Why Outbound?

Outbound Lighting is unique in that it was founded with the intention to bring the latest in advanced lighting technology from the automotive OEM to the biking industry. We are engineers first, and strive to provide accurate, truthful data instead of marketing fluff.

We not only want to develop the best in bike lighting, but also educate consumers on the science of lighting. It is a confusing and complicated field that is full of misinformation and falsehoods. We aim to try and shed some light on this fascinating world of human vision, electrical engineering, illumination design, and mechanical engineering that we love so much.

We designed, engineered, sourced, did the logistics, and assemble all of our lights in house. This is not a lighting company that just puts a logo on a cheap overseas light and calls it great, or claims improvements will be made. Outbound takes a massive amount of pride in our ability to do everything in house, and the flexibility that it provides to consistently make improvements not only to the quality of the lights, but the quality of our assembly, our sourcing and our design.

Please feel free to read our engineering blog, our technology section, and we hope that you get to experience the best quality lighting systems on the market for both trail and road riders. We truly look forward to the future and bringing even more fantastically designed and engineered products to you.

Matthew Conte

Founder & President

Kyle Crangle

Sales & Social Media

Our Mission

Committed to bringing the best in engineered lighting solutions with the use of advanced materials, software, and engineering while educating consumers on the science of lighting.