Trail Evo Head On view while on a rock
Trail Evo bike light beam pattern in the woods, showing how bright the light is.
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo mounted on handlebar with rider in the background
Trail Evo Bike Light
bike light on handlebar rear view in mountains
Trail Evo Bike Light
bike light on handlebar riding in snow
Trail Evo Bike Light
Trail Evo Bike Light

Trail Evo Bike Light

  • Bombproof wireless handlebar bike light for singletrack
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Customer Reviews

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Brandon P. (Fort Worth, US)
Very bright

This light is awesome, it’s super bright and looks cool. My only complaint is it doesn’t come with the cable manager piece like I thought it did. That’s my fault though.

Jon C.
Trail Evo Light

Purchased a Trail Evo light from local store. First ride I took it out on I got caught in a horrible thunderstorm. Light got soaked in my day pack somehow and would not work. Contacted customer service and they were very quick in their response and got me a replacement light in the mail. Great customer service and took the new light out on a test and worked beautifully. Will purchase more products in the future

JR -.2.R.B.F.A.W. (Fort Atkinson, US)
Unbound 200 perfect light

For those that recognize that their Unbound 200 will finish in darkness (I did), you want a light you can count on. In 2023 I DNF'd and one reason was I knew my light wouldn't last. It wasnt an Outbound light. All the delays/walking because of the mud really set things back.i was prepared this year. Any light solution has to be bright to see tricky lines on down hills and have enough battery to get you to the end. The Trail Evo checked all the boxes. It is worth every cent and provides a solution you can count on no matter the terrain or time setbacks you encounter.

Matt F. (Salt Lake City, US)
Bright nights ahead!

Sometimes you get what you pay for. In our case, Quality+Bright+Reliable=Good times ahead! Yes it was more expensive than some, but well worth the money. This last purchase put us at four bikes each running the Trail Evo from the bars and each also running the Hangover from our helmets. We just went on a night ride for Memorial Day and all the other lights others were using were varying degrees of “good” but when we showed up with our Outbound setup, the cast of bright along the trail was fantastic and filled in what the other lights were missing. Having tried a few companies and liking some, now when talk of what lights to buy comes up, Outbound is the only company we’ll recommend!

Isaac D. (Fairview, US)
Trail Evo Light Headlight Review

The Trail Evo Light headlight excels in both performance and design, making it a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Its powerful 2200-lumen output provides excellent visibility, and multiple lighting modes allow for versatile use. The lightweight, ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended activities, while the rechargeable battery offers up to 12 hours of runtime. Water-resistant and user-friendly, the Trail Evo Light is a reliable companion for running, hiking, and cycling. Exceptional brightness, long battery life, and durable build make it a valuable investment. Highly recommended for its outstanding performance and practicality.

ACHPHOTOS (Los Angeles, US)
The trail evo is so Good.. I bought 2.

You absolutely do not "need" 2, but I wanted a high and low beam, because... why not?

I recently purchased the Trail Evo, and I must say, it has exceeded all my expectations. As an avid mountain biker, I've tried various name-brand lights over the years, but none have come close to the performance of this one.

First and foremost, the brightness of this light is phenomenal. It illuminates the trail with a crisp, powerful beam that turns night into day. Whether I'm riding through dense forests or open trails, the visibility is impeccable, allowing me to spot obstacles well in advance. The adaptive brightness setting is a great feature, offering versatility for different riding conditions.

What truly sets this light apart, though, is its battery life. On a single charge, it lasts significantly longer than any other lights I've used. During extended night rides, I no longer have to worry about conserving battery. Even on the highest setting, the battery life is impressive, providing peace of mind for those longer adventures.

The build quality is another standout feature. It's rugged, water-resistant, and has withstood a few accidental drops without any issues. The mounting system is secure and easy to install, ensuring the light stays put even on the roughest terrains.

In summary, the Trail Evo is a game-changer. Its unmatched brightness and exceptional battery life make it the best option for serious mountain bikers. Having tried other well-known brands, I can confidently say that this light surpasses them all in both performance and reliability. If you're looking for the ultimate MTB light, look no further.

Advanced Optical Engineering

Mind blowing, incredible, and game changing are a few of the words used to describe how seamless and bright the Trail Evo beam pattern is.