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From the moment you pick up this light it is clear this is different then what you are used to. It feels quality, it looks durable, yet it is lightweight and everything on it looks like it was designed with a purpose. That is because it was.

Utilizing years of experience designing automotive LED headlights, the Outbound team developed the Trail Edition light to meet the needs of even the most demanding single-track riders. A wide even illumination is unlike anything you’ve experienced, and it helps create the most comfortable and safe night riding experience you’ve ever had.  You will maintain your depth perception thanks to the well-engineered reflector that puts every lumen exactly where it’s required.

Voted “Best Overall Bike Light’ by

Engineered & built in Chicago, IL

Package Includes:

  • Durable carrying case
  • Trail Edition Lighthead with bar mount installed
  • 6400 mAH 4-cell LG brand lithium-ion battery pack
  • 120V AC Wall Charger (We have EU and AU chargers available) 
  • Go Pro Mount adapter
  • Instruction Manual

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The Trail Edition was developed from a desire to finally have a bike headlight that performed as good as a car headlight. There is nothing magical about why you can comfortably drive a car on the highway at 80mph with headlights that only put out around 1000 lumens. The trick is in the beam pattern and the headlight design.


An example of the OEM car headlights out there



Most bike lights are simply just flashlights with a mount for the handlebar, and a nice case around it. You can easily tell when there is a circular bowl that makes up the reflector, or when you turn on the light and see a circle on the wall.  These are great for walking in the woods for rummaging around in your basement. It’s a different story when you are bombing down a twisty trail.




Car headlights are designed to hit different lighting targets at different horizontal and vertical angles, this is called the beam pattern. Lots of research and engineering has gone into what creates the ideal spread of light, while maximizing every lumen available. In order to control light this accurately you need highly specialized software and a reflector that can re-direct light exactly where it is needed.


We spent hours in the woods mapping out exactly how much light we wanted and where, and then hundreds of hours simulating, tweaking, simulating, tweaking, and simulating some more to build a beam pattern that was what we wanted for Trail Riding. The result is something unlike anything you’ve ridden behind, unless you’ve managed to strap a full car headlight to your bike!


The wide even illumination across the horizon line lets your eyes taken in an enormous amount of information, even in your peripheral view you can still pick up light that cameras and video can’t capture. However, the real secret sauce is the integrated light carpet that evenly illuminates the ground from the front of your tire all the way to where you are looking.  This is not an easy thing to make without it looking spotty or too bright. This video helps demonstrate!



You may think that the only thing we have going for our light is the beam pattern. The great thing about a properly engineered reflector is that it helps in all other aspects of the bike light.

When you have a reflector that efficiently uses every lumen available and develops a beam pattern that is not only bright, but is perceived to be brighter by your eyes, then you can operate with much lower lumens than a typical bike light

The reason for this is because with a typical bike light, you either have too much light (intense hotspot) that overpowers your peripheral vision and makes it feel like you are riding in a tunnel, and so in order to feel more comfortable you need even brighter output to light up what’s around you. More output = more lumens = more power = more heat = shorter battery life = heavier components.





Let’s break this down more.

More lumens obviously requires more input power since most LED’s have around the same lumen per watt rating. More power is going to generate more heat which then requires a larger heat sink in order to get rid of that heat. Though when you can build a bike light that uses less lumens to generate a brighter beam pattern through proper engineering… well then… now you can have a smaller heat sink, so it’s lighter weight, and use less power, so you can have longer battery life than the equivalent light. All win win.






So let’s talk batteries.

We use genuine LG Chem Lithium Ion cells for a few reasons. One being safety, with cheap lithium ion batteries it’s often questionable what is inside, how well they are constructed, and if they have protection circuits built in. Second being performance. We ran tests on several battery packs of varying price and quality to determine if it really was worth the premium for the name-brand battery packs.





Turns out that it is! As you can see by the chart above, all the battery packs tested were claimed to be the same power output, but the LG Chem battery pack outperformed the cheap ones by a large margin. So we decided that in order to match our high quality light head, we needed to provide a high quality battery pack.





The battery pack is covered with over molded silicone to make it entirely waterproof, and wrapped in a grippy yet stretchable neoprene pouch that lets you quickly mount it onto the bike, without any worrying about scratching a frame.



