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Using the same design principles that are found in the latest high end automotive LED headlights, the Road Edition brings a sharp cutoff beam pattern with an intense evenly illuminated field of light to make road riding more comfortable, longer lasting, safer, and enjoyable for everyone.

No longer do you have to dim your lights or aim them way down to avoid blinding on-coming traffic or pedestrians. Increase your safety and enjoy the ride longer!

Voted “Best Overall Bike Light’ by

Engineered & built in the USA!

For runtime and modes, please check the “Runtime Chart” tab below!

Package Includes:

  • Durable carrying case
  • Road Edition Lighthead with bar mount installed
  • 6400 mAH 4-cell LG brand lithium ion battery pack
  • Wall Charger (We have EU and AU chargers available)  
  • Go Pro Mount adapter


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Developed by an experienced automotive lighting engineer using the same software and design as OEM headlights. This means is a unique reflector design that redirects and uses every lumen efficiently in a highly developed beam pattern that is unlike any other bike light on the market. Circular spot beam patterns don’t belong on cars, so they don’t belong on your road bike either.

The cutoff beam pattern uses the same standards that automotive car headlights are held to, so you will not blind oncoming traffic (which increases your safety), but can still put the brightest part of your light far downrange (even safer!).

This engineered beam pattern also redirects light around your bike to build a “light carpet” that evenly illuminates from your tire all the way to where your eyes are looking. Meaning as you are turning around junctions, tight turns on pathways, or just turning onto a trailhead on your gravel bike, you’ll always be able to see where you are going.

This is a unique take on a road bike light, and unlike anything available.


This shows how the Road Edition has a sharp cutoff line, and then evenly distributes the light down towards your tire.

A traditional bike light is nothing more than a compact flashlight, they have large circular beam patterns that require you to aim the light far too low to keep from blinding oncoming riders, pedestrians or traffic.


The efficient use of lumens means can use less power to get the same equivalent brightness and width as a traditional bike light.  This means longer run times, longer rides, and more confidence you won’t be running out of juice at the worst moment. We encourage you to check out our videos and comparisons if you aren’t convinced yet!



High quality carrying case
Road Edition Lighthead with bar mount installed
6400 mAH 4-cell LG brand lithium ion battery pack
Wall Charger
Go Pro Mount adapter
Instruction Manual



Road Edition
Peak Intensity110 lux
Peak Width20°
Overall Width70°
LED Chip1×5 Lumiled Altilon
Chip Lumens1500
Equivalent Lumens1800
LED Driver Efficiency96%
Input Voltage7.4V, max 14V
Battery7.4V 6400 mAH
Battery BrandLG Electronics
Charge Time4.5 hours
Run Time2.8 to 13 hours
Dimensions56 x 61 x 48mm
Lighthead Weight100g
System Weight416g
ColorDark Grey
Warranty3 year
MaterialsMagnesium, Silicone, ABS



Runtime Chart

18 reviews for Road Edition

  1. Lane Taylor

    I recently did an organized night ride here in Utah. Over 1200 people attended. Waiting at the start line I was able to compare my Outbound Light to those around me. I was amazed at the difference! It made me understand why a lot of people (me included) got a little nervous for riding at night – you can’t really see what’s going on around you. The brightness with the wide beam pattern had me feeling totally comfortable on the bike. Being able to see what’s going around me and my relation to it with speed and distance gave me so much confidence in my ride. I was able to actually enjoy the ride instead of being on edge the whole time wondering what I couldn’t see and if I was going to hit anything! Loved it!
    My light was heads and shoulders above every other light I compared it to that night – and there hundreds of ‘direct comparisons’ as I made my way through the ride that night.

