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From the moment you pick up this light it is clear this is different then what you are used to. It feels quality, it looks durable, yet it is lightweight and everything on it looks like it was designed with a purpose. That is because it was.

Utilizing years of experience designing automotive LED headlights, the Outbound team developed the Trail Edition light to meet the needs of even the most demanding single-track riders. A wide even illumination is unlike anything you’ve experienced, and it helps create the most comfortable and safe night riding experience you’ve ever had.  You will maintain your depth perception thanks to the well-engineered reflector that puts every lumen exactly where it’s required.

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Engineered & built in Chicago, IL

Package Includes:

  • Durable carrying case
  • Trail Edition Lighthead with bar mount installed
  • 6400 mAH 4-cell LG brand lithium-ion battery pack
  • 120V AC Wall Charger (We have EU and AU chargers available) 
  • Go Pro Mount adapter
  • Instruction Manual

Due to strong demand, we are currently out of stock. We anticipate being back in stock by February 21st. Lights can be ordered and will be shipped as soon as our batteries arrive.

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The Trail Edition was developed from a desire to finally have a bike headlight that performed as good as a car headlight. There is nothing magical about why you can comfortably drive a car on the highway at 80mph with headlights that only put out around 1000 lumens. The trick is in the beam pattern and the headlight design.


An example of the OEM car headlights out there



Most bike lights are simply just flashlights with a mount for the handlebar, and a nice case around it. You can easily tell when there is a circular bowl that makes up the reflector, or when you turn on the light and see a circle on the wall.  These are great for walking in the woods for rummaging around in your basement. It’s a different story when you are bombing down a twisty trail.




Car headlights are designed to hit different lighting targets at different horizontal and vertical angles, this is called the beam pattern. Lots of research and engineering has gone into what creates the ideal spread of light, while maximizing every lumen available. In order to control light this accurately you need highly specialized software and a reflector that can re-direct light exactly where it is needed.


We spent hours in the woods mapping out exactly how much light we wanted and where, and then hundreds of hours simulating, tweaking, simulating, tweaking, and simulating some more to build a beam pattern that was what we wanted for Trail Riding. The result is something unlike anything you’ve ridden behind, unless you’ve managed to strap a full car headlight to your bike!


The wide even illumination across the horizon line lets your eyes taken in an enormous amount of information, even in your peripheral view you can still pick up light that cameras and video can’t capture. However, the real secret sauce is the integrated light carpet that evenly illuminates the ground from the front of your tire all the way to where you are looking.  This is not an easy thing to make without it looking spotty or too bright. This video helps demonstrate!



You may think that the only thing we have going for our light is the beam pattern. The great thing about a properly engineered reflector is that it helps in all other aspects of the bike light.

When you have a reflector that efficiently uses every lumen available and develops a beam pattern that is not only bright, but is perceived to be brighter by your eyes, then you can operate with much lower lumens than a typical bike light

The reason for this is because with a typical bike light, you either have too much light (intense hotspot) that overpowers your peripheral vision and makes it feel like you are riding in a tunnel, and so in order to feel more comfortable you need even brighter output to light up what’s around you. More output = more lumens = more power = more heat = shorter battery life = heavier components.





Let’s break this down more.

More lumens obviously requires more input power since most LED’s have around the same lumen per watt rating. More power is going to generate more heat which then requires a larger heat sink in order to get rid of that heat. Though when you can build a bike light that uses less lumens to generate a brighter beam pattern through proper engineering… well then… now you can have a smaller heat sink, so it’s lighter weight, and use less power, so you can have longer battery life than the equivalent light. All win win.






So let’s talk batteries.

We use genuine LG Chem Lithium Ion cells for a few reasons. One being safety, with cheap lithium ion batteries it’s often questionable what is inside, how well they are constructed, and if they have protection circuits built in. Second being performance. We ran tests on several battery packs of varying price and quality to determine if it really was worth the premium for the name-brand battery packs.





Turns out that it is! As you can see by the chart above, all the battery packs tested were claimed to be the same power output, but the LG Chem battery pack outperformed the cheap ones by a large margin. So we decided that in order to match our high quality light head, we needed to provide a high quality battery pack.





The battery pack is covered with over molded silicone to make it entirely waterproof, and wrapped in a grippy yet stretchable neoprene pouch that lets you quickly mount it onto the bike, without any worrying about scratching a frame.