Can’t talk batteries without discussing runtime right? Thanks to a very efficient driver system, we can squeeze out nearly 3 hours of runtime on high. By default when the light is turned on it goes to the “Adaptive Mode” which is a timed mode that starts on high for 15 minutes, and then over the course of 30 minutes it drops to Medium as your eyes adapt to the darkness. Nothing fancy, but it helps extend your runtime by over an hour, and since the light changes so slowly as your eyes adapt the perceived brightness stays the same.






Some riders obsess about weight (you know who you are!), and for good reason. It’s not fun lugging around pounds of weight. One of the goals with the light was to have as light of a system as possible. The light head is made of die cast magnesium casting, which is almost as light as plastic, but can act as a great heatsink. The light head weight is 100g, and the battery is a lightweight 316g.






Each light comes with a bar mount that has an integrated air scoop to force air into the back of the light, further increasing the efficiency. The silicone-acrylic strap is unbreakable (though please don’t try to purposefully break it…) and quickly yet securely mounts to your handlebar. For helmet use or to adapt onto any other types of mounts every light has a GoPro adapter designed to fit the wide variety of accessories out there.







We know you are demanding on your equipment. Big jumps, rock gardens, even the occasional crash. One of the leading causes of failures on bike lights is solder joints failing. That is why the driver and input wires for the Trail Edition feature no soldered joints. They are all high quality connectors that are applied via an SMT machine in our electronics facility just outside of Kansas City, MO.  We test the light several times during assembly to ensure the highest quality

You can check out how we assemble each light here

Every light comes with a 3 year warranty , and  a 30-day love-it-or-return-it guarantee. If you don’t think this light is the best damn bike light you’ve used. Send it back and we’ll give you a full refund and pay for the shipping. Think of it as a risk-free trial.





Personal Touch.

We are a very small company, taking on the big names in the industry. Every light is hand built at our workshop in Chicago. Every customer is special to us and we really appreciate your business. We will do anything we can to assist you, feel free to reach out if you have more questions or need help figuring out what light you need!


Peak Intensity60 lux
Peak Width60°
Overall Width150°
LED Chip1×5 Lumiled Altilon
Chip Lumens1500
Equivalent Lumens1800
LED Driver Efficiency96%
Input Voltage7.4V, max 14V
Battery7.4V 6400 mAH
Battery BrandLG Electronics
Charge Time4.5 hours
Run Time2.8 to 13 hours
Dimensions56 x 61 x 48mm
Lighthead Weight100g
System Weight416g
ColorDark Grey
Warranty3 year
MaterialsMagnesium, Silicone, ABS


Runtime Chart

54 reviews for Trail Edition

  1. twitzel (verified owner)

    Incredible Light!
    I’ve ridden a lot of lights over the years from halogen to arc to led, and the all have the some problem – they are seem like a flashlight, you can see exactly what you are pointed at and nothing else. That’s alright for climbing, but sucks for downhill.
    This light is something different, on the trail everything is illuminated EVENLY, side to side is just a wall of light, very bright but not so bright you lose your night vision. I have ridden a few rides, and it just works incredibly well. It just puts light right where I need it.
    Looking at the mount I was worries it wouldn’t hold, but it works great, easy to adjust, and stays where you put it.
    The battery back is extremely well made, and just works like it should, no fear of scratches or falling off.
    Night riding is a ton of fun, and this is the way to do it.

  2. Lauren

    Light is simply a revolution in bar mounted bike lights. The wide spread turns trail into daytime.

  3. John

    The combination of the Outbound Trail and Road lights (both mounted on the bar) has replaced my Cateye Volt 6000 and Lupine Betty R combination. The Trail gives a uniform, wide spread of light in the near- to mid-distances and the Road (aimed high up) gives enough throw for the downhills. When riding on streets to and from the trail head, the Road provides better spread and reach than my Lupine SL. The only negative about the Road is that there is slight “streaking” in the beam pattern; however, it does not detract from the overall performance of the light.

  4. Matthew Brandenburg

    Crazy quality, so bright, love it!!

