Trail Evo Head On view while on a rock
Trail Evo bike light beam pattern in the woods, showing how bright the light is.
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo mounted on handlebar with rider in the background
Trail Evo Bike Light
bike light on handlebar rear view in mountains
Trail Evo Bike Light
bike light on handlebar riding in snow
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light

Trail Evo Bike Light

  • Bombproof wireless handlebar bike light for singletrack
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Customer Reviews

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Ron J. (Aliso Viejo, US)
Outbound Trail Evo

Had an Amazon special on my bike before this…Amazon light was ok, but there’s no comparison between the two. Yes you can get cheaper that works….but when you experience a really good light which the Evo is there’s no going back. They just need a tail light to go with it…!

Luke A. (Shelton, US)
The light of day

I used a few of the EVO’s and Hangover’ on a big Red Bull Project. I mounted them on the underside of airplane wings. The lights lit up the wings perfect during the eclipse and helped make the epic shot possible.

Josh T. (Schoolcraft, US)
The best balance!

This light does it all! It is very bright, great run times and fare in weight with no cables.

Martin (Brussels, BE)
Almost Perfect

i have had this light for two years now, 15 000+ kilometers it's nearly perfect, fantastic pattern, intensity, integrated package, the only piece missing is a remote, for those rare moments when you go into a tunnel, or you want to warn someone. another nice option would be a matching battery pack for really long night rides. (but you can "make your own" using a battery pack + USB cable), less practical.

James C. (Twinsburg, US)

Trail Evo Bike Light

LARRY L. (Oregon City, US)
Super 73 - Outbound light 💡

I want to say thank you Out bound Lighting for your customer service for the orders I placed . Thank you for returning the shims cost yes the shim's worked . I am absolutely happy with my set up now out here in Beavercreek Oregon . It’s really country out here and forest too . Fun riding with Out bound lighting for e-bikes

Advanced Optical Engineering

Mind blowing, incredible, and game changing are a few of the words used to describe how seamless and bright the Trail Evo beam pattern is.