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Lighting designed & engineered by light nerds for bike nerds. Open up a new world of trails by night riding with Outbound Lighting

What Makes Outbound Better?

The last few years have brought about an explosion of new LED chips, optical methods, and design tools thanks to the automotive OEMs’ decision to embrace LEDs as an effective source of illumination for headlights. Unfortunately, the majority of bike lights use large older CREE LEDs in either bowl reflectors or lenses, which are a number of years behind and only create a circular beam pattern. This gap in technology is what Outbound was created to fulfill, using the prior experience as an automotive lighting engineer, the founder developed the Focal Series line of bike lights.

Best Bike Light Trail Landing Image
Best Bike Light Road Edition Landing Image

The beam pattern is arguably the most important function of a bike light. It should be like a car headlight; evenly illuminate the ground in front of you, not waste lumens in the treetops, provide a wide field of view, and give you plenty of viewing distance.  Something a typical circular spot bike light does not do for either Road cycling or Trail biking. You don't see circular spot patterns on car headlights, there is no reason they should be on your bike!

Using an engineered Optimized Matrix Reflector to accurately place light where it is needed, it means that we do not need to use as many lumens to achieve the same intensity and widths as some very powerful lamps. This means smaller & lighter battery packs, along with very long runtimes.

It is a downright revolution in a world of lighting marketing that has you convinced that you need mega lumens to see anything on the trail or the road.

Jason W.
Focal Series Trail Edition

"Got mine last week and had a chance to test it on the trail. Beam pattern is absolutely phenomenal along with the color temp. I don't even need to worry about running a helmet lamp anymore and this is definitely the best bike light I've used yet in over 20 years of night riding."

Stoney C.
Focal Series Trail Edition

"The light is bright and with the wide beam I don't think I'll need the second light I usually have on my helmet. It mounted easily on my handlebars and stayed put on the massive (almost foot and a half) drops I hit. I haven't got much time with it, but the battery life seems to be as advertised. It blows away my previous lightset."

Jeremy D.
Focal Series Road Edition

"A week or two ago I was descending one of our local twisty roads with the road version on my wife's bike, and it was the most comfortable nighttime descent of that road I've experienced, by a margin, and the light wasn't even on my bike!"


Trail, Mountain, Cross Country

Make your night rides fun again with a the best bike light that provides an amazingly even, massively wide field of illumination by using a downward firing Lumileds LUXEON Altilon LED chip into a custom reflector that puts every lumen on target to give you a completely new riding experience at night.

Road, Endurance, Gravel

Features a sharp cutoff line so your light can be aimed straight ahead without blinding oncoming riders, pedestrians or cars. Ride safer, longer, and more comfortably! The only USA built light to feature a customized reflector to mimic your car headlight and create a wide even beam with the cutoff line and an intense focus to see far downroad even on high speed descents. 

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