Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light
Detour Bike Light

Detour Bike Light

  • Wireless Bike Light with a cutoff beam pattern for Road/Gravel riding

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Our original Road Edition set the bar high for the last several years. So we were challenged on how to improve it.

Right away, we've ditched the large battery pack. This is all internal, self contained, USB-C rechargeable, and slim enough to fit in your pocket.

Then we fine tuned the heck out of the beam pattern. Extremely smooth and progressive light field from the front of your tire all the way to where you are looking. We also added sidemarker lights to help with visibility from the side, much like on cars.

We've incorporated our quick-release fiberglass-reinforced nylon mount that we, ahem, “borrowed” from those clever camera guys to keep everything pointing in the right direction and easy to put on and take off with one hand.

We do have a custom mount solution to fit underneath most bike computers for that clean and tucked look: Quick Release Action Camera Adapter

Proudly and capably made just down the road in Chicago IL.


Detour Runtime Chart


Mounting Location: 31.8mm and 35mm Handlebar (22.2mm and 25.4mm shims are available)

Application: Road Riding, Gravel Riding, Commuting

Runtime: 2.8 hrs in Adaptive Mode (see runtime chart)

Charging: USB-C with Pass-Thru Charging (0 to ~85% in 2 hours)

Lumens: Approximately 1100-1200

Weight: 150g + 36g mount

Download Instruction Manual HERE

What's in the Box

  • Detour Road Bike Light
  • Quick-Release Bar Mount (fits 31.8mm and 35mm bars)
  • USB-C to USB-A Charge Cable
  • 2.5mm Hex Wrench
  • Instructions


Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Michael F. (Dallas, US)
A great light that I'd like to see more mounting options for

By far the most effective road/gravel/bike path/mixed terrain light that I've ever used. It makes even pitch-dark roads and bike paths easily navigable at full speed. Battery life is sufficient even on high for my needs day to day, but the pass through charging option is really nice to have for trips and long nights out.

If I could offer one piece of constructive criticism, I would like to see a band mounting option that places the light on top of the bars, or a dedicated fork crown mount in the future. For those of us who use aero loop bars wrapped in bar tape, or run tall bikepacking bags on standard bars, the current mount is a bit of a compromise. However, it's totally solid if you run standard road/mtb bars without a bag, and I may see what options I can come up with using the action cam mount.

All in all, it's the best self-contained cutoff beam light in the game, and it's going to make night riding a lot more fun this winter.

Clark J. (York Village, US)
Another solid product and a good price point.

I've only used the new Detour a few times, but it's a good performer, the mounting system (camera mount) is solid and stays put, and the price represents a good value for the light - as long as it lasts and keeps performing well. I will probably miss the battery life of the Road Edition, but not having the external battery and cords is much more convenient. And it’s made in the USA with great customer support.

Galen W. (Seattle, US)
Best city bike light money can buy

I've been constantly searching for the best bike light for around-town and commute riding I can find, and I genuinely believe that my new Detour is the best light currently on the market. Great beam pattern, easy interface, good build quality, great mount, and easy charging - hard to come up with anything to improve upon.

The 10/10 customer service is the cherry on top!

Detour: confidence to go that extra mile

It’s time to bring the power of your cars headlight to your bike, free from wires and clumsy mounting.

An incredible industry leading cutoff beam pattern designed by automotive light experts prevents you from blinding oncoming pedestrians, fellow bikers and drivers. Providing you with a higher degree of safety, as well as a more enjoyable riding experience.

Optical Engineering

This is the game changer. Not only did we bring the automotive grade cutoff beam pattern to your handlebars, we took it a step further by precisely controlling how much light leaves the light and hits the ground from the front of your tire all the way up to where you are looking. When you read "it's like riding in daylight" this is why.

Not only are we the only USA-based manufacture of cutoff (also referred to as STVzO) beam pattern bike lights, we also made sure the light has unreal width to light up the ditches and keep the spooky things away.

Rock Solid Mounting

A good light isn’t so good if
it’s bouncing up and down on the bars all the time. That’s why we made a bolt-on clamp mount for Detour so it’s solidly locked to the bar, With a simple shim it adapts from 35mm to 31.8mm handlebars and the beam won’t shake around like lights with rubber strap mounts do.

We adapted an established
camera tripod mount concept then miniaturized it for slick snap-in installation with a ramped-cam that always takes up the slack as it wears, so you never have a rattly interface, and an easy one-handed quick-release process to pop the Detour off post-ride and toss in your pocket.

Simple User Interface

Few people read instruction manuals, even fewer want to, we keep our lights dead simple so that you don’t need an advanced degree to remember some complicated sequence of button presses to get to the mode you want.

Detour’s soft-touch overmolded top shell has a single, large button right in the middle that’s easy to feel through a thick winter glove in the dark, with four green indicators to clearly convey mode and battery status without the need for a decoder.

Four simple modes cover the majority of use cases from set-it-and-forget-it long training rides to solid output for that quick commute home – Adaptive / High / Medium / Low – and no SOS or seizure inducing strobes stuck in between.

Several pulse and strobe modes are available from off. Super easy to remember!

electronic circuit board for bike helmet light
Electrifying design

We like to keep our lights simple on the outside for the user, but that doesn’t mean we’re skimping on the guts inside. The constant-current driver maintains rock solid regulation through the Cree XD16 LEDs over the entire voltage range of the genuine Samsung 21700 cell with a unique battery monitoring algorithm to give you accurate feedback without interruption.

Complete with fast QC 3.0 USB-C charging and Pass-Thru capability to boot, we engineer the electronics to maximize efficiency and runtime while minimizing charge times, all without any proprietary connectors that could leave you stranded.

Thermal Engineering

When you pick up this light you might be suprised to not feel any metal. Plastic?! Must be something we used to be cheap isn't it? Far from it.

This material we use is an incredibly cool (ha) engineered resin that is not only very durable, but also conducts heat. This has been a very challenging engineering development project to bring to market, being one of the first to bring this thermally conductive plastic to bike lights.

We made sure that it can handle the intense heat of the LED's through lots of engineering simulation, then prototypes and finally lots of small tweaks to dial things in. The result is a lightweight, durable, and thermally balanced light housing.

Road Bike Light thermal image
outbound lighting employee photo tomoutbound lighting employee photo tom

Industry-Best Customer Support

3 year warranty + Lifetime customer service support backed by a real person. (yes, that's Tom)
Made in USA bike lights, picture of worker assembling bike lightsMade in USA bike lights, picture of worker assembling bike lights

Designed & Assembled in Chicago, IL

Skillfully built by our passionate team (and robots) while listening to a lot of podcasts.