Bike Helmet Light mounted on helmet
Bike Helmet Light beam pattern
Hangover Bike Helmet Light
Hangover Bike Helmet Light
Top down view of Hangover bike helmet light
Hangover Bike Helmet Light
Hangover Bike Helmet Light
Hangover Bike Helmet Light
Bike Helemet light beam patterns
Winter riding with the bike helmet light
Bike Helmet Light side view with action camera mount
bike helmet light beam pattern simulation
american made bike helmet light

Hangover Bike Helmet Light

  • Featherweight wireless helmet light for singletrack

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Want a helmet light that is actually a light designed for helmets? Not just a flashlight? Then you've come to the right place

Hangover borrows its name from the famous trail in Sedona, AZ (not the dreaded “brew flu”).

Into it, we poured every ounce of our automotive optics knowledge, creating the most compact, bike light anywhere.

But slim does not mean dim. Some serious late-night thinking went into the Hangover, with countless hours prototyping the perfect beam pattern for trail riding and for helmet mounting. The resulting optics fills your entire field of vision with light, not just a spot down the trail. So, you can avoid what you want to miss, and hit what you really want to shred.

Good for 90 minutes of strong output, with the ability to USB speed-charge on the go, and yet only 100 grams. USB-C quick charge 3.0 is included as standard.

These lights are proudly and expertly made right here in Chicago, with the help of good coffee, homegrown talent, and a couple of dogs in the shop.



Bike Helmet Light runtime chart


  • Mounting Location: Bike Helmet (Or Ski Helmet)
  • Application: Helmet Lighting, Trail Riding, City Bombing, Bike Packing, whatever your heart desires
  • Runtime: 1.6hrs in Adaptive Mode (see runtime chart)
  • Charging: USB-C with Pass-Thru Charging (0 to 80% in 60 minutes)
  • What’s in the Box: Hangover, Quick-Release Action Camera Mount, Curved Helmet mount with adhesive pad,  USB-C to USB-A Charge Cable, Instructions
  • Lumens: Approximately 900-1000
  • Weight: 105g + 20g mount

Download Instructions HERE

Riding Video



Customer Reviews

Based on 353 reviews
Roy M. (Denver, US)
Best helmet light ever!

This is a superior product in every way - beam pattern, adjustable beam intensity, battery life, low profile, dependable attachment to the helmet, ease of use, and it seems pretty rugged, too! I really like that I can adjust the brightness/intensity while riding to accommodate terrain and vegetation changes as they occur. It lets me easily spot wildlife (like skunks) in plenty of time to respond appropriately. I am no longer overdriving my light at night, since it’s got plenty of power. And the beam pattern is a critical component of all this; there are lots of bright lights out there, but their beams aren’t putting the light where it’s needed. It’s obvious that your staff has done their homework in figuring out what it takes to build a great helmet light. Thanks for a well-engineered product!

Bradley J. (Harker Heights, US)
Hangover Review

Works great, not to heavy, easy to mount(with the right helmet), perfect wide beam

Jessica E. (Sandy, US)
Great light!

Works great on my helmet. I Love it!

Why build the best bike helmet light?

When we launched the Trail Edition back in 2017 it was a game changer for mountain bike lights. A beam pattern specifically designed for trail riding with a wide evenly illuminated distribution. However we had lots of requests to build a helmet light instead of just a handlebar light.

So we got to work, figured out what is important for a helmet mounted light, fine tuned the beam pattern and optimized everything else to come up with the lightest, longest lasting, and most powerful helmet-specific bike light out there.

Read on for more nerdy design details! Or check out our Bike Light Design segment for a deep dive into our design philosophies.

Hangover Bike Helmet Light

Helmet Specific Beam Pattern

When we developed Hangover’s beam pattern, we knew we wanted to better balance a narrow spot for throw down trail with a smoother transition to eliminate the tunnel vision you get from the off-the-shelf flashlight-style lights on the market.

We employ blended Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optic features to meticulously shape the beam from the high-intensity center with an even gradient to a soft fall-off covering all the peripheral around the rider, avoiding distracting beam artifacts while giving the rider a better sense of balance.

Check the slider comparison below to see the difference between a fine tuned optical instrument such as Hangover vs a name-brand light that has been around for years.

