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We are the experts in bike lights.. Pouring years of automotive lighting knowledge into developing the best bicycle lights no matter what kind of riding you are doing.
  • Trail Evo is our flagship mountain bike light designed for the handlebars with a wide even beam that makes night riding an absolute blast.

  • Hangover is the lightweight, bright, and trustworthy helmet light  that lives on your helmet.

  • Evo Downhill Package combines the Trail Evo and the Hangover into one easy to shop package. The ultimate bike light setup for hardcore trail riding.

  • Detour is our gravel, road, and commuter light designed with automotive optics to simulate the low beam of a car, but for your bike.

The Outbound Lighting difference

Bicycle lights feel like they should be pretty simple. Make something that lasts a long time, lets you see the trail well, can handle a crash or two, and simple to put on and off

Yet when we tried to find this years ago, we couldn’t find anything that did it all.

So we set out to design our own light using our years of automotive lighting experience to focus on what really matter, the beam pattern, and then made sure everything else was up to snuff. Things like:

  • Awesome battery life that handles cold weather better than the competition
  • Quick, easy, and repeatable mounting that can take a beating
  • USB-C charging to quickly charge while on the go
  • Robust materials to handle freezing weather, crashes, water and even dogs chewing on it
  • Incredible customer service to go above and beyond, such as answering detailed questions in our FAQ