We are bike lighting guys.

No no no, not JUST some biking enthusiasts who cobbled together homemade LED drivers to put into off-the-shelf reflectors and called them the brightest bike lights ever. We are engineering professionals who come from the automotive lighting and LED industry who noticed that no one was really taking a serious engineering approach to bike lighting.

We use Lucidshape™ to develop the automotive-grade optics, obsessively tweak the beam pattern for days and weeks. We use Solidworks™ to develop our custom hard parts and do thermal analysis. We use EAGLE™ to lay out and verify our driver designs. All these things culminate together in our Chicago warehouse where each light is hand-built and put through rigorous quality control checks during the assembly process.

Outbound Lighting was started in 2017 after an initial prototype was built and minds were blown. A highly successful Kickstarter campaign followed to raise funds for the initial tooling and the first lights were delivered in mid-2018. Since then we have sold over 4000 lights and counting. We are hyper-focused on bringing the next generation of bike lighting, not just using that term as a marketing buzzword.

Engineering. Education. Technical Expertise and a passion for lighting is what drives us to develop the best bike lights we can build for you.

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