  2. Key Largo (verified owner)

    I’d like to test the Flux series from Specialized to make certain, but I hadn’t gotten much response from them as to if they are even still being made, so I went with the OL Road Edition. This is an extremely good light which I would put up against anyone, even the offerings from Europe, who have been doing asymmetrical lights for years and years. There are some things I’d recommend, being a recumbent rider. If Matt tested these for bents, he might not have had the power cord come out the side, at least not the drive side of the lamp. Noting the lamp is placed at the end of a long boom on a recumbent, there might be a more secure fastener, (like B&M’s), than a rubber strap which must be stretched more tightly than on an upright, because of the vibrations at the end of that boom. It has to be repositioned often. Stretching that rubber strap to accommodate may jeopardize its life, especially with long exposure to the sun. Also, I’d recommend a true, on/off flash for daytime use, rather than the barely visible “pulse” function, to really grab motorists’ attention. Truly, they ain’t looking for us, and will use any excuse to ignore us.

  3. Former Dinotte user (verified owner)

    I am replacing my Dinotte headlights with 2 Outbound Road lights.
    I have one Outbound Road light on the handlebars and one Outbound Road on my helmet.
    On the plus side I highly recommend the Outbound Road over Dinotte because the optics/beam pattern
    is far more usable.
    On the minus side, my helmet light mount has a short barrel which the strap mount fits around. I had to
    cut off part of the Outbound ridged rubber shim to be able to pass the rubber strap around the barrel.
    I thought about converting to the GoPro mount but I would have to remove the Air Scoop to install the
    GoPro adapter. I recommend a redesigned Air Scoop with a built-in GoPro adapter instead of a strap
    mount. The second minus is the extension cord is rather short. Depending on where I place the
    the helmet light battery, I have to use two extension cords to reach.

  4. Timon (verified owner)

    Bought the Focal Road out of curiosity and to support the project, as i didn’t really need the light (just got a Lupine SL-F shortly before). I own the light since end of Jan 19, so had a few opportunities to test it so far. The focal road an excellent road bike light and to my knowledge it is the best cut-off light in this price range. I compared the light a few times now with the SL-F (in dipped mode) and when it comes to throw differences are minimal, maybe with a very slight advantage for the focal road. The focal road has a nice wide illuminated area right in front of the bike, better than the SL and the warmer color temperature is a big plus. The experienced spread of the focal road is a tad smaller than that of the SL.
    Overall i like the light very much but there are three points on the down side:
    1) Although the light distribution is very well designed, there is too much light for the first few meters right in front of the bike. These lumens were better used to get a bit more light at the distance. A lower intensity in the front would help to increase the subjective reach of illumination, which suffers therefore. Here the Lupine has a slightly more homogeneous light distribution.
    2) The battery saving programming whiches forces the output down once the runtime drops to lower than ~50% cannot be overriden by the user. It is a well intended function, but an overide needs to be possible.
    3) Furthermore there was no CE marking/certification for the lamp, so shipping to europe is a bit a gamble, customs can (and did) reject it. I was lucky.

    Also in cold, highly humid conditions it should be avoided to switch off the light once it has gotten hot to avoid getting condensed water in the lamp. Switch it off once your inside a drier atmosphere. This is not a down side, just something one needs to consider.

    In case the focal road gets a bit better light distribution (reduced brightness in front of the bike) and an added high beam function (while maintaining or even decreasing the light color temperature a bit), i’d get this light as well

  5. y (verified owner)

    Got this after reading pages upon pages of the thread on mtbr. Gave me quite a lot of confidence that this would provide the visibility I wanted, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

    I’ve used this for multiple night rides now and it is significantly better than the Specialized Flux Expert I’ve used for the last 2 years (prior to that I had a B&M IXON IQ Premium, which was… extremely disappointing). At standstill, the throw on the Outbound appears to not be as far as the Specialized (guesstimating 80% or so) but the beam is so much more uniform (no dark spots or artifacts) that it makes a massive difference when compared in motion. I can comfortably go 25mph (ebike) on a pitch black trail with none of the visibility issues and anxiety I had using the Specialized (the problem that got me searching for a better light).

