition on my wife's bike, and it was the most comfortable nighttime descent of that road I've ever experienced, and the light wasn't even on my bike!"

- Jeremy D.
Road Edition Owner