Bike Lights

We are the experts in bike lights.. Pouring years of automotive lighting knowledge into developing the best bicycle lights no matter what kind of riding you are doing.

  • Trail Evo is our flagship mountain bike light designed for the handlebars with a wide even beam that makes night riding an absolute blast.

  • Hangover is the lightweight, bright, and trustworthy helmet light  that lives on your helmet.

  • Evo Downhill Package combines the Trail Evo and the Hangover into one easy to shop package. The ultimate bike light setup for hardcore trail riding.

  • Detour is our gravel, road, and commuter light designed with automotive optics to simulate the low beam of a car, but for your bike.

Road/Gravel Bike Lights

What do you look for when you are trying to find the best road bike lights out there? You are looking at it! Each of our lights are designed by a former automotive optical engineer to deliver the best blend of power, beam pattern, battery life, and ease of mounting.

Instead of focusing on a single number (such as lumens) Outbound Lighting takes a holistic approach to bike light design . Thinking about the entire ride experience from start to finish.

This means starting with high speed USB-C charging to minimize the time to charge, a robust and easy to use quick release mount to put the light where it belongs every time you ride, a broad evenly lit beam pattern from the front of your tire to where you are looking, long lasting runtime for those early morning or late night rides, and of course a simple and intuitive user interface.