Downhill Package (Trail & Hangover)

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This is the ultimate lighting setup. Trail Edition on the handlebars for that up-close and mid-range fill light, Hangover on your helmet that gives a wide but punchy light throw that with their powers combined, creates the Ultimate Downhill Package. This system together outperforms ANY single high power lamp on the market.

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Engineered & built in Chicago, IL!

Package Includes:

  • Trail Edition Lighthead with bar mount installed
  • Hangover with helmet GoPro mount installed
  • 6400 mAh LG brand lithium-ion battery for Trail
  • Wall Charger for Trail, USB-C for Hangover

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As soon as we launched Hangover in late 2019 we were constantly asked for a combo package with the Trail Edition. Well here it is! The wide even illumination of the Trail Edition was designed to pair perfectly with the tighter more spot-like beam pattern of Hangover. This results in a night riding experience unlike any other. You will find yourself always surrounded by a blanket of light giving you more confidence and FUN on the trails!


Traditional bike lights have the same beam pattern that everyone knows and is used to. The flashlight-like spot round pattern. Why is this so? Because it is extremely easy and extremely cheap to make. There are lots of off-the-shelf reflector designs to chose from that are put into custom designed cases. No need to hire an engineering team to develop a custom reflector.

What would it look like if you did have an experienced automotive lighting engineer design a custom reflector using the latest in LED technology? Would be something like this:

The wide evenly lit hotspot is the core technology in our lights. Even though peak measured intensity is much lower than other lights because we are spreading that energy out evenly, the result is dramatic when you start your first ride with the Trail Edition.

Movement on the handlebars doesn’t move the beam pattern around which allows your eyes to be focused where you are going without losing sight.

The massively wide illumination field also heightens your peripheral vision, so your depth perception isn’t lost, a common complaint about night riding. This makes your rides less stressful and more fun.

The Hangover light that goes on your head concentrates the beam pattern more, allowing for more “punch”, but it maintains the evenly lit light carpet in front of the bike.

When you combine the Trail Edition on your handlebar, and the Hangover on your helmet, it creates a system that works together that elevates your night riding to the next level. Zero hotspots, illumination where you are looking ALL the time, and one continuous wall of light that makes night riding an absolute joy even when looking deep into the corners.

This package outperforms ANY expensive single high power light because the beam patterns work together in harmony to do two separate but crucial jobs.



Trail Edition handlebar lighthead
GoPro Helmet Mount Kit
6400 mAh LG brand lithium-ion battery
Wall Charger
Go Pro Mount adapter
Instruction Manual




Trail Hangover
Peak Intensity 60 lux 110 lux
Peak Width 60° 20°
Overall Width 150° 160°
LED Chip 1×5 Lumiled Altilon 6x CREE XQ-E Hi
Chip Lumens 1500 900
Equivalent Lumens 1800 1000
LED Driver Efficiency 96% 96%
Input Voltage 7.4V, max 14V Self-Contained Battery
Battery 7.4V 6400 mAH 3.7V 3500 mAH
Battery Brand LG Electronics LG Electronics
Charge Time 4.5 hours 1 hour
Run Time 2.8 to 13 hours 1 to 13 hours
Dimensions 56 x 61 x 48mm 56 x 61 x 48mm
Lighthead Weight 100g 95g
System Weight 416g 100g
Color Dark Grey Dark Grey
Warranty 3 year 3 year
Materials Magnesium, PMMA, ABS Magnesium, overmolded TPU

Runtime Chart

Instruction Manual

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Customer Reviews

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Downhill Package (Trail & Hangover)

Works great, easy to use, sophisticated and durable

These lights illuminate our woods like we’re close encounters of the third kind. They can take a beating, too.

Amazing Lights

I have a rare eye condition and have been unable to ride well at night for years, due to shadows and depth perception challenges. I heard good reviews and to say the least, these did not dissapoint. They are amazing lights. The clarity and consistency of the beam is the best I have found.

Built for Serious Night Riders

This is the light system for people that are serious about night riding. I do 70% of my trail riding at night and need lights that can both full illuminate the trail and work reliably 4+ nights per week.

Outbound Lighting fits that bill.

The beam pattern from the Trail light is amazing. It's the best you can get. The large battery provides killer run time. In most cases you can easily get away with two rides per charge while running full intensity. The pattern creates a huge carpet of light out in front of you. It's so neat and even you can almost feel it.

The Hangover light is equally amazing. After trying a lot of different helmet lights the Hangover really fits a sweet spot between power and weight. It complements the Trail light perfectly. It lights up anywhere you look that your bars aren't already oriented on. Allowing you to look through turns while you steer the bike through them. Or just to see what just made that noise! lol

These lights!

These lights are great. Super bright, durable, fairly light. I like the battery pack for the hang over. It comes in a special frame strap style case. Would and have recommended these to my riding buddies.