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You asked for it, and we have delivered. A self-contained light designed specifically for mountian biking and helmet mounting. Named after the famous trail in Sedona, AZ.

  • 100g total weight with integrated mount.
  • 90 minutes of strong output, with the ability to charge-on-the-go.
  • 0-80% charge in 1 hour with standard USB-C.
  • Incredible beam pattern designed with helmet mounting in mind.
  • Ultra-slim form factor.

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We heard you.

We know you wanted a self-contained helmet light for a long time.

We know we can improve on what’s out there.  We can be lighter, charge faster, and maintain the output more consistently.

So we set out to develop a light, and like the Trail and Road Edition, we thought about a helmet light from the ground up rather than adapting an existing light to fit the role.

This is how we did it: 

For starters, we developed the optic in-house, from the ground up.  You can’t have a great light without a great optic, so we put hundreds of hours into simulation and prototypes to develop a beam pattern that fills your entire field of view with the light you need, not just a spot down the trail.



The blended TIR optic uses precision engineering to finely tune the beam shape, eliminating the typical “round hotspot” edges by redirecting portions of the beam to where you need it most, creating a dramatically smoother beam.  Creating a Light Carpet around your periphery allows you to see and react to the whole trail and not get “tunnel vision” with harsh edges.  The smoother the beam, the less strain on your eyes, the better you can see and the more comfortable your night ride is.




Then we focused on packaging. We absolutely wanted this to be the slimmest and lightest light on the market. So light you don’t even notice it on your head. So we put the battery sideways, used lightweight magnesium for the heat sink, lightweight PMMA with integrated overmolding for the lens, and an over-molded polycarbonate shell to form the top half.

The result is an incredible 100 grams total weight. Absolutely unheard of for a high power light.

Combine that featherweight with the fact that we can run this light at 90 minutes of runtime and you start to wonder what else you could possibly need. Need to last longer than that? We are one of the only bike lights on the market that offer pass-through charging. So you can hook up any USB powerbank you may own and it will supplement the light as your ride goes on. Giving you unparalleled flexibility for your specific riding needs.


No excuses anymore: Charge to 80% in 1 hour

Think for a second, how many times have you or a friend said “I can’t ride tonight, I forgot to charge my lights.”  Typical bike lights take 3 hours to charge IF you paid for the “fast charge” feature, 6 hours if you didn’t.

With the Hangover, you can get an hour of runtime in just 30-40 minutes with a compatible QC 3.0 charger, and a nearly full charge in around an hour thanks to standard USB-C QC charging.  That means you can plug it in while you’re getting ready, or driving to the trail, and be ready to go.



American Made Quality.

Like the Trail and Road Edition, these lights are built in our Chicago workshop. We put a massive amount of engineering work into making sure we can assemble our lights quickly, accurately, and with the highest quality to ensure that we keep production stateside for years to come.  Backed with a no-questions-asked warranty and amazing customer service. We want you to be a customer, a friend, and an Outbound rider for life.



What is included?

  • Hangover Light
  • USB-C charging cable
  • GoPro Helmet Mount with 3M VHB curved adhesive pad

Additional information

Weight.9 lbs


Peak Intensity82 lux
Peak Width26°
Overall Width60°
LED Chip6x Genuine CREE XQ-E HI LED
Chip Lumens850
LED Driver Efficiency96%
Battery3.7V 3300 mAH
Battery BrandLG Electronics
Charge Time60 minutes
Run Time2 to 16 hours
Dimensions82 x 32 x 48mm
System Weight100g
ColorDark Grey
Warranty3 year
MaterialsMagnesium, Silicone, TPU