    The Outbound’s beam is much warmer, which I personally prefer (blends better with street lighting and is less “harsh”). The beam pattern is not quite as wide as the Specialized near the front of the bike but appears to be wider beyond that; in practice, only the latter really matters. I also don’t miss the Specialized’s kludgy remote, which I’ve had to replace twice. A high beam light horn like the Specialized’s may be cool but I’ve honestly rarely used it (and a bike horn has since been far more effective). The only major beam-related issue I’ve encountered so far is a lack of visibility/coverage going into turns at speed—a direct consequence of being able to go faster on straights—though it’s no worse than other lights I’ve used.

    I haven’t had issues with the light dipping too much with the standard rubber mount on handlebars (it does a little after going over too many rough bumps). The DC5521 connector is extremely snug, so much so that it’s a chore to pull apart. The female connector also makes measuring voltage with regular multimeter probes super sketchy (really easy to short). The rubber casing for the battery has a smell to it though it’s not as strong now. I’ve also managed to drop the light lens first on to concrete from ~1.5 ft.. casing got a small nick but the lens only has a hairline surface scratch, and only visible under the right lighting conditions. So the unit seems pretty durable, though I won’t be performing any additional “tests”.

    Yet to use this light under heavy rain or cold conditions, so no comment on fogging issues yet.

  6. Richard OBrien

    I use the Road Edition five days per week. My morning commute is at 4:30 am, and is completely dark. This is a great design, with the cutoff line. All road/commuting bike lights should have this design. My commute has sections with city streetlights, and sections that are completely dark. I’m no longer worried about blinding oncoming traffic, but I can still see well in the dark sections. Furthermore, I agree with the American Medical Association that LEDs should be the “warmer” 3000 degree-Kelvin color temperature, not the 5000-degree-Kelvin of most LED bike lights.

  7. Freddy Madrigal (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best light on the market that I have come across, HANDS DOWN! From the packaging all the way to the built quality this light really takes it to the next level. The brightness, the viewing angle, the vertical viewing cutoff, its obvious there was a lot of thought and design put into this… I feel extremely confident riding at night, in complete darkness… Outbound lighting Road Edition is where its at…. WELL DONE!!!!

  8. Jason Lofton (verified owner)

    Amazing light. I am riding road and gravel and this saved me from coming upon an unsuspecting skunk on my second ride. I have the Outbound Road light and it is easy to interchange between by gravel and road bike. I think this will be fine for trail when I get on trails. It is easy to install, easy to use, and works really well. I would highly recommend this for anyone needing a good light for your bike.

  9. William Smith (verified owner)

    Living here in Alaska we have some very dark back road, I have only been able to do one ride with this light but very impressed with beam pattern, very surprising the area covered. we have some really bad back roads here so it nice to be able to see whats in front of you. So far I would definitely say Road light is worth the money, will post further review on light with more riding.

  10. Earl Janssen (verified owner)

    Wow! Just wow! I bought the Road Edition and it is simply amazing. I normally ride with about a 150-200 lumen light to preserve run-time. This light puts out that kind of light with a 12 hour run-time. I can boost the amount of light and keep my normal run-times. I’m planning a 24 hour race in a few months and am convinced that this brighter light with a wide beam will enable me to ride faster with more confidence in the very dark night.

  11. HJ (verified owner)

    I bought the Road Edition and hands down, this is the by far the best light I had installed on any of my bikes. What a difference

  12. Al (verified owner)

    This is really a 3.5 star rating, but I rounded up. I’ve owned many different lights and most of them had the same problem, they don’t have a good beam pattern. My most recent set up was a Serfas True 1000+ as well as a Knogg blinder and B&M IXON premium. In the city I run the B&M with the Knog in stead mode. That combo works really well under those conditions. Unfortunately once I get to the suburbs the B&M is woefully under powered. In the past I would supplant it with the Serfas which is really bright. But the Serfas would blind all other road users unless I used it’s lowest setting, which made it less than useful. What I really wanted was the beam pattern of the B&M with the light output of the Serfas. The OL road is amost that. Almost because the beam pattern is not as good as that of the B&M. The OL light concentrates too much light too close. I don’t need a hot spot 15 feet in front of me. I need more light further down the road, again the B&M does a better job of this.