Can’t talk batteries without discussing runtime right? Thanks to a very efficient driver system, we can squeeze out nearly 3 hours of runtime on high. By default when the light is turned on it goes to the “Adaptive Mode” which is a timed mode that starts on high for 15 minutes, and then over the course of 30 minutes it drops to Medium as your eyes adapt to the darkness. Nothing fancy, but it helps extend your runtime by over an hour, and since the light changes so slowly as your eyes adapt the perceived brightness stays the same.






Some riders obsess about weight (you know who you are!), and for good reason. It’s not fun lugging around pounds of weight. One of the goals with the light was to have as light of a system as possible. The light head is made of die cast magnesium casting, which is almost as light as plastic, but can act as a great heatsink. The light head weight is 100g, and the battery is a lightweight 316g.






Each light comes with a bar mount that has an integrated air scoop to force air into the back of the light, further increasing the efficiency. The silicone-acrylic strap is unbreakable (though please don’t try to purposefully break it…) and quickly yet securely mounts to your handlebar. For helmet use or to adapt onto any other types of mounts every light has a GoPro adapter designed to fit the wide variety of accessories out there.







We know you are demanding on your equipment. Big jumps, rock gardens, even the occasional crash. One of the leading causes of failures on bike lights is solder joints failing. That is why the driver and input wires for the Trail Edition feature no soldered joints. They are all high quality connectors that are applied via an SMT machine in our electronics facility just outside of Kansas City, MO.  We test the light several times during assembly to ensure the highest quality

You can check out how we assemble each light here

Every light comes with a 3 year warranty , and  a 30-day love-it-or-return-it guarantee. If you don’t think this light is the best damn bike light you’ve used. Send it back and we’ll give you a full refund and pay for the shipping. Think of it as a risk-free trial.





Personal Touch.

We are a very small company, taking on the big names in the industry. Every light is hand built at our workshop in Chicago. Every customer is special to us and we really appreciate your business. We will do anything we can to assist you, feel free to reach out if you have more questions or need help figuring out what light you need!

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic lights, Amazing service

I purchased a Trail Edition to use on the 24hr in the Old Pueblo MTB ride. I used a hangover on my helmet. The lights were super bright, wide and distant enough to light up the single track. Their new lenses are clear and provide a great light quality. Run time is pretty long on the trail edition in adaptive mode. I rode 1 1/2 hours and am pretty sure they would have run another hr+ without any problem. The guys are super nice and eager to help solve any issues or concerns. Best light company that I have purchased from ever!


Great light! I just used on my last two night rides on the local single track trails in Virginia. This light shined BRIGHT as the sun! The excellent beam pattern gave me the ability to see the obstacles, dodge the trees, and see my trail well before i could ever usually see the trails (with previous lights)!. I like the carrying case and solid build of the adapter cables. Very sturdy and strong connections. The light is user friendly and simple to use and change modes on the fly. I ride a Santa Cruz TallBoy CC and this fits perfect on my front handle bars, and the battery pack attaches nicely to my frame.
I cant speak any higher words for this light, its AWESOME!!


I never thought I would use a battery pack based light again. Outbound trail has changed that.It is so good I don't care that it has a separate battery pack. I use outbounds gopro under computer mount and the light goes on and off quick. the battery back design in the best I have seen just a quick wrap and it's on and not going to move or damage paint. Field of view is amazing and it is one of the only bar lights that i would be comfortable running as my only light if need be in the super tight and twisty Midwestern sigletrack. Add in the Hangover and you have the best trail riding lighting solution I have found. I have not had a ride yet that someone has not commented about how amazing the beam pattern is.


This light is amazing with an excellent beam pattern and the build quality is great ! My light came unmarked ( road or trail ) so I sent an email to verify and got a prompt response , service you don't get with to many companies theses days ! Now I just have to decide hangover or road version for helmet light .


This light is a life changing piece of gear. Before getting it I'd often be at work looking forward to an afternoon ride. As my obligations started to eat into my riding time I'd start to feel the stress of not riding and then, when I was still stuck at work as the sun went down I'd get bummed that the ride wasn't going to happen. Since I got my light the stress and disappointment of the day getting away from me have disappeared. I know that if I can't get out before the sun sets then I can still go home, have dinner, hang with the kids, and then go ride. So for the cost of a single session with a therapist I permanently solved one of my biggest sources of angst.

It's a beautifully engineered light. I last owned serious bike lights twenty years ago. This light is so much lighter than my old one, I don't have to worry about battery life like I used to, and the engineered beam pattern works as advertised - it's not just hype. The battery mounts easily and securely on my Ibis Ripley. Overall a great design executed with a high level of quality. I'm stoked!