Evo Downhill Package (Evo & Hangover)


This is the ultimate lighting setup. Trail Evo on the handlebars for that up-close and mid-range fill light, Hangover on your helmet that gives a wide but punchy light throw that with their powers combined, creates the Evo Downhill Package. This system together outperforms ANY single high power lamp on the market.

Engineered & built in Chicago, IL!

Package Includes:

  • Trail Evo for the handlebars
  • Hangover with helmet GoPro mount installed
  • Customized USB-C to USB-A charging cables

In stock (finally) and ready to ship almost same day!

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The downhill package has always been an Outbound Lighting staple. Pairing a fantastic helmet light with an amazing bar light. For years it was the job of Hangover on the helmet and the Trail Edition on the bars. Now with Trail Evo joining the product lineup we now have the Evo Downhill Package.  This gives you an entirely cable-free riding experience.


What truly sets our lights apart is our laser focus on beam pattern control and quality. We focus on having a strong throw with the Hangover helmet light, while still providing spill light to illuminate your peripheral vision. Trail Evo takes it a step further by having an enormously wide and evenly lit main beam, and seamlessly blending it beyond 180 degrees. It truly is something to behold in person.


The Hangover works in concert with the Evo to provide a full field of vision, you can duck into tight hairpins without breaking your wall of light. It truly revolutionizes the way you can ride at night, making it an absolute blast and gives you even more time to enjoy your bikes.

Check out this video demonstrating the Evo Downhill Package in action


This package outperforms ANY expensive single high power light because the beam patterns work together in harmony to do two separate but crucial jobs.




Trail Evo
GoPro Helmet Mount Kit
Out front quick release mount for Evo
USB-C to USB-A charge cables
Instruction Manual



Customer Reviews

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Not scared of the dark anymore.

Everyone that knows me understands that I do not like the dark. The idea of riding around the woods in pitch black darkness? No way. With current events and the social distancing we’ve all been doing lately, I picked up an outdoor hobby.

For me it was mountain biking, after a 20 year hiatus from my college glory days. When I discovered that night riding was a thing, I knew I had to try it. With my fear of the dark I didn’t want to compromise with some cheapo light that would cut-out mid ride.

I did the research like I do with a lot of things. If you do the same with bike lights you will quickly realize that no one in the marketplace approaches their products with the fanatical attention to detail like these guys. The actual science and research that went into these products is remarkable.

I had my first night ride the other day with the Evo and Hangover combo and all I can say is that I had all the light I needed and more. The coverage was spot on and I was focused less on the dark and more focused on the blazing the trail at full speed as if the sun never came down. It’s hard to describe. You just have to get the light combo and experience it for yourself.

Thank you Outbound Lighting for taking a chance and bringing a unique product to market and actually giving a damn about the work that you do!

The power of Ra

Lights are fantastic. Turns night in to day. American made. Couldn’t ask for more.


Now I see everything including the deer at night when I do my riding on the trails, heck even the frogs and turtles! Really nice and bright, bright lights! If you are looking for bright, look no more these are what you need... expensive but worth it!! You won't be disappointed!!!!

Badass Lights

I’ve put these through the test on our weekly night ride. They last, they’re bright, and they’re easy to dial up and down when your descending and climbing. Great choice for serious night riding.


Over the years I have ran many different sets of lights and outbound lights go above and beyond on all levels!! The beam patterns beat them all, battery life in frigid temps is excellent unlike many others. Customer service and shipping is top notch! The stoke is high on these lights. I have the Evo trail package and the road light. All are by far better than expected.

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