    This could be a solid 5 star light with a few improvements, some are very easy. First, include better directions. What does the “adaptive” setting do? How well this light functions has a lot to do with how you set it up, so there should be instructions on how to set up the light and recommended height to get the best results. Not all handlebars are straight where the light will be mounted, so getting more left to right swivel would be helpful. Including the gopro mount capability seems like a good idea, but all the go pro mounts I have seen would hang the light upside down, so they are useless. OL should develop a mount that can attach to the brake hole on a fork. Based on what I see this light would work better mounted lower by the fork than on the handlebars. Lastly, changing the beam pattern to concentrate that bright spot from 15 feet in front of the bike to about 35 feet in front of the bike would make this a better light.

    With all that said, this is the best light I have tried so far. The only light that comes close is the B&M IXON premium, but the weak light output and cheesy NiMH rechargeable batteries let it down. My ideal light would be the OL road with the B&M beam pattern.

  13. Brian (verified owner)

    Finally, someone did bike lights correctly. Beam pattern is excellent – wide, puts light where I want it, not where I don’t. GoPro style mount adapter is a nice bonus (though the out front one would be more helpful for my situation). Battery life seems very solid so far. I’m really very happy with it. Great work!

  14. Tom Mereckis (verified owner)

    This is an excellent road cycling light. The beam pattern is the big differentiator for sure. I ride all winter in the Seattle area on both roads and dark bike paths, mostly doing pre-dawn training rides. The beam manages to both light up the road in front of me and a lot of the periphery in a super even array of light (yay, no hot spot!) while I think blinding oncoming people less. I’m especially focused on trying not to blind oncoming cyclists on super dark bike paths, where the normal courtesy is to cover your light when someone is riding at you. I seem to get the signal to do so less with this light because when you set the angle right, you can keep cyclist’s heads above the hard ceiling of the beam. Very nice. The light also has great battery life and seems waterproof so far. It is bulky though, both battery and head unit, so if you are looking for a compact form factor, this isn’t it.

  15. Chad Glass (verified owner)

    I have two rides in with the road light. It works fantastically. The light pattern is perfect. I can see everything I need to see and there are no hot spots. The battery pack attached firmly to the top tube and didn’t budge.

  16. Glen Ferguson (verified owner)

    I’ve happily used a Light & Motion light for the past few years, but I wanted the cutoff line and better beam spread the OL light offers. Now that the holidays are over, I’ve been able to do two night time rides with the road light – one on gravel and one on road. Even after these two +2-hour rides, the battery indicator is still showing full from my initial charge, including a couple of weeks in storage. I had plenty of light in the low to medium settings, and the “be seen” flash-mode is handy for the pre-dark portion of my rides. The battery pack isn’t very large; it’s similar in size to those used by other lights. It goes on/off easily & quickly and stayed in place. Even though it overlapped an exposed rear brake cable, it didn’t interfere with braking at all.
    If there’s any weakness, it would be the light mount. I’ve found I have to cinch it as tight as possible or the light would drift up or down slightly over time, maybe due in part to some bad winter roads, maybe due to me doing the initial aiming in daylight before I started the ride. That was with a conventional round handlebar. With the oval/aero “all-in-one” cockpit, the mount worked on paved roads, but on gravel there just isn’t enough contact to keep it in place on washboard roads. This isn’t really the fault of the light; very few manufacturers have mounts designed for non-round bars. I do have the outfront GoPro adapter to address this, but I haven’t put that on yet as it makes it more complicated to swap the light between bikes.
    If I had a wishlist, it would be for OL to offer the light head units separately, so I could have a trail light on the gravel bike (with the more permanent outfront mount) and the road light on the road bike. I don’t need 2 battery packs like the Ultimate Downhill Package offers.
    All in all, a light that makes night rides very comfortable. Good visibility for advanced warning when there’s a deer in the road, and bright enough even on medium that my riding partners keep mistaking me for a car.