  5. Calvin K Cox

    Outbound has checked all the boxes on this Trail light. The light is durable (both water proof and rock impact resistance), bright, and has a great wide beam. Don’t get hung up on Lumens (especially on those cheap Amazon lights,) this light is more effective at lighting your high speed adventure in the woods. Rather than a bright spot beam you get a trail worth of light. Best of all Outbound has amazing customer service. If things go wrong they are willing to stand behind their product. This is a must if you ride in the dark on the regular.
    Just for reference I’ve owned multiple Light-n-Motion and Niterider lights. Outbound has a light that by all means is better than most and on par with lights twice it’s price.

    Don’t mess with cheap solutions if you can afford to go quality!

  6. Ryan Ramsey

    I’ve ridden with a variety of lights over the years and my new Trail Edition has quickly become a favorite. Outbound has done a great job on this light end to end. Starting with the design…the light itself, mounting system for both light and battery, right down to the case it comes with. I also really appreciate the wide throw of the light. It’s a huge benefit in helping extend peripheral vision on the trail. I have a regular night riding group and several buddies are now thinking about adding a Trail Edition to their light arsenal. 2 thumbs up!

  7. c_babbitt (verified owner)

    I’ve been holding off buying a trail light this late summer because I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a $30 Chinese “it seems to work OK for the price (and seems good compared to ~$350 light)” or a big ticket multi-hundred-dollar light. Reviews indicate that both had a singular narrow forward focus and needed a helmet light as well for full coverage which makes ~$350 tough to swallow.
    Along comes a well-targeted-and-timed Facebook ad for Outbound Lighting that checks a lot of boxes for me…USA designed and manufactured, full beam coverage, and someone with a passion that wants to solve a problem. Really, for all the people bitching these days about tariffs on Chinese (bicycle) goods, I’m more than happy to spend more of my money on high-quality products made in the USA that will work and last.
    Had a chance to ride and can easily say it’s as advertised. My home trail has a lot of switchbacks and the light provides great coverage on all but the very sharpest of turns where it takes just a sec for the light to cover. Top speed has been around 22 mph and no problems with depth. For proof, I even pulled off a couple of Strava segment PR’s at night with the light. Admittedly, I’m a little creeped out riding alone at night so I’m sure I went faster which was no issue for the light.

    The only two issues I have had were I didn’t read the instructions to know you have to hold down on the power button when you power up to adjust brightness. Also, the plug that connects the battery to my light bangs around on my stem and I need to be rerouting it below. Neither of these detracts…I just like to provide the great and maybe not so great which are easily corrected.

  8. Michael Dowhopoluk (verified owner)

    Ridiculously good light. I have several and the others don’t even come close. Customer service, packaging, quality – everything is first rate. Good job, sir!

  9. Dale Krantz

    Best light I have had (used NR in the past). My friends laughed at me when I only showed up with the one light. They each had 2 on their bars and one on their helmet. They ended up making me lead because they could not see well. It was also my first time on these trails.

  10. Jason Fox

    There are many attributes to this product. It’s apparent upon receiving this product that it is impeccably designed and of very high quality. It is certainly well worth the price despite the average competing products are approximatley $100 less, this light is well worth the extra dough.
    Light and battery pack fit very securely under firm and rugged terrain.
    The functions are manageable and uncomplicated even while riding.
    The brightness and light spread are more than adequate. Most of the time I use the second to lowest setting adding significant time to battery life, far longer than the average 3-4 hour ride. The only time I run a higher setting are for swift downhills sections.
    Further more the customer service is outstanding. Mathew was very responsive to my e-mail inquiries and made an effort to ship my product on the same day so I could get the purchase timely manner.
    Night riding has opened up a whole new world and experience in the 30 years I’ve been mountain biking.
    If anyone is considering investing Outbound Lights are a no brainer, look no further.

  11. Jack Foley (verified owner)

    The Outbound Trail is FRIGGING AWESOME!

    Got it in the mail today and popped it right on to the bike, just came back from a night ride with a friend. I’ve been mtb night riding since 1994? -ish been through the gamut of halogen ( night sun, night rider) HID, (night rider) LED ( dinotte, magic shine, JET chinese knock-offs from Your light has a significantly better beam pattern, is brighter and the mount is rock solid. I’ve been running skateboard tape on my bars for years to keep bar lights in place, no need for that now.

    It’s only a couple of rides, but man, super happy.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for a great product!