Helmet Specific Beam Pattern

Balanced narrow spot for throw down the trail combined with a smooth transition to eliminate the tunnel vision you get from the off-the-shelf flashlight-style lights on the market.

Hangover USB C bike light

USB-C pass-through charging

Everyone has USB charging ports all over nowadays, so we make sure you can use any of them with Hangover, and not just some proprietary charger that you can only get from us. Even better, if you use a QC3.0-rated charger, you can get 85% charge in just one hour (24-hour racers rejoice!).

But we took that concept one step further and added Pass-Thru Charging to allow you full access to all output modes of your light while charging from an off-the-shelf USB Power Bank, so that you can extend runtime for those epic adventures, without limiting the light available to you (bikepackers rejoice!). We even customized the included USB-C cable with a right-angle connector to make cable routing on the helmet clean and easy.

USB-C pass-through charging

We were the first to introduce high speed USB-C charging with the ability to charge on-the-go with any USB powerbank, in any mode.

Game changer for 24-hour events and endurance rides!

Rock Solid Helmet Mounting

Helmets are like snowflakes, each one their own unique, ornate shape…that’s why we built Hangover with built-in tabs for standard “action camera” mounts, because they just work, and you don’t have to rely on some proprietary design from us.

We tucked the mount in low on the backside to keep the weight low, minimizing neck strain on long rides, and reducing the likelihood of low-hanging branches ruining your day…er, night.

Hangover Button, simple and easy to use

Simple User Interface

Few people read instruction manuals, even fewer want to, so we keep our lights dead simple so that you don’t need an advanced degree to remember some complicated sequence of button presses get to the mode you want.

Hangover’s soft-touch overmolded top shell has a single, large button right in the middle that’s easy to feel through a thick winter glove in the dark, so you don’t have to hunt blindly around on top of your head just to turn it on.

Four simple modes cover the majority of use cases from set-it-and-forget-it pedally XC to long-climb-fast-descent Enduro rides – Adaptive / High / Medium / Low – and no SOS or seizure inducing strobes stuck in between.

Simple User Interface

Few people read instruction manuals, even fewer want to, so we keep our lights dead simple so that you don’t need an advanced degree to remember some complicated sequence of button presses get to the mode you want.

Made in USA bike lights, picture of worker assembling bike lightsMade in USA bike lights, picture of worker assembling bike lights

Designed & Assembled in Chicago, IL

Skillfully built by our passionate team while listening to a lot of podcasts.
electronic circuit board for bike helmet light

Electrifying design

We like to keep our lights simple on the outside for the user, but that doesn’t mean we’re skimping on the guts inside. The constant-current driver maintains rock solid regulation through the Cree LEDs over the entire voltage range of the genuine LG 18650 cell with a unique battery monitoring algorithm to give you accurate feedback without interruption.

Complete with fast QC3.0 USB-C charging and Pass-Thru capability to boot, we engineer the electronics to maximize efficiency and runtime while minimizing charge times, all without any proprietary connectors that could leave you stranded. We’re always pushing the limits internally to deliver new feature sets that provide real value to the rider, not just fancy names.

Electrifying design

While our lights may look simple from the outside, on the inside it is anything but. Genuine CREE XD16 chips, genuine LG 18650 battery cells, and a unique battery monitoring algorithm to keep everything running smoothly.

Hangover thermal cooling with magnesium outer shell

Thermal Engineering

LEDs produce heat, they’re not magic, it’s just a fact. Getting the heat out of the LEDs efficiently without sending it into the rider’s hands is paramount for reliable and safe operation, so we pulled from our background in automotive lighting by employing magnesium for the thermal mass in Hangover to both reduce weight vs. aluminum and reduce the case touch-temperature.

Optimizing airflow across the cooling channels when riding sheds heat fast, allowing us to make the light smaller and lighter than competitors without requiring aggressive thermal controls in the firmware to throttle back output to keep the light cool. Of course, we have controls in the firmware for safety, the difference is you won’t need them on the trail with Hangover.

Thermal Engineering

High power lights get hot, it's a fact of life. Yet many lights don't focus on how to handle the heat. We spread the LED's out across a die-cast magnesium housing to keep things cool and lightweight.

outbound lighting employee photo tomoutbound lighting employee photo tom

Industry-Best Customer Support

3 year warranty + Lifetime customer service support backed by a real person. (yes, that's Tom)