37 reviews for Hangover

  1. Adam Rongey (verified owner)

    I am writing this review, but I only received my Hangover yesterday. It came partly charged, and only the High and Low beam worked. However, when I charged the light to 100%, all three levels were there, and extremely easy to use. I haven’t had a chance to ride with the light, but I did take it outside at night to see how it looked. AWESOME! The self contained unit is great, no battery cords to hook up, just a sweet, low profile light with a GoPro mount added to the adhesive. My guess is that you stick the 3M adhesive to your helmet, then you can take your light on and off as you wish. The beam pattern is awesome, really a wide beam. Also, it’s really light weight, so your head won’t get weighed down by a heavy light. I’m really stoked! One last thing. The customer service was great! I pre ordered my light back in May, so I was REALLY anxious to get it. However, and understandably, there were some issues with production. The owner kept everyone informed with periodic emails. He accepted all responsibility for the tardiness of getting our lights shipped (which wasn’t a huge deal to me), but was honest about the whole process, which I really appreciated. Looking forward to riding with my Hangover! Thanks!

  2. Gabe Schultz (verified owner)

    I purchased the “trail light” from outbound last spring and have been using that for my night rides and it works awesome. With the trail light being fixed on the handlebar, I just wanted something that I could still see when I looked left or right into the woods, so I purchased the Hangover. This thing makes a huge difference in how comfortable I am out at night and makes night riding even better!! I had the best night ride of my life last night. You can see everything when you add this light to the mix. One thing with a fixed handlebar mount light like the trail light is that when going down hill your light is pointed down when your handlebars dive down the trail, but you need to see further down the trail to see what’s coming up next. The Hangover erases this problem and makes it such a blast to bomb down the hill in the dark. It portrays such a vivid light pattern deep down the trail. The Hangover paired with the trail light is the absolute perfect combo! It was about 5 degrees last night with the windshield and I did about an hour in a half with the hangover light on medium/high the whole time. Right, when I got home it started blinking pretty fast and probably didn’t have too much life left in it. For being that cold and using it on high most of the time, I would say that is awesome for its battery life. Also, you do not feel this on your helmet or even notice it is up there. This was my first time wearing a helmet light and I didn’t feel a difference at all in the weight. If you are in the market for a helmet light, this is a must!

  3. Bill Reuther

    Best damm helmet light I have ever used, or owned.

  4. Steven Lang (verified owner)

    I opened up the Hangover for the first time and thought the box was great. I didn’t like the adhesive on the mount, but the mount itself was comfortable to take the light off of and adjust (I took off the adhesive and used a construction grade one). I have yet to ride with it, but the light felt good to move with (wearing helmet) and provided ample light. I would actually get another one for other uses. It has a light hum that my ears picked up in total silence, so it wouldn’t really bother with the noise of riding.

  5. John Bagley (verified owner)

    Extremely high quality product. Light pattern is fantastic. I’m really glad I bought two! The recipient of the second one is going to be very happy too. Always complained about lake helmet lights. This one rocks!

  6. Ian Armstrong (verified owner)

    Love this light! Feels great on the helmet. Very easy to use and intuitive. The light output is soooooo good! Wide range of flooded light and a perfect spotlight on the trail. You can also run an aux battery pack if you wanted for even longer run times. Great company, great light, can’t go wrong!

  7. David Liles (verified owner)

    Super light (as in not heavy). Super bright. Fits on helmet great. Stoked to use it to light the ways to more adventures. American made to boot. Buy it.

  8. For Dinotte user (verified owner)

    The Hangover helmet light is a excellent helmet light but requires a plugged-in cellphone USB power pack to have sufficient useful run-time. The power pack can be used to recharge the internal battery when the Hangover is off and to extend the run time when the Hangover is in use. There are many inexpensive USB power packs that can be used instead of a proprietary battery pack. The light comes with a angled USB C cord that can be routed to the left or the right side of the helmet.
    Would have given the Hangover 5 stars if the internal battery lasted longer.