  12. Kayce

    I had what I thought was a really great top dollar name brand trail light, untill I demoed an Outbound. It blew everything out of the water. The light design and brightness are obviously way better. But the little details are kiiler to. The Go Pro mount works perfectly, and is fixed into place. The carrying case is something I didn’t know I needed until I bought my own OB light

    I cannot think of a single downside to this light.

  13. David (verified owner)

    Imagine your car’s headlight on a bike. It’s that good.

  14. Richard Miller (verified owner)

    I have never road at night prior to buying the trail edition light. I work long days in california and wanted to ride when I got home after dark during the week. I googled and came across Matt’s YouTube video. Read some of the reviews and the guarantee and decided to order. I was a bit skeptical. Then the unit arrived. I charged it that day, mounted it on my handlebars and went out for my first night ride. I was super impressed. It is just like the video. 100% accurate. Was pleasantly surprised on how much everything was lit up and how safe I felt riding along the trail. Very pleased with the unit. I only road for 6 miles that first night and only came across 1 other mountain biker. We stopped and talked for a bit he asked about my light as he was impressed. He had a nightrider light on his bike and was nothing compared to my new light. I couldn’t be happier with the unit. If you are thinking of buying a light for night riding this is it. Thanks again Matt. Great product.

  15. Richard (verified owner)

    I just used my new light for the first time. It was awesome and major upgrade from my previous experience. I ride both trail and road and have not felt comfortable riding trails at night until now. Highly recommended

  16. Joe S. (verified owner)

    I’ve been running my Trail Edition since the first of the year….. AND hands down IT IS the best light I’ve ever used for night riding….. BAR NONE!!
    I’ve been riding a mountain bike in some way shape or form since 1987….. when i discovered night riding; this is the light I was waiting for.
    The beam pattern is such a welcome relief from other lighting systems beam patterns…. that always seemed to leave me wanting more.
    All other bike lighting manufacturers…. watch out… you’ve meet your match in OutBoundLighting!!
    It won’t be to long before I buy a 2nd! trail edition.
    You definitely will NOT be disappointed in this light!!

  17. Ben

    I bought the trail edition light after using it as a demo light at a race in June (2018). I have previously owned NiteRider and Light & Motion lights. The wide spread of the light beam on the Outbound Lighting trail edition light basically replicates daylight. It has been an absolute blast to ride with and the light and battery pack have stayed in place with no issues. This light is better than all my previous lights without a doubt. In addition, the customer service has been excellent.

  18. Vince (verified owner)

    These lights are truly epic. Everyone at outbound helped immensely in getting them to me very quickly. I took them on a trail ride tonight and lit the way for everyone! The other four guys were shocked by the output and horizontal spread of the light. And it wasn’t even on the high setting! Riding for over an hour and not even one bar has disappeared on the charge status. I really like these lights. Looks like I might have to invest in the road version too! LOL

  19. Andrew Wiloid (verified owner)

    I don’t ride a lot at night and only have a dozen or so rides with this light. The weather has been pretty wet so, I hadn’t had a chance to ride trail until last night in the snow. I’m pretty blown away by this light to be honest. It’s bright of course but, the beam pattern is what’s most impressive! I can tell you that I will be doing a lot more night riding in the future! Thanks for making such a great product!

  20. Jordan Brown (verified owner)

    I ride at least once a week at night and normally ride with 2 lights, one “1200” lumen Chinese light on the bar and a cygolite mitycross 350 lumen on my head so I can see around corners. The trail edition puts out more light than the both of them combined and I almost have no need for the light on the helmet since the trail beam is so wide. I hope Matt develops a smaller light (size of the mitycross) made specifically for helmet mounts as I don’t know if I could ride with the road edition on my helmet if it’s the same size as the trail edition, too many low branches.

    Overall very happy with this light. The mount is great, it stays where you aim it and no worries of the little band breaking like the Chinese lights.

  21. Scott Swenson (verified owner)

    This really is the best light on the market!!! I’ve used several of the lights from NiteRider, and other high end brands, but they all fall short of what this light has to offer. The light spread of this light lets you scan the trail in the same way you can in the daytime, instead of trying to focus on the bright spot in the middle. There is just more “visual data” for you to take in while using this light. It allows you more time to process the trail in front of you. This is the light of the future.

    About a year ago I started putting together a set of lights that would give me a better offering than the current market could supply I went through several combinations of flood and spot lighting in 3d printed housings, and never even came close to what this light does. Great Product!!

