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The Trail Edition brought along a revolution in mountain bike lighting in 2017 with an enormously wide and evenly lit beam pattern while maximizing every lumen. Trail Evo builds on that incredible light and improves the beam pattern, even wider and stronger than before, while removing the external battery and incorporating a unique quick release mechanism that is cleanly integrated into your cockpit.

  • Centered out-front quick release mount, made of die cast aluminum.
  • 150+ minutes of strong output, with the ability to charge-on-the-go.
  • Customized USB-C cable creates a waterproof seal while in use.
  • Incredibly wide beam pattern designed for trail riding.
  • Smooth falloff all around the bike enhances peripheral vision.

Waiting on more bar mounts to arrive, please allow a week for shipping. Thanks for your patience!


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When we developed the Trail Edition back in 2017 we set out to use the same principles from car headlights and bring them to bikes. Focusing not on big lumen levels but rather a high quality beam pattern that is optimized for twisty singletrack.

Over 4,000 customers and counting absolutely loved it. But we knew we could do better. After a year and a half of development we are excited to show you the latest evolution of our best selling light. Trail Evo


What did we improve?

To begin, we built on the development of the Trail Edition and Hangover, along with perfecting our unique blended-TIR approach to trail lighting. We spent hundreds of hours in simulation and prototypes to hone in on an even better beam pattern. Wider than the Trail Edition everyone loves, with more peripheral lighting along with a stronger center intensity to see even further down the Trail thanks to a boost in total lumen output. The difference is staggering.

The blended TIR optic uses precision engineering to finely tune the beam shape, eliminating the typical “round hotspot” edges by redirecting portions of the beam to where you need it most, creating a dramatically smoother beam. The surrounding “Light Carpet” around your periphery allows you to see and react to the whole trail and not get “tunnel vision” with harsh edges.  The smoother the beam, the less strain on your eyes, the better you can see and the more comfortable your night ride is.



Just as important as beam patterns, is thermal management.  When we start pushing big power output like this, we have to worry about shedding that heat to keep the LED’s in their efficient operating range. We utilized an incredibly unique way of flowing air THROUGH the light, allowing for cooling air to pass directly behind the LED’s. An industry first.

We then turned our sights to eliminating one of the main complaints most riders have these days: you don’t want to carry around an external battery pack. We get it, it’s cumbersome, takes more time to strap to your bike frame, and leaves cables flopping around. Thankfully there have been lots of developments in battery technology in the last few years and high density 21700 cells have gotten better and better. So we integrated two of them into the housing of Trail Evo, resulting in a whopping 37.0 watt-hours with only 275g of weight.

This combined with using new high-efficiency genuine CREE XD16 LED’s means we can get an incredible amount of light while maintaining 2.5+ hours of usable runtime, without an external battery pack!

Combine that featherweight with the fact that we can run this light at 150+ minutes of usable runtime and you start to wonder what else you could possibly need. Need to last longer than that? We are one of the only bike lights on the market that offer pass-through charging, so you can hook up any USB power bank you may own and it will supplement the light as your ride goes on, giving you unparalleled flexibility for your specific riding needs.


Let’s talk about runtimes for a second. The bike light industry tends to like to use the FL1 standard, which rates runtime as the time it takes to go from full brightness to 10% output, an outdated measure that harkens back to the days of using Alkaline batteries, and when you would swap out your flashlight battery…..

But this is 2020. We need to get real about runtimes. Nearly every single light on the market starts out full brightness and diminishes over time, and this is okay. Our eyes adapt to the darkness and as long as the reduction is gradual, we literally cannot tell the difference until reaching about 50-60% of the perceived brightness.  Which is why we say that we have 150+ minutes of usable runtime in our standard Adaptive Mode, we aren’t going to call this “high” anymore and have a mode that isn’t actually high…. we made that mistake once.

Here is the expected runtime chart. This should be far more useful then just a single number.

Our High, Medium and Low Modes are SOLID output modes that are designed for the rider that changes the light intensity often. Low and slow for the climbs, maximum output for the fast descent. Medium is the perfect setting when paired with the Hangover on the helmet to get nearly 4+ hours of runtime.  Adaptive is for the rider that hits the trail hard right from the parking lot and doesn’t want to think about changing output often. Just set it and forget it and get 150+ minutes of runtime.