  9. Thor (verified owner)

    I live and ride in Sedona AZ. I do a fair amount of single track night riding. This light punches above its weight when it’s all said and done. I run the trail light as well when riding, the wide desperation of the trail lamp combined with the distance/hotspot of the hangover is the dream set up! It is true that the battery charge time is at about an hour which is awesome for oh shit moments that comes with last minute planning for a late night rail of the trail. The only problem is that I have notice full power lighting seems to burn through the battery faster the. Anticipated. Being able to actively charge with an external battery on the go more then makes up for this but nonetheless this is something that may be ironed out in the future. I know this is something that is bound to happen with the first release and I’m not at all throwing stones, what outbound has done is fantastic.

  10. Simon. H (verified owner)

    Though not race tested yet I believe this light will be excellent for my endurance races based on a few test rides I have done. The light pattern is excellent and the unit is incredibly light. For me the selling point is the ability to run the light while hooked up to a USB power bank. I should be able to get a full nights ride without having to swap out batteries. The only improvement I could look for is having the battery easily replaceable but the spring contacts needed could be a source of failure if this was implemented.

  11. JeffJ (verified owner)

    I ordered this back in July and had a long wait I was hopping for perfection. Its close but.. .. I was in need of a helmet light but after a few rides this one will end up replacing handle bar light for now.
    The pros first of all.
    Beam pattern is great,it puts out a lot of light I can see plenty well for 15+ mph on single track at nigh.
    Size of the light is nice and compact for the amount of light it puts out, the Hang over is just a bit smaller than my old Lyzyne but puts out like 3x the light.
    Price point – the initial quality and amount of light its set at a good value
    build quality – seems quite good the case seems stout, it survived a tumble down a rock pile already

    Now the Cons of this light.
    First is the obnoxious hi-pitched squeal it emits. It is so loud that I can not have it on my helmet, it is at a frequency that causes vertigo. Its OK on the handlebars.
    Secondly the rubber door that safe guards the charging port does not fit well. I had to put a dab of sticky tack to hold it closes so not hot to get moisture in it.

    Given the time that was need to manufacture this light and the number of delays to correct issues I had higher hopes in the little details…its a good light for dry conditions, but I would have thought a rubber door that fits properly would have been solved in R&D, if I was to move to the PNW it would be a no go, I think …

    • Matt Conte (verified owner)

      Jeff, we have a software fix that we are starting to roll out to fix the squeal and updated USB doors that are coming in soon. We’ll be starting up an exchange program for existing customers to update their existing lights. Though don’t have to worry about the USB port itself as it is waterproof. We had actually considered not including a door at all since every modern phone and camera is now waterproof with open ports. Ultimately decided to put it in for heavy dust and mud protection.

  12. Former Dinotte User (verified owner)

    Being able to use cell phone power packs and chargers instead of proprietary batteries and charges is a 5 star design feature.
    The power packs give “an embarrassment of riches” to choices of battery capacity and weight.

  13. John Lemke (verified owner)

    I purchased this light waaaaaaay back when, and waited, and waited, and it finally showed up. I do a lot of night riding, and wanted a low profile, self-contained battery light, for either a helmet or bar mount. This light certainly filled the bill. The wide beam pattern with a combination of spot and flood diffusers creates some really useable light while on the trail. The battery fuel gauge is a handy touch. I also like the ability to keep a battery bank connected to the charging port, however, I wish that port was on the back of the light, as I prefer to run helmet lights as flush as possible. The port cover could be a little more weather-proof for wet conditions. For moderate paced rides on familiar trails, this “grab-and-go” light is a winner. Get one! And enjoy the fun of riding your trails at night!

  14. JYL (verified owner)

    The hangover is pretty neat, light and great beam pattern. However you can’t break the laws of physics and it only runs about 45 mins on high, pretty far from the claimed 2hrs. Then it goes to medium which is not bad. Overall it lasted a little over 2hrs but switched to medium after 45 mins. If you want to run on high for 2 hrs, be prepared to buy a powerbank. Overall a nice light but falls short of the advertised runtime.

