Who is Outbound Lighting?

We are a team of engineering professionals, bringing our many years of experience in the automotive and LED lighting industries to the bike world. After being frustrated with existing lights on the market being nothing but flashlights strapped to handlebars. No one was making a true headlight for our bikes.

Our days, weeks and months are spent in dark rooms designing brilliant lights. When we’re not obsessively tweaking beam patterns, using Lucidshape™, we are developing our custom hard parts and performing thermal analysis with Solidworks™, or laying out and verifying our driver designs with the help of Eagle™.

All this geeking out culminates in our new 7200+ sqft Chicago headquarters, where every Outbound light is hand-built with the help of robotic automation, and put through rigorous quality control checks.

We firmly believe in building quality products that exceed expectations because in the long run, that is how a successful business is built.

The first time you ride with Outbound Lighting, you will see the difference, guaranteed.

Founder, Owner, Engineer
Matt Conte

The founder of Outbound Lighting and lead engineer. He's had an interesting career designing roller coasters, fighter jets, automotive lighting, and culminating in the development of Outbound Lighting after looking at what was out there, and was convinced that he could build a bike headlight instead of a flashlight.

A strong passion for rally car racing and cars lead him to the interest in automotive lighting. Utilizing the experience of sliding sideways in the woods at 100mph at night to design off-road lighting before setting sights on using that experience for mountain and road biking.

outbound lighting employee photo matt
outbound lighting employee photo tom
Co-Owner, engineer, testing & customer service
Tom "Danger" Place

Former CREE LED manager of Package & Test R&D and the Global Applications Engineering Team with multiple LED chip design patents to his name and two passions: mountain biking and lighting.

Founder of the First Braptist Dirt Church in Pisgah National Forest, he’s always out stress-testing our lights in the Phoenix valley desert heat, and now in the PNW wet in his new backyard. A good friend once said “if you don’t know Tom, it’s just a matter of time!” as he is a rare breed of socially-dependent engineer that obsesses over data by day then seeks out party pace group rides by night.