Every mode has a 20-minute reserve that drops to low, we don’t want you getting stuck in the woods with no warning, or no way to get out in time. Plus let’s be honest, if you left it on high you probably were really only going to get another 3 minutes of runtime before totally going out, so lets put in a safety measure…

Outfront Centered Mounting

For a bar light to act like a proper headlight, we need to put it in the best location for a headlight. Out front and centered on the cockpit. For this we developed a durable and easy to use quick release mounting system that has been used for years in the professional camera industry. You simply click the light in and tighten the over-cam, and with one hand can release the light. We designed this to be used easily with thick gloves.



Standard USB-C Quick Charging

Just like with Hangover, we have USB-C quick charging as standard. This allows you to quickly charge the light using anything you might already have. A USB QC 3.0 compatible external battery pack will work to charge Trail Evo while in use, or before you hit the trail. In Medium output you can extend runtime by several hours.


With Trail Evo, while not as quick to charge as Hangover (single 18650 battery vs. two 21700 cells) it still charges at higher power than any other self-contained light on the market without requiring a proprietary charger, because we don’t want you to ever have to deal with mis-placing a charger that you can only get from one place. Trail Evo can each >80% charge in <3 hours.


The included customized USB-C to USB-A cable is designed to create a snug and watertight seal around the USB port of the light.



**Shown with optional Evo Cable Manager installed.


American Made Quality.

Like the Trail and Road Edition, these lights are built in America. We work closely with our PCBA supplier in Phoenix, AZ with full-time staff on-site assisting with assembly of Evo. We put a massive amount of engineering work into making sure we can assemble our lights quickly, accurately, and with the highest quality to ensure that we keep production stateside for years to come.  Backed with a no-questions-asked warranty and amazing customer service. We want you to be a customer, a friend, and an Outbound rider for life.



What is included?

  • Trail Evo light
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 31.8mm bar mount clamp
  • 35.0mm bar mount clamp
  • Quick release “shoe”
  • Choice of orange or black anodized washers
  • Hex tool to cleanly install the mount
  • Instruction manual

Instruction Manual

Evo Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Troy B.
Best light on the market

The compact packaging and integrated battery make the Trail Evo a great light... but the effectiveness of the light distribution and the "light carpet" effect produced by the combination of led's makes it the best light you can get. You can find brighter lights that have a spotlight lit up with an absurd amount of lumens that leaves the edges of the trails shrouded in shadows but there's no light available today that as effectively lights up the trail, the whole trail, allowing you to ride naturally just as you would in daylight. Paired with a Hangover on your helmet, it's really the best lighting solution you could possibly hope for and the added bonus of no wires or external batteries just makes everything that much cleaner on your bike.

And Outbound's customer service is second to none. If you have question, problems, comments, or just want to share your experience with their product, these guys stand behind their work in a way that's rare in any industry. Really phenomenal product all around, I will definitely continue to be a customer and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a light.

Vernon C.
My clamp hinge broke after only using it once

Hi, I'm not one to give a bad rating over something trivial - however, I only got to use the light once and when I went to mount the light on it lastnight, the hinge on the bracket broke and therefore I only had a helmet light last night which defeats the purpose of spending $250 for a light. Have you been having this problem and how can we resolve this? (I have yet to wreck my bike, so let's not go there - I take great care of it). However, the one time I got to use it - daylight at night on the trail. Love it, the group I rode with was jealous and a couple of them wanted to see how well it worked before they bought. They were impressed too...

Hey Vernon, already reached out directly to get you an updated mount that addresses the rare issue you had, we’ll get you sorted immediately so this never happens again.

We already redesigned the mount to fix it, and are happy to replace any older mounts that had problems.


Trail Evo

Chase S.
Very awesome product with only a couple very small exceptions...

As a non-native to the cycling world, sticker shock was the first thought. But, upon a good friend's recommendation, took the dive, and can tell there's no inflated margins or gimmicks, every penny I spent was matched clearly in the investment into developing a very, very high quality product.

Light is bright as you'd ever have reason to want, as good as or better than many automotive or motorcycle lights. No real testing of battery life, but don't have any reason to doubt other glowing reviews here.