  15. Dave Carbonell

    This is a great little low-weight, self-contained helmet light for trail riding. The combination of decent flood and spot lighting illuminates appropriately. The price is quite reasonable. With my helmet’s built in GoPro mount, the light is low profile compared to other lights; this means less ducking on my local tight and twisty trails. Button is easy to activate, charges quickly! No major complaints, lots of solid value here. Will outperform the shit out of knock-off cheap Chinese lights on Amazon. CS is great too.

  16. P K (verified owner)

    Pros: nice very small compact design, nice beam ( broad,even, no real hot spots) pattern checking in back yard, no need for a special charger- already have several options that will work. Cons: not super powerful deep throw ( 800 lumens are spread evenly with a wide cast ) The reality is that this light shipped months later than promised, and missed the entire night light riding season for me. Understandable….but they failed multiple earlier promised ship dates, These communications, and failures leave me with a lack of confidence. Will battery life meet the promised standards ?(probably not) will the unit hold up to actual use? time will tell

  17. Neil (verified owner)

    Good light with an excellent form factor. The beam pattern has a nice wide carpet with a very substantial hot spot in the middle. I love the fuel gauge, multiple brightness modes, and the fact that it can charge very quickly from a wide variety of external battery banks.

    – As others have mentioned, the rubber flap for the charging port doesn’t close securely, but instead just hangs loose.
    – I haven’t timed it, but the high beam seems to step down to a lower beam well before the advertised two hour runtime for the internal battery.
    – There is a steady high-pitched transformer whine from the light anytime it is running. It didn’t bother me too much, though I would have preferred silent.
    – The included adhesive Go-Pro style mount isn’t suitable for XC and road-style vented helmets, you need an enduro style helmet with a flatter shell, or purchase a “GoPro Vented Helmet Strap Mount” (~$15) and cinch it down tight.
    – I would have preferred a slightly weaker/more dispersed hot spot with a brighter “carpet”, as the carpet doesn’t work well on Low setting.
    – It’s not clear what our options are going to be to replace the internal battery when it eventually wears down. OL hasn’t articulated a policy or price point, and I’m not sure how user-serviceable are the internals.

    If the cons aren’t dealbreakers, I think this is a really great premium light at a reasonable price, and you have the option of using as many affordable non-proprietary battery packs as you need to get whatever runtime you’re looking for. I do plan to sell my other lights and stick with OL exclusively, but I’d like to see some of these things addressed in the future.

  18. Malcolm G (verified owner)

    I First of all, I had the same concern with the charge port cover – not closing well. I contacted Outbound Lighting because I was concerned about weatherproofing and they informed me that the charge port itself is waterproof. The rubber cover is more for keeping dust/dirt/mud out of the charge port connection area. For me (not a hardcore trail rider, but more casual night rider who likes some single track to gravel road rides) the size and weight of this light is perfect – not too big and not too heavy like my other much more expensive helmet lights. Plus the helmet lights I have, the batteries are super heavy and I have to carry them in a waist pack and run a cord from the waist pack to the light on my helmet and that BITES! My helmet has a built in GoPro mount so this light is perfect. I do have a small external battery (~4.6oz) I can mount to the back of my helmet, which I’ve used previously and don’t notice it, so I’m not really concerned with the battery issues pointed out by others. So far, I really like this light. It’s bright, good beam pattern and not heavy at all. Thanks Outbound Lighting!!

  19. Alex H (verified owner)

    Get this light, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve done one ride with it so far, and think the light it produces is better than any others. I pair it with the Trail edition to use for off road riding only. It’s easy to switch the beam from high to medium for the climbs, and then to low for just hanging around. I ran it for about an hour, and had no issues. The only minor thing is the slight humming it makes when everything is quiet, and wasn’t an issue while riding. The charging port cover doesn’t quite close after charging, but it’s not an issue at all. Still water resistant. With the trail and hangover, I’m able to ride just as fast at night as I am during the day.

  20. Rob

    The hangover is an excellent helmet light. I love