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Bike Helmet Lights

Developing a bike helmet light poses a challenge. We need to develop a light that is lightweight, low profile, quick to charge, bright (duh), easy to put on and off, and meet our needs for the beam pattern. This is why our Hangover light looks quite unique and unlike anything on the market. Because there really is nothing quite like this light.

When we developed our helmet lights we went to the drawing board and threw out any prior notions of what a bike light should be. So we put the battery sideways, put an action camera mount low and to the back, spread a number of optics across the face to spread the heat and optimize the beam pattern. The result is our Hangover helmet light which is simply the lightest, brightest, and most powerful helmet-specific bike light out there.

Others may boast higher lumens, which is fine, we focused our light design on the entire 1-2 hour long bike ride with rock solid output, the right amount of light to see, and a finely tuned beam pattern to boot.

Hangover Bike Helmet Light

Beam Pattern designed for Bike Helmets

On paper the beam patterns seems simple. Have a narrow "throw" that lets you see down the trail far. In reality we need to make sure we blend that intense spot smoothly so that your eyes aren't just chasing a bright ball of light on the trail, making for a very stressful and unsettling ride. So when we designed the optics for Hangover, we made sure to have a good peak intensity, but more importantly, we smoothly blend the light to the edge of your peripheral vision so that the entire field of view gets lit up.

The result is mind-blowing, and extremely hard to capture in photos or videos, let alone a single stat. So we invite you to read all the reviews from customers to see just how good our helmet lights are.

Simple mounting, Intutive, Easy-to-use design

The world is complex enough as it is, knowing how to turn on your light shouldn't be. We design our user interface to be extremely simple. One large raised button that is easy to press even with thick riding gloves on. No flashing strobe modes to cycle through when trying to select your power level. Simple press and hold to turn off the light, nothing to it.

USB-C rechargeable

All of our newest lights come with USB-C charging standard. They have a custom designed plug that can seal the light even when the door is open to allow for USB-C Pass Through Charging, an industry first. This allows for you to use any external battery pack to charge your light while it's in use. Unlike some of our competitors we can charge even when in the high power mode. This means that you can use any off-the-shelf USB Powerbank to plug in your light to get as little or as long of a runtime as you need.

Made in USA bike lights, picture of worker assembling bike lightsMade in USA bike lights, picture of worker assembling bike lights

Bike Lights designed and assembled by us.

Exceptional performance, exceptionally made.