Trail Evo Head On view while on a rock
Trail Evo bike light beam pattern in the woods, showing how bright the light is.
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light
bike light on handlebar with rider
bike light on handlebar rear view in mountains
bike light on handlebar riding in snow

Trail Evo Bike Light

  • Bombproof wireless handlebar bike light for singletrack
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Customer Reviews

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Douglas M. (Shawnee, US)
Outbound duo lights

Just set up my hangover helmet light and bar mounted Evo light, brightest combo I’ve ever had. Adaptive mode is nthe shizz!

Mark N. (Long Lake, US)
Disappointing customer service

I can't review it if I never receive it! Ordered on Nov. 16. Received an email NOv. 18 that the order shipped. The track info said a label had been generated but that's it. Email CS Nov. 26 asking about order. Lauren returned email saying "package succumbed to the vortex." She said the order would be reshipped the following week and an email with tracking info would be sent. Dec. 4 and I still haven't received an email. My credit card was charged the day I ordered, Nov 16. Not real happy. What are you going to do to make this right?

Chris J. (Tyler, US)
Best lights hands down. 💪

I bought these to upgrade from my very entry level lights I had been using to get by in the darker months but this fall/winter I wanted to get the most of my riding, darkness and all. Bought these lights and I cannot wait to go ride at night. Smiles ear to ear riding with this combo. Cannot recommend these enough 👍👍 awesome company and an awesome product.

Bike rider at sunset on top of the mountains with Trail Evo on the handlebarBike rider at sunset on top of the mountains with Trail Evo on the handlebar

Go further.
ride longer.
explore more.

See that sunset from the mountaintop, not the parking lot thanks to long runtimes, USB-C pass through charging and a dose of quality engineering.

The Bike Light evolution:

When we launched the Trail Edition back in 2017 it was a game changer for bike lights. A beam pattern specifically designed for trail riding with a wide evenly illuminated distribution. However it required an external battery pack, and we had lots of customers wanting to go wireless.

So we took the best parts of Trail, and evolved it into the Trail Evo. Bringing a long lasting, even brighter, even wider beam pattern to your handlebars, without any external cords.

Advanced Optical Engineering

Mind blowing, incredible, and game changing are a few of the words used to describe how seamless and bright the Trail Evo beam pattern is.