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Shop all our bike lights here! We are the experts in front lighting for bikes. Pouring years of automotive lighting knowledge into the best bike lights.
  • Trail Evo is our flagship mountain bike light designed for the handlebars with a wide even beam that makes night riding an absolute blast and unlike anything you've ever ridden with before.
  • Hangover is the lightweight, bright, and trustworthy companion that lives on your helmet. Giving you beautiful light wherever you are looking.
  • Evo Downhill Package combines the Trail Evo and the Hangover into one easy to shop package. The ultimate setup for hardcore trail riding.
  • Detour is our gravel, road, and commuter light designed with automotive optics to simulate the low beam of a car, but for your bike.

The Best Bike Lights on the planet

Bike lights feel like they should be pretty simple. Make something that lasts a long time, lets you see the trail well, can handle a crash or two, and simple to put on and off

Yet when we tried to find this years ago, we couldn’t find anything that did it all. So we set out to design our own light using our years of automotive lighting experience to focus on what really matter, the beam pattern, and then made sure everything else was up to snuff. Things like:

  • Awesome battery life that handles cold weather better than the competition
  • Quick, easy, and repeatable mounting that can take a beating
  • USB-C charging to quickly charge while on the go
  • Robust materials to handle freezing weather, crashes, water and even dogs chewing on it
  • Incredible customer service to go above and beyond

Battery Life: How long do Outbound Bike Light batteries last?

This is a somewhat difficult question to answer since the answer is: it depends. However we develop our lights to last for an average of 2 hours.

We know most bike rides are anywhere from a quick 30 minute blast to an entire evening, but for the most part it can be around 120 minutes or so.

Our default “Adaptive Mode” on each light tries to aim to last for around that long. The Hangover bike helmet light will be a little lower runtime since it is a small lightweight battery, while Trail Evo Handlebar Light will be a much longer runtime due to two 21700 cells deep inside, but it is much brighter. The Detour Road Bike Light will last around 3 hours since road/gravel rides tend to be much longer in nature. Every light’s runtime is clearly defined in each product page.

Lumens: How many lumens do we need in a bike light?

Like a lot of things in life, there is no easy answer for this. We design our bike lights to use as little lumens as possible and not waste any light on unnecessarily bright hotpots, or wasted light in the sky while increasing visibility. Because of that our lumen ratings tend to be “lower” than most competitors, even though the overall brightness feels much stronger.

We talk more about Lumens in this blog post HERE, but overall our Hangover light uses around 1000 lumens, Trail Evo is around 2200 lumens, and Detour is around 1200 lumens. The Evo Downhill Package is simply the Trail Evo and Hangover combined so an output of around 3600 lumens.

What needs to be noted is that the beam patterns for each of our lights are very different and suited for the task required. The Trail Evo Handlebar Light is a very wide and broad beam pattern, while the Hangover bike helmet light is narrower since its designed to be mounted on your helmet, and the Detour Road Bike Light has a cutoff-style pattern that is designed for Road/Gravel riding.

So comparing lumen levels is not going to work when comparing to a traditional bike light with a flashlight-like beam pattern.

Charging: Are Outbound Bike Lights USB-C rechargeable?

These lights would kind of suck if they weren’t USB-C rechargeable wouldn’t they? With that in mind, all our lights are USB 3.0 quick charge capable too. Another interesting feature is the ability to do pass-through charging with almost any USB powerbank.

This means you can use the light in any mode (low, medium, high) and charge the light while it’s in use. 24 hour racers love this feature because you can purchase several cheap USB powerbanks and just one light without having to worry about purchasing lots of expensive bike-specific battery packs, or multiple lights.

Mounting: How to mount Outbound Bike Lights

One of the main issues we had with a lot of bike lights in the past was how annoying it was to mount and adjust them. Whether a big O-ring, rubber straps, off to the side of your stem, or trying to zip tie stuff to your helmet. It just wasn’t intuitive or easy to jump on your bike and go.

All of our bike lights are designed with easy and durable mounting in mind. Click in the Trail Evo Handlebar Light or Detour Road Bike Light onto our Quick Release Handlebar mount and it is in the same position every time you ride. Remove the Hangover Bike Helmet light from the standard action camera adapter that a lot of helmets have built in now, and off you go on that next adventure.

Assembly worker building bike lights in ChicagoAssembly worker building bike lights in Chicago

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