Evo Downhill Package (Evo & Hangover)


This is the ultimate lighting setup. Trail Evo on the handlebars for that up-close and mid-range fill light, Hangover on your helmet that gives a wide but punchy light throw that with their powers combined, creates the Evo Downhill Package. This system together outperforms ANY single high power lamp on the market.

Engineered & built in Chicago, IL!

Package Includes:

  • Trail Evo for the handlebars
  • Hangover with helmet GoPro mount installed
  • Customized USB-C to USB-A charging cables

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The downhill package has always been an Outbound Lighting staple. Pairing a fantastic helmet light with an amazing bar light. For years it was the job of Hangover on the helmet and the Trail Edition on the bars. Now with Trail Evo joining the product lineup we now have the Evo Downhill Package.  This gives you an entirely cable-free riding experience.


What truly sets our lights apart is our laser focus on beam pattern control and quality. We focus on having a strong throw with the Hangover helmet light, while still providing spill light to illuminate your peripheral vision. Trail Evo takes it a step further by having an enormously wide and evenly lit main beam, and seamlessly blending it beyond 180 degrees. It truly is something to behold in person.


The Hangover works in concert with the Evo to provide a full field of vision, you can duck into tight hairpins without breaking your wall of light. It truly revolutionizes the way you can ride at night, making it an absolute blast and gives you even more time to enjoy your bikes.

Check out this video demonstrating the Evo Downhill Package in action


This package outperforms ANY expensive single high power light because the beam patterns work together in harmony to do two separate but crucial jobs.




Trail Evo
GoPro Helmet Mount Kit
Out front quick release mount for Evo
USB-C to USB-A charge cables
Instruction Manual



Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Great product even better Company

These are built for riders by riders. The product performs just as advertised if not better. The mounts are top notch and stable. The best part this is the team at outbound. They support not only their product but the people that buy them!

Simply amazing

Wow and end review! That's all you really need to know. I've used other lights and packed my mega batteries all around either on the frame or in a pack. These on the other hand... wow. Light weight, and mega wild in the woods. First ride I took them out on some moderately technical trails (Just going to do a quick lap to test I said) and by the end of the ride I was hitting mini downhill single track hooting and hollering in the illuminated woods.

One thing I noticed is I mounted the light too far forward on my helmet which added a little front weight to my lid. This has nothing to do with the lights, it is to be expects just like a camera, just some feed back for others users. I'll be looking for a lid that has a flatter top with out lines to mount more centered.

Okay now for the CON: The biggest and only con I have is.... I'm the only rider that has them in my group.... Solo Shred for days, minus the Elk that charged me the other night. Well done Outbound Lighting!!!!

Fantastic lights

Finally bit the bullet and dropped the cash to get these lights and I wish I had done it way sooner. The build quality is amazing, the light spread and power is good and useful, and they're quick and easy to set up, use, and take off.

My only complaint is the quick release for the EVO needs to be forced a little for the light to not jiggle in the mount. I've only used it a handful of times so hopefully that doesn't become an issue down the road.

Overall fantastic lights, definitely worth the money.

Trail EVO / Hangover Package Review

I had used GLoworm lights for the previous 5years, and while they were mostly great, I've always had problems with the wiring harnesses that made it necessary to open then up and solder wires, replace cables, switches etc. Add to that the requirement to run separate battery packs is a bummer. Where do you put it? Does it mess up your paint job or make your neck hurt?

I chose to replace the Gloworms with Outbounds mostly because of the lack of battery pack and wiring harnesses, but also because of the lighting design / considerations that have gone into development of these lights - to be clear I have a Hangover on the lid and a Trail Evo on the bar. The integration of these lights on my helmet and handlebar is super clean and robust, especially the Hangover - its very low profile and sits very close to the top of my helmet. I designed and printed a slick Gopro mount insert for my POC Kortal and the finished product is super sick.

The light output is incredible - I run them both on adaptive and so far they have both had plenty of juice to sustain my night rides that are typically 2-3hrs or so.

I am really excited about my lights and take every opportunity to get out there and RIDE.

Best lights around....Made in the USA!

I have a race coming up in a week so I’ve been training with these lights for the past month. Zero complaints on my part. Light pattern is great. The intensity is adjustable. They are both very durable lights as well and are supplied with 90 degree angle usb-c power cords that allow you to charge during use and also inclement weather. You definitely get what you pay for! The customer service is also second to none. The owner is receptive to suggestions and very quick to rectify any issues.

Evo downhill package

Only used it once at a big night ride it was the best light setup out of everyone. It was a chainless timed downhill run. My son took 2nd out of 30 riders including adults. Love the light so much I ordered another set for me. 👍🏻👍🏻

You get what you pay for

I’m new to night riding, but so far these are the best lights by far that I’ve seen on the trails. Yes, they are an investment, but they are well worth it. If you’re riding at night then safety is even more important than during the day. The biggest way to stay safe is to invest in lights that will actually help you see and this setup definitely does that. They’re awesome. Buy them. You won’t be disappointed.

Evo Downhill Package is #1

This light combo changed the game for me. I ride with others who have different setups but this Evo Downhill Package blows them away. Great company with awesome customer service!

Perfect combo

I ride in NH with a lot of twists and turns, ups and downs, roots and rocks. Plenty of light where I need it and the battery life is amazing for not having an external battery. I did have to get creative with my helmet because it doesn’t have a central rib to stick light to.

Awesome lights! Awesome company!

The lights are amazing. Turns night riding into day time. This is a company that stands behind its products too. Purchase with confidence.

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