+++ High quality materials, nothing seems weak or flimsy, and performs beyond expectations.

~~~ Rubber/foam lining strips inside of handlebar clamps were nice, but one removal/repositioning of the clamp will likely see it either falling off completely or enough to want to yank it the rest of the way. Not an issue mounting without it to alloy bars, carbon folks may want to take care.

--- Not major negatives by any means, but two points I'd delight in seeing work differently;

1. The clamps mount firmly to your bars, and then there is a single countersunk screw and conical washer for setting rotation beyond the rotation of your bar clamp. Beyond seeming a bit redundant, I mostly don't enjoy that even taken a hair beyond recommended torque specs, the screw still allows rotation easier than I'd prefer. Has shown no signs of moving in casual riding, but wouldn't be surprised if very aggressive terrain could see the light gradually rotate downwards.

2. The bigger issue (pictured below), and it may just be a production fluke. The cam-lock handle that secures the light into its mount opens with ease, locks, and stays locked as it should. However, when inserting the dovetail of the light, the handle doesn't engage very deep, and even when helping the lever down further by hand, it maxes out about 15-20 degrees off of vertical. Other photos/videos online depict the handle closing vertically, tucked in behind the light body, whereas mine sticks proud of the light body by a few millimeters even when depressed as snugly as one can. No worries of light ejection yet, but is a very annoying little instance.

Overall, 4/5 simply because of a few tiny issues, but wouldn't hesitate to buy again in a heartbeat!

Hey Chase, I’ve got some good news for you: we completely redesigned the mount and just got the first production tooling run that basically addresses everything you mention below as an issue (eliminates the rubber pads entirely as we switch to glass-reinforced nylon, which also eliminates the powdercoat that makes tolerances very wide mount-to-mount, and overhauled the angle adjust interface to have positive locking ribs so it won’t move even with very low screw torque). All new lights now come with this updated mount.

As for the lever not closing to a full 90°, that is actually intentional, because we want the latch to hold firmly forever, even as that interface wears from constant install and removal, so it’s a ramped cam interface that only closes as far as it needs to to hold the light firm, then as it wears it can close a little further. The torsion spring in the lever keeps it from vibrating open while riding, so if you just cinch it tight enough to not wiggle up and down then however far it closes is totally secure and OK. You’re not the first person to express concern over that, so we updated the instructions to include a bit better explanation on that with the v2 mount.

Michael Y.
Great light even though I had to return it

A nice bright and solidly mounted light. Unfortunately, I had to return it because it was too difficult to mount properly on my bike packing rig with its crowded handlebar.

Tom C.
Amazing Light!

Just used the EVO during a 24 Hour Race and loved it! My night laps were just as fast as my day laps cause the light worked so well! 100% would recommend to anyone!

Best first light i ever bought!!!

My first bicycle light does not disappoint!!! I love my fx1 disc bicycle more because of the night time ridong!! I also love the light and the customer service are very responsive!!! Looking into adding more lights in the future!! Thank you for everything!!!

Daryl K.
Best Light I've Ever Owned

The Trail Evo is amazing the beam spread can be perfectly directed to highlight, not only directly infront of you, but your peripheral view as well. Since some of the other guys I ride with have Outbound lights the thing I noticed right away was that when they're behind me on the trail the lower beam pattern doesn't affect the rider in front on the fast descents as much as some of the other products available. I did have and issue with my mounting bracket which cracked when I flipped the bike over to fix a chain issue but I emailed Outbound and they admitted there was an issue with the earlier versions of the clamp. They sent me 2 of both bar sizes and stickers. They get 5 stars because the product is superior and they look after their customers. If you mountain bike at night a Trail Evo will enhance the experience.

Godwin D.
Great light and OUTSTANDING customer service

I joke that I could knock a plane out of the sky with my EVO as bright as it is and am very, very pleased with the light. I have been night riding since night riding first became a thing for mtn bikes (mid 90's) and this is far and away the best light I have had. I have had friends pay exorbitant amounts for brighter, but this is more than enough for me - and I ride fast at night. From a cost/benefit analysis - with durability, I think you will be very happy (and I have owned everything from cheap Chinese lights to top end American brands).

Let me also say that the customer service has been OUTSTANDING. I reached out twice, both on weekends, and got immediate responses. Each time they not only solved the issues (1 - my helmet didn't align with their mount so they sent me free one that would/2 - I crashed hard into a tree, hit the mount square (during daylight so EVO was not on) and lost the mount so they sent me a free replacement with a promise of the next gen one (also free) when it comes out in a few weeks).

Very, very pleased and will be sporting both my Evo and Hangover at 24 Hours in the Canyon (Palo Duro - Tx) in two weeks!

Denys B.

Best of the Best

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