Evo Downhill Package (Evo & Hangover)


This is the ultimate lighting setup. Trail Evo on the handlebars for that up-close and mid-range fill light, Hangover on your helmet that gives a wide but punchy light throw that with their powers combined, creates the Evo Downhill Package. This system together outperforms ANY single high power lamp on the market.

Engineered & built in Chicago, IL!

Package Includes:

  • Trail Evo for the handlebars
  • Hangover with helmet GoPro mount installed
  • Customized USB-C to USB-A charging cables

Please allow us a day or two to build and ship your new awesome lights!

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The downhill package has always been an Outbound Lighting staple. Pairing a fantastic helmet light with an amazing bar light. For years it was the job of Hangover on the helmet and the Trail Edition on the bars. Now with Trail Evo joining the product lineup we now have the Evo Downhill Package.  This gives you an entirely cable-free riding experience.


What truly sets our lights apart is our laser focus on beam pattern control and quality. We focus on having a strong throw with the Hangover helmet light, while still providing spill light to illuminate your peripheral vision. Trail Evo takes it a step further by having an enormously wide and evenly lit main beam, and seamlessly blending it beyond 180 degrees. It truly is something to behold in person.


The Hangover works in concert with the Evo to provide a full field of vision, you can duck into tight hairpins without breaking your wall of light. It truly revolutionizes the way you can ride at night, making it an absolute blast and gives you even more time to enjoy your bikes.

Check out this video demonstrating the Evo Downhill Package in action


This package outperforms ANY expensive single high power light because the beam patterns work together in harmony to do two separate but crucial jobs.




Trail Evo
GoPro Helmet Mount Kit
Out front quick release mount for Evo
USB-C to USB-A charge cables
Instruction Manual



Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
EVO light overpowers the hangover

The EVO light is awesome. The Hangover doesn't have enough punch/reach to improve upon the awesome light carpet provided by the EVO. For a helmet light I want something that can really illuminate FAR down the trail and the spot of the hangover isn't big enough to really add much. As a combo, I prefer my old Nightrider Lumina 950 boost on my helmet to the Hangover. The Hangover also has half the battery life of the EVO.


I am a flashaholic and a mountain biker, I have over 30 flashlights. They all have a different purpose: flood, spot, batteries, lumens, cri, color temperatures, headlamps, lanterns. So I have tried quite a bit of bike light options, and my OL lights are by FAR the best I have ever owned. I honestly am not sure how I rode without them.

Straight from the box you can absolutely feel the quality and engineering in the lights. The brightest and floodiest bike light I have ever seen, and I always get asked what kind of lights they are on my rides. A few buddies actually bought these after they saw mine! They are worth the price and some.

The customer service is what really made me feel confident in my purchase. I had some questions about batteries and mounts and they were very quick to reply on Facebook and answer everything plus some. I broke my Evo mount after 4 rides and again, they were quick to reply on Facebook and send me out another the next day under warranty. If you are on the fence, I can tell you the customer service alone is worth more than any big brand company that is going to take weeks to get back to you.

Holds up in cold weather

I bought the Evo/Hangover package for winter rides of 1-2 hours and temps between 20 and 30 degrees. I thought the advertised battery runtimes might be a little optimistic and that runtimes would be shorter in cold weather. I'm happy to say both lights made it through a two-hour ride with juice to spare. And, the visibility is orders of magnitude better than my old lights.

Great System

The Evo downhill package is great. The light pattern is perfect, and the adaptive mode is awesome for extended battery life. The option to use external battery packs is a plus if you're on longer rides and want to stay in high mode more frequently.

Super impressed

Wow! These are the best lights I have ever owned. I have owned many Nightriders over the years. The last few the batteries failed prematurely. So I started looking at different brands and glad I did. The Evo has the best beam pattern I have ever seen, its almost like cheating. The hangover is nice and light and perfect for seeing where you are looking when cornering. If you run your bars low I would recommend getting the cable management add on to avoid shadows, well worth the $15.

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