  17. Amanda Lapierre (verified owner)

    I don’t know how I was riding at night before this light, what a game changer!
    The beam is incredible, the mount is sturdy and never wobbles out of place on rough terrain, the battery life is lengthy. Overall, it’s made night/dark rides 100x more enjoyable.

    Keep up the amazing work, can’t wait for a tail light!

  18. Bruce R (verified owner)

    Road Edition light purchased by my partner for me a few weeks ago. Have now gotten a few hundred miles on it and have some earlyish thoughts.

    Build Quality: overall, excellent. The fasteners are super-snug–you really need some muscle to disconnect the battery, but you’ll figure it out. I appreciate that fact, as it rains here a lot and I have confidence that the water is a non-issue. Certainly has been so far. Though lightweight, the lamp housing is plenty rugged. I’ve ridden over some massive ruts and potholes and no problems at all. It remains completely silent in operation. The battery itself is super-solid, but not terribly heavy.

    Mounts: I love the battery mount system. It is basically a stretchy velcro-based setup with a big, sturdy buckle. I put mine on the front of the underside of the top tube and it stays where I put it. The lamp mount is one of the more modern designs, with a big, wide, sturdy, elastic fastener that you pull as tight as you need depending on what diameter you are mounting on. It should fit any diameter bar you can throw at it. Mine are aero bars and it fits, no problem at all. Once snug, it stays where I put it. If you don’t fasten it snugly, then like all such mounts, when you hit a big bump, it will tend to tip teh light down and you will have to readjust it, so just figure out how tight it needs to be to stay in one place. I prefer this type of mount, because it allows me to mount the light just about anywhere, unlike the older, screw-in mounts such as on older Cygolites and such. Those are way more limited in where you can mount, which is a hassle now, as there are so many different types of bars on the market now.

    Beam Pattern: World-class. Simply the best I have seen. I did look at one of teh German STVZO lights that gets a lot of attention before buying, but the beam pattern on the Road Edition is far superior in my estimation. It is super-wide. Crazy wide. The beam in the immediate 10 or 15 feet in front of the bike is very brightly lit, which I appreciate here, where there is a lot of debris and glass and crap and animals on the road. Further out along the length of the throw, it is a bit less bright. I suppose one want might be that the illumination down the path or road a ways be closer in lux to that up closer to the bike. That might be nice. Still, this light is way bright.

    Power Button: I like it. it is intuitive and it works. Personally, with my big gloves this time of year I have difficulty actuating the button with my gloves on, but they are kind of big, so… Overall, though, the fact that the button is so large is a huge advantage over so many competitors’ lights, which still use these microscopic buttons that can’t possibly be pressed with any sort of glove at all. So, big improvement there.

    Overall Experience: The designer of the Road Edition comes from an automotive lighting design background. Which I find very interesting, because I find the experience of riding with the Road Edition to be a lot like driving a car. It is not at all like riding with a road bike light, which is basically, riding with a big flashlight on your bike. The Road Edition turns that on its head. The color, which is just completely different than my other bike lights, is much more soothing, pleasant to look at, and renders what is illuminated more accurately than most other lights on the market, with their super-blue hues. It’s just a totally different look. Like I said, it’s like driving a car, except you are on your bike. You can see wide, wide to either side. There is none of that “riding in a tunnel” type feeling as with other lights.

    As a result of all this and because I can see soooo much better, the overall riding experience is much, much more relaxed. I am not constantly freaking out that I am going to miss something, because I can see everything. Best 215 bucks I’ve spent in a long, long time.

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