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Using the same design principles that are found in the latest high end automotive LED headlights, the Road Edition brings a sharp cutoff beam pattern with an intense evenly illuminated field of light to make road riding more comfortable, longer lasting, safer, and enjoyable for everyone.

No longer do you have to dim your lights or aim them way down to avoid blinding on-coming traffic or pedestrians. Increase your safety and enjoy the ride longer!

Voted “Best Overall Bike Light’ by

Engineered & assembled in Chicago, IL!

For runtime and modes, please check the “Runtime Chart” tab below!

Package Includes:

  • Durable carrying case
  • Road Edition Lighthead with bar mount installed
  • 6400 mAH 4-cell LG brand lithium ion battery pack
  • Wall Charger (We have EU and AU chargers available)  
  • Go Pro Mount adapter 
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Developed by an experienced automotive lighting engineer using the same software and design as OEM headlights. This means is a unique reflector design that redirects and uses every lumen efficiently in a highly developed beam pattern that is unlike any other bike light on the market. Circular spot beam patterns don’t belong on cars, so they don’t belong on your road bike either.

The cutoff beam pattern uses the same standards that automotive car headlights are held to, so you will not blind oncoming traffic (which increases your safety), but can still put the brightest part of your light far downrange (even safer!).

This engineered beam pattern also redirects light around your bike to build a “light carpet” that evenly illuminates from your tire all the way to where your eyes are looking. Meaning as you are turning around junctions, tight turns on pathways, or just turning onto a trailhead on your gravel bike, you’ll always be able to see where you are going.

This is a unique take on a road bike light, and unlike anything available.


This shows how the Road Edition has a sharp cutoff line, and then evenly distributes the light down towards your tire.

A traditional bike light is nothing more than a compact flashlight, they have large circular beam patterns that require you to aim the light far too low to keep from blinding oncoming riders, pedestrians or traffic.


The efficient use of lumens means can use less power to get the same equivalent brightness and width as a traditional bike light.  This means longer run times, longer rides, and more confidence you won’t be running out of juice at the worst moment. We encourage you to check out our videos and comparisons if you aren’t convinced yet!



High quality carrying case
Road Edition Lighthead with bar mount installed
6400 mAH 4-cell LG brand lithium ion battery pack
Wall Charger
Go Pro Mount adapter
Instruction Manual



Road Edition
Peak Intensity110 lux
Peak Width20°
Overall Width70°
LED Chip1×5 Lumiled Altilon
Chip Lumens1500
Equivalent Lumens1800
LED Driver Efficiency96%
Input Voltage7.4V, max 14V
Battery7.4V 6400 mAH
Battery BrandLG Electronics
Charge Time4.5 hours
Run Time2.8 to 13 hours
Dimensions56 x 61 x 48mm
Lighthead Weight100g
System Weight416g
ColorDark Grey
Warranty3 year
MaterialsMagnesium, Silicone, ABS


Runtime Chart

Instruction Manual

CLICK HERE for the latest instruction manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Chris N.
Great headlight!

Works as advertised. Great beam shape and battery life. Well done!

sharon C.
Awesome bike light!

Very impressed with this bike light! I’m in my 60s and suffer from night blindness. Found with my rad bike light I was riding past my ability to see but not with this light! It shines well past what I need to feel comfortable riding at night! Absolutely love it! Also appreciate the customer service I received in deciding if the light would fit my rad mini step thru. Picture with big light is Outbound; small rectangle light is the stock rad light; the photo with both - outbound on left and stock light on right

Jeff B.
It's about time!

It's about time someone applied automotive lighting design principles to a cycling light. I purchased the road version to replace my cygolite expilion 850. Compared to the cygolite the outbound casts a much wider and brighter beam without glare. It illuminates both road shoulders which is key to my comfort riding at 3:00 am. The beam also casts further afield without causing on-coming cars to flash high beams. Finding the right cord routing and battery attachment was a bit awkward but once everything was attached it stays solid over many miles of busted rural California farm roads. I had to reposition my Wahoo Element mount a half inch to the right to allow adequate space on the left bar to mount the light. As a former endurance motorcyclist I know a quality light when I see one and am happy to pay a premium for that quality and the safety it provides. Spot On Outbound Lighting!

Gabe H.
Great light, great customer service

When you stop for a beer and bikers tell you they thought you were a motorcycle when they saw your headlight, you know you have an Outbound.

My original lamp had a loose wire, but I was shipped a replacement the day after I emailed.

Jakob R.
best light I've ever used

I'm a car-free year round bike commuter in Minneapolis. Winter commutes are cold & dark. This light is brighter than many car lights, even at Medium setting. The lensing of this light is amazing: nice wide field of view to the sides and ahead without blinding oncoming cyclists or drivers. Construction of the light is absolutely solid and I really like the external battery pack. Outbound lighting has been fantastic at answering questions about the light. I'm going to be buying more stuff from this company!

Abram L.
road edition

awesome light

James T.
American Made = Quality!

I have purchased several bicycle headlights over the years...last year I purchased a Cycle Torch headlight for my Catrike 5.5.9 recumbent trike. It was adequate until I purchased an Outbound Road Edition headlight. What an amazing difference! Now not only can I be seen, now I can see clearly. I am always happy when I can support American made products. Excellent product!

John D.
Great Product

Love it!

Martin B.
Great Light

Punched a day like view in the night!
If you are thinking of buying your first light or adding, go with
Outbound Lighting...

Amazing light

This light is so so good. I used to run 2 bar lights and a helmet light and just the one Outbound light gives me better lighting than my previous 3 light setup.

Light feels well built and the battery pack strap has a nice rubberized finish to keep it from slipping around in the bike

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