Rider riding gravel bike with bike helmet lightsunset picture of rider with a Hangover Bike Helmet Light

Bike Helmet Lights

Bike lights designed specifically for bike helmets with a smooth beam pattern for ultimate enjoyment on the trails. USB-C charging to get your night started quickly. Ultra lightweight so you don't notice any weight on your head. Extremely low profile so when you duck under that tree branch you won't get snagged. Most importantly? no wires! Fully self contained means no dorky cords hanging off your head.

The best Bike Helmet Lights on the market

The Hangover bike helmet light launched onto the scene in late 2019 with a single mission: Be the Best Bike Helmet Light out there. Turns out it was a fairly easy task to accomplish because every bike light before it was designed to do the job of a handlebar light and a helmet light at the same time.

All of our bike lights have standard USB-C, lightweight construction, pass-through charging and incredible beam patterns, but a helmet light requires some unique design points that most old helmet lights never really focused on.

We took normal convention and turned it on it’s side. Literally. First step was to put the lightweight 18650 battery sideways, this let us put the weight down low and over the center of your head, rather than up high and forward.

Which meant that we could fit more room for the finely tuned optics that concentrate the available lumens, while providing peripheral spill for a seamless riding experience.

By making the lens low and wide, we are able to spread the heat out that not only helps keep the LED’s cool, but also has a knock-on effect of heating the battery to help with cold weather performance.

In the end, we ended up with a very specialized bike helmet light that’s sole job, is to be a bike helmet light.

Why use a bike helmet light?

The main goal of using a bike helmet light is to put light exactly where you are looking. For some riders who ride more casually, a single handlebar light might suffice. However most riders who are looking to push during their rides, or feel more comfortable will put on a helmet light (like Hangover bike helmet light ) that tends to be more of a “spot” beam pattern.

The reason for this is you tend to point your head where you are looking, so naturally the light follows. One example is navigating a switchback where your handlebars are still pointing forward, but you are already looking deep into the turn to see where you need to start turning, this is where a helmet light is very useful in conjunction with a light like the Trail Evo Handlebar Light .

In fact this is such a popular combination that we have a pre-made package that has both the Trail Evo and the Hangover light in what we call the Evo Downhill Package .