Ultimate Downhill Package

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This is the ultimate lighting setup. Trail Edition on the handlebars for that up-close and mid-range fill light, a Road Edition to go on your helmet that gives a wide but punchy light throw that with their powers combined, creates the Ultimate Downhill Package. This system together outperforms ANY single high power lamp on the market.

Each package comes with an extension cord, two batteries, two wall chargers, two Go Pro mount adapters, and a GoPro helmet mount. Check our videos to see what this incredible light system is like. It will transform how you ride at night!

Engineered & built in the USA!

Package Includes:

  • High quality carrying case
  • Trail Edition Lighthead with bar mount installed
  • Road Edition Lighthead with GoPro mount installed
  • Bar Mount
  • Extension Cord
  • GoPro Helmet Mount Kit
  • 2x 6400 mAh LG brand lithium ion batteries
  • 2x Wall Chargers
  • 2x Go Pro Mount adapter

Due to extremely popular demand, we are currently out of stock until the end of November! Orders can still be placed and will be fulfilled in the order they are received!

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Nothing seems to have changed with mountain bike lights for what feels like a decade…. because nothing did change! 10 years ago ushered in the age of LED’s which transformed bike lighting from heavy halogen and HID products to longer lasting LED units. Problem is that everyone just put an LED inside a bowl reflector…. and kept doing that.

Every year brings more reported lumens, more new housing designs, some fancy electronics, but nothing changes for what really matters in a light, the actual beam pattern. That is until we came around.


Traditional bike lights have the same beam pattern that everyone knows and is used to. The flashlight-like spot round pattern. Why is this so? Because it is extremely easy and extremely cheap to make. There are lots of off-the-shelf reflector designs to chose from that are put into custom designed cases. No need to hire an engineering team to develop a custom reflector.

What would it look like if you did have an experienced automotive lighting engineer design a custom reflector using the latest in LED technology? Would be something like this:

The wide evenly lit hotspot is the core technology in our lights. Even though peak measured intensity is much lower than other lights, because we are spreading that energy out evenly, the result is dramatic when you start your first ride with the Trail Edition.

Movement on the handlebars doesn’t move the beam pattern around which allows your eyes to be focused where you are going without losing sight.

The massively wide illumination field also heightens your peripheral vision, so your depth perception isn’t lost, a common complaint about night riding. This makes your rides less stressful and more fun.

The Road Edition light that goes on your head concentrates the beam pattern more, allowing for more “punch”, but it maintains the evenly lit light carpet in front of the bike.

When you combine the Trail Edition on your handlebar, and the Road Edition on your helmet, it creates a system that works together that elevates your night riding to the next level. Zero hotspots, illumination where you are looking ALL the time, and one continuous wall of light that makes night riding an absolute joy.

Outbound Downhill Package

This package outperforms ANY expensive single high power light because the beam patterns work together in harmony to do two separate jobs.


Bright lights are awesome. It’s easy to make a really bright light (it’s all over eBay and Amazon). What isn’t easy is to make a bright light last a long time without an enormous bank of batteries.

Our LED driver is just as well engineered as our beam patterns. This means the Outbound light is more efficient with the energy it uses. Allowing for longer run times, cooler operating temperatures and increased reliability.


High quality carrying case
Trail Edition Lighthead with bar mount installed
Road Edition Lighthead with bar mount installed
Extension Cord
GoPro Helmet Mount Kit
2x 6400 mAh LG brand lithium ion batteries
2x Wall Chargers
2x Go Pro Mount adapters
Instruction Manual


Additional information

Weight3.375 lbs
Dimensions10.5 × 8.5 × 3.5 in
Charger Specification

Euro Spec, North America Spec


TrailRoad Edition
Peak Intensity60 lux110 lux
Peak Width60°20°
Overall Width150°100°
LED Chip1×5 Lumiled Altilon1×5 Lumiled Altilon
Chip Lumens15001500
Equivalent Lumens18001800
LED Driver Efficiency96%96%
Input Voltage7.4V, max 14V7.4V, max 14V
Battery7.4V 6400 mAH7.4V 6400 mAH
Battery BrandLG ElectronicsLG Electronics
Charge Time4.5 hours4.5 hours
Run Time2.8 to 13 hours2.8 to 13 hours
Dimensions56 x 61 x 48mm56 x 61 x 48mm
Lighthead Weight100g100g
System Weight416g416g
ColorDark GreyDark Grey
Warranty3 year3 year
MaterialsMagnesium, Silicone, ABSMagnesium, Silicone, ABS



Runtime Chart

2 reviews for Ultimate Downhill Package

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    charles lafollette

    Out if the box initial assessment … build quality seems to be absolutely top notch. The wraps for the battery pack and the rubber used for the mount seem to be very over-built. The external battery comes wrapped in a soft stretchy material with velcro that makes mounting it super easy. Once mounted everything stays in place through even fast choppy descents. The actual lighting is nothing short of amazing. Riding around on the medium low (6hour setting) on both lights makes it seem almost like day riding. I’ve used a few 1000+ lumen headlights with the circular patterns. This blows them away.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    thenextlevelcarpenter (verified owner)

    A true case of ‘Less is More’… less size, less weight for more funtional/useable light and more runtime!
    The Outbound Lighting Ultimate Downhill Package is everything I hoped I’d get in a bar/helmet light setup for hitting singletrack mountain bike trails as fall shortens the days and limits daylight riding opportunities. After watching the video on this website I had high hopes for this lighting package. Read the About page to get an idea how and why this light is so much different and better than the standard options available.
    The product arrived in short order and exceeded my expectations for quality and function by a large margin. I’m glad I didn’t get one of the 5k lumen ‘spotlight’ models I was looking at while shopping because this setup is much more compact, lightweight and functional. At 62 years young I need more light on the trail than younger guys I ride with but haven’t encountered anything I couldn’t ride for lack of adequate light. After 2 solid hours of trail riding with both lights in Adaptive mode the entire time there was no decrease in beam brightness. I can’t wait to get out on a 4-hour epic and put this to a real test!
    I suggest getting your order in early because as news of this fantastic Ultimate Light package gets out I bet Matt is going to be overwhelmed with orders and you don’t want to have to wait to get out for a night ride without one!

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