  22. Jeff


  23. Mark Blazel

    Hands down my favorite light. I ride in Arizona so I ride at night very frequently during the summer and into the winter as well. I can say without a doubt this is much better than the nightrider set up I had before. Much better and less harsh beam pattern. I switched back to my nightrider once so see the difference and I actually found myself squinting because the other lights were harsh and focused in very specific spots. I usually run the trail on my bars and the road on my helmet and I feel just as comfortable riding as I do during the day. Small company making a big splash and Matt was very helpful with customer service. If you are looking to step up your light game this is how you do it.

  24. Samuel Pirtle (verified owner)

    This light is amazing, I have been on many of night rides with friends and seeing around corners and what is in the distance is tough. With my new Outbound Lighting light there is no such thing as a dark corner! The light spread is amazing and it optimized for riding which makes it the best on the market. I cant wait to order the Hangover and the road light as well to complete my collection.

  25. Mark (verified owner)

    Awesome light! I have the trail edition on my mountain bike and it works great, really lights up the woods! Great battery performance and totally worth the money. If you mountain bike at night in the woods, you need this light!

  26. Adam Romano

    First ride on my trail edition light last night in my local trails in Toronto!
    What an experience! 🙂 after charging the battery for about 5 hours (for first charge) the light was easy to setup, the battery did not move at all on my frame, and the trail edition lit up the entire trail. I rode for 1hr45min and the battery was still at 75% in adaptive mode ! Great design and couldn’t be happier with this purchase and cant wait for my hangover!

  27. Matt (verified owner)

    Literally the best light I’ve ever used. It was like riding in the daylight stressful nightrides are now fun and effortless due to this amazing light. Do yourself a favor and buy it.

  28. CK (verified owner)

    This trail light is plenty bright and is a great value. I’ve used it for a couple weeks on singletrack, bushwhacking, and commuting (using the flash mode during the daylight hours). It’s been stellar. I also have L&M Seca lights for trail use – they are fantastic but are much more expensive. I’m not knocking the L&M lights because they have been fantastic for me and have proven themselves over the long haul which means a lot. I haven’t done a side-by-side to see who’s the brightest – they are all plenty bright. What I prefer about the Outlbound Lighting Trail light: better battery life (dollar for dollar and ounce for ounce), more even distribution of light across a wider area with zero hotspots, and the flash mode to help me make it to the bar in one piece.

  29. Natalia Yakunina

    So I wanted this to be The Light. And yes it’s bright and has a good beam. However, it lasted on high only for 40 minutes after which it automatically started dropping into low. As a results, my two hour ride where I hoped I could use this light at its brightest was screwed, I had to slow down and strain my eyes trying to see things. Sent multiple emails to Outbound Lighting, no response. Worst 200 dollars ever spent, even worse now that I have to spend the same amount on a real light. Don’t waste your money.

    • Matt Conte (verified owner)


      Very sorry for your negative experience. I went back and checked through my emails and saw that I did indeed forget to follow up with you on that issue. Completely my mistake. I’m emailing you right now so that we can try and figure out why your light wasn’t staying on high for very long. I have a feeling it may be a defective current sensor on the driver board. We’ll get you a replacement light head right away!

      Matt Conte

  30. Eric H. (verified owner)

    I received my light a week or so ago and have used it a couple of times since. With the clocks changing this weekend, the usage will be going up tremendously! The first time I went out well after sunset just to see how it would do and it is as advertised. Where I ride is very rural. With the light off, it’s complete darkness. In the woods, you cant tell which way is up or down. With the light on, it’s like daylight. Very wide beam, absolutely no issues seeing or guessing where the trails were turning and or going. Like people said in previous posts, its literally like riding during the day. Unbelievable. Very light weight and great battery life. I was a little concerned about the strap (being one of the straps on my Thule bike rack broke), but it appears to be of silicon base and not just pure rubber so it should hold up for a long time. I was also impressed with how both the light and battery stayed still on the bars as the trails I ride on are very bumpy due to roots and rocks. Very simple and easy to use. I am very pleased with the light. Well worth the money! Great product and great design! Keep up the great quality work OL! Thanks!

