Bike lights designed like automotive headlights for incredible visibility and runtime.
Trail Evo
Bar mounted mountain bike light
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Lightweight helmet mounted light
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Road Edition
Bar mounted road riding light
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“This isn’t just a business, it's a way of life for these guys! They have sweated out the details, and emerged from the Sauna of MTB component design victorious”
"I really, really hate to admit this, but I was first drawn to Outbound via an Instagram ad: ...... like basically all Instagram ads, it looked too good to be true, but I wanted to see for myself. And, if seeing is believing, well, I guess I am a believer. "
"There is a new sheriff in town, boys. She is powerful, bright and has 9 LEDs with a flood beam pattern to light your way. I love everything about this light."

Evo Downhill Package

Our cream of the crop. Pairing the incredible Trail Evo on the handlebars for a wide evenly lit field of view, and the lightweight Hangover on your helmet to look deep into the corners.

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We bought a van, customized it, and excited to be with our biking community at an event near you!