  31. Case (verified owner)

    First foray into lights for night riding, and this has met all of my needs. I am using the light on medium nearly all the time, including fast descents, and the level of light is completely adequate for me. I’ll be waiting for a hangover model to compliment this light on the bars. However, having this as my only light is working well enough to keep me riding safely.

  32. Graeme McAllister (verified owner)

    The light appears to be very well made with some nice features and the battery pack is top notch but ultimately isn’t up to the job for what I require so I will be returning to using my old lights.
    Sure the light has a good spread but it lacks any real punch, it fine for close twisty trails but as soon as your in an open area it falls flat.
    Looking at the pictures on the website it looks fantastic which was the reason I was sold on buying the light in the first place but in reality it doesn’t appear to have nowhere near the same output? I may have faulty unit?

  33. Galen C Sutphin (verified owner)

    Purchased the Trail edition from a link from a Facebook ad. Delivery was fast and on time as promised. Great communication from the company. i was impressed with the quality right out of the box. Nice case,clean design. Nothing feels like plastic cheap crap. Very solid built but light weight. Simple, nothing fussy about how to charge , mount ,or operate. First ride revealed a suprising ( given the Lumens) bright wide beam. Love this light. look forward to when the helmet light is available. hope it will have a deeper range, my only criticism that would round out the perfect system.

  34. J Nelson (verified owner)

    Purchased the Trail Edition and very happy. Lumens and options to for brightness are effective and easy. The clamp for handlebars works well, light does not move. The battery pack/case fit well on frame. Its padded well and the strap locks it down well, again no movement there. I like the horizontal spread of light. Battery life for me has been good. My typical night ride is about 90 minutes. I put it on lowest setting climbing and then brightest on descent and have yet to get below 2 bars left on charge.

    Summary then is for bike mount light very very happy. I strongly recommend though also getting a helmet light. The battery option from Outbound was not available at time i ordered so i have different one. Point is the two together work in concert and are great. I have already recommended this to other riding buddies and few also have bough them and love them as well.

  35. Brian Smith (verified owner)

    This light is awesome! The spread beam works great to light up the trail as well as any turns and obstacles ahead. It’s also much lighter in weight than I expected. Battery pack held tight with good run time. This light set up does everything as described and I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better set up for the money.

  36. Ian Childers (verified owner)

    Awesome light! The width of the beam pattern is unlike anything I’ve seen in my decade of night riding. Everything is super high quality from the materials how solid the system mounts up.

  37. Will (verified owner)

    After holding off buying one for a year or so, waiting to see what problems, if any, arose in the first run of production for this light, I decided to replace my year-old 3-emitter light (spot/flood/combo optics) with the Trail Edition.

    I have not been disappointed. While at times it was nice to have the punch of two high(er) powered spots lighting up far away, the reality of my riding is that you can’t often see more than 30 feet, anyway. As such, remember that the light often doesn’t leave medium low, for my uses–downhills are far from extended, and speeds really only reach 14-15MPH during normal riding.

    Given those conditions, the lighting afforded by this light head is nothing short of revealing. Imagine a German generator light, souped up for use on a trail. There is a bit of throw off in an upward direction, such that I never feel like I am thrown into pitch darkness when my head turns, and any low-hanging scrub/brush are easily apparent. The videos of the light do not do it justice. Those coming from or having experienced using a generator-powered light to ride off-road will be immediately at home.

    The included four-cell battery is a might bit smaller than I am used to, coming from 6/8 cell packs. That said, on medium-low, I’m getting an easy 4-5 hours between recharges. Of particular note: when I *do* go to bump up the light mode, at around 40-50% charge, the light will not stay in the highest modes, stepping down automatically. Not a problem for my riding, but one to be aware of. My only complaint is the battery connector; when it is cold, it is next to impossible to remove. If packing an extra battery to extend run time, expect a struggle to remove it. The included battery bag is nice enough, but my battery resides in my feedbag off to the side of the stem. It doesn’t take up much room, leaving plenty for an emergency inhaler, warmers, and some snacks.

    Mounting was straightforward with the included Go-Pro adapter. Cooling has been sufficient without the added scoop, but it is cold(er) here, anyway. On medium-low, with movement, the light case remains warm, but hold-able.

    My only quibble with the product as provided is that the extension cord is not included. I have no real intention of mounting it on my helmet, but I would consider it a must-have, if only to increase the value in a resell situation.

  38. Brett (verified owner)

    Background: I use it only on the bar and am awaiting their Hangover light for the helmet.

    This light has the best beam pattern I’ve seen coupled with very efficient electronics. Using only this light on the bars, I can ride nearly full speed on my local trails, including very technical downhills. There are few times I’m needing more or different light: very tight corners and sharp ups or downs and for all of this it’s because it’s bar mounted. For everything else, including most corners, the wide beam reaches nicely. And if you aim it up a little higher for wide open or fast riding then it’s even better.

    About the efficient electronics, the thing can stay on high at a stop for several minutes at 40F and not even be warm to the touch. In fact, I’ve never felt the top of this light warm in all the cooler weather riding I’ve done with it so far. Now I don’t claim to understand the programming yet but I can basically throw this on high (not adaptive, but high) and run it for nearly 4 hours and still have 3 on the battery meter. It had stepped down to med high and then med by the end of this time (behavior I want to understand better), so it’s kinda set it and forget it and think about the ride.

    Long story short is while it might not punch like hotspot lights, it puts plenty of light in all the right places and does so efficiently. Totally the right choice for me. When I get the punchier Hangover in, I expect the few downsides I mentioned to be solved, all for < $350 for both lights.

  39. Ricardo Nojima (verified owner)

    I use the light mounted on the handlbars. What stands out about this light is the wide beam pattern. This is crucial for having depth perception while blasting down singletrack at 30mph and being able to brake in time for the next turn. I do wish it would send a bit more light down to the front wheel instead of having a cut off past the front tire. The light was stable using the strap mount. I recommend using a helmet light along with this because changes in elevation particularly uphill tend to be outside of the beam.

    Battery life seems like it’ll be great with an hour ride using 60% med, 40% high output time the battery life indicator showed about between 60% and 80% charge remaining.

  40. Richard Belleza (verified owner)

    So after waiting for almost a month (worth the wait), I finally got to test out the trail edition lights. Now when I night ride I ride in some areas where it’s just completely pitch black and having enough lighting is important especially since I like to go downhill pretty fast. So I have three Niterider lights (two on the handlebar and one on my helmet) all on full blast usually because I want to be able to see everything. Problem is, my sides are still dark and because of the brightness, it sometimes flushes out the dirt surface in front of me and I might hit a bump or a dip that wasn’t there the week prior.

    Then, this light comes and I am just blown away at the range and lighting I now have in front of me. This light produces a nice tone of light that doesn’t flush out the dirt and now my peripherals are completely visible. I still wear my helmet light because I like to look around but I’m thinking about getting the Hangover now because I am completely sold. I’ve ridden over a handful of times since I’ve gotten my Trail lights and I will never go back. I now just keep my other lights for friends to use. Love it!!!

  41. Mark Hanna

    Amazing light. Trail comes alive at night with the wide field of vision this light provides. Only used it one time so far so I can’t speak to longevity yet but I am super pleased with the purchase so far. I can say that I ride faster and with much more confidence at night with this light than any light combination I’ve ever used before.

  42. TJ

    I’ve used the cheap “spot light” style lights for too many years mountain biking in southeast Michigan where it’s already dark when I leave work.
    My first outing with the Trail Edition was terrific. Attached to my out-front Garmin mount and set on Medium the trail was amply lit for the rooty sections and the wide light carpet mostly eliminated the need for the helmet mounted spot I normally use to look through the turns.
    Looking forward to combining it with the just received Hangover for the full Outbound Lighting riding experience!

  43. Joe Pennino

    Amazing product! Highly recommended. And equally amazing customer service. Great job

  44. SR (verified owner)

    Got the light only since a few days only for my nightly mtb rides and can mention my initial experience for the first few rides. The light distribution is excellent and build quality also convinces so far. The battery is nicely waterproofed and I assume it will hold up well. A 220V charger was included so this light is out of the box Europe or in my case Switzerland compatible/ready 😉
    I ride in every weather condition (currently wet and cold) so I will update my review in a few weeks to report if it did hold up and is still working. The light is not exactly cheap including delivery and border taxes to get it to Switzerland, but comparing it to much more expensive lights with similar light output and distribution pattern its still a bargain.
    So far it gets a 4 star review easily but require some more usage to confirm.

  45. Michael Lindner (verified owner)

    This light absolutely blew my mind! It certainly lives up to all the hype. This is the best light ever!

  46. John Bistolfo (verified owner)

    Amazing light and when paired with the Hangover it’s a perfect combo. I do a lot of night riding and have tried several different lights but Outbound is by far the best I’ve used. Great light spread so you can run the Trail Edition anywhere and even works well in tight singletrack. Combined with the Hangover it’s perfect.

  47. Arlen Beaudette (verified owner)

    I love the light. I have no idea how many lumen it is, and I don’t care. I used to run a niterider 750 on my helmet and a 1800 on my bar, I thought I had great lighting. This light alone outperforms them both. There is no need for the helmet light, the Outbound Trail Edition Light is simply awesome. You’ll never want a different light. They have solved lighting and trail riding. The adaptive setting is pure genius. Get one, you won’t regret it.

  48. Jason Polnau (verified owner)

    I just used this light for the first time. I was super stoked to get in the trails. From the reviews and the images online I have to say I was disappointed. While I was in the trail it was not as bright as I was expecting from the images online and what a 1800lm should be. Looking back at the website pictures it looks like there are two lights in the picture from what I was seeing in the night trails, possibly the DH package. As well, with a 103 min ride and the light only on full for 13/15 minutes and the rest of time on two bars the chard was only showing 2 bars left of charge.
    Saying all this, it is a nice beam and design but the light doesn’t appear to be 1800lm and the charge isn’t what it says. Sorry Outbound

  49. Dylan Yelenich (verified owner)

    Holy shit! This light is like no other bar light I’ve ever seen. The whole trail is awash in the glow of this amazing light. It’s as if I put a damn car light on my handlebars. I purposefully went to the deepest and darkest part of our local trails tonight to test it out and it lit up everything in my path.

  50. Nick (verified owner)

    When I saw the handlebar mounting rubber strap I was disappointed as I’ve had products from competitors with this mounting style and as soon as you hit a rocky section the light mount would rotate and shine the light directly in your eyes. Nonetheless I tried it before buying a gopro handlebar ‘bolted’ mount and it works great!
    Only issue is that it needs a little bit of a shroud for when you’re standing and pedaling.
    No complaints other than that, very excited about this product!

  51. Abner Rivera

    La he usado sólo unas 4 veces, pero hasta ahora me ha sorprendido invcreíblemente con la cobertura de iluminación y con la duración de la batería. Se nota que este producto es de muy buena calidad,pero todavía llevo poco tiempo para opinar sobre este asunto.

  52. Cliff Jones (verified owner)

    I never thought I would use a battery pack based light again. Outbound trail has changed that.It is so good I don’t care that it has a separate battery pack. I use outbounds gopro under computer mount and the light goes on and off quick. the battery back design in the best I have seen just a quick wrap and it’s on and not going to move or damage paint. Field of view is amazing and it is one of the only bar lights that i would be comfortable running as my only light if need be in the super tight and twisty Midwestern sigletrack. Add in the Hangover and you have the best trail riding lighting solution I have found. I have not had a ride yet that someone has not commented about how amazing the beam pattern is.

  53. NK

    This light is a life changing piece of gear. Before getting it I’d often be at work looking forward to an afternoon ride. As my obligations started to eat into my riding time I’d start to feel the stress of not riding and then, when I was still stuck at work as the sun went down I’d get bummed that the ride wasn’t going to happen. Since I got my light the stress and disappointment of the day getting away from me have disappeared. I know that if I can’t get out before the sun sets then I can still go home, have dinner, hang with the kids, and then go ride. So for the cost of a single session with a therapist I permanently solved one of my biggest sources of angst.

    It’s a beautifully engineered light. I last owned serious bike lights twenty years ago. This light is so much lighter than my old one, I don’t have to worry about battery life like I used to, and the engineered beam pattern works as advertised – it’s not just hype. The battery mounts easily and securely on my Ibis Ripley. Overall a great design executed with a high level of quality. I’m stoked!

  54. Scott M. (verified owner)

    This light is amazing with an excellent beam pattern and the build quality is great ! My light came unmarked ( road or trail ) so I sent an email to verify and got a prompt response , service you don’t get with to many companies theses days ! Now I just have to decide hangover or road version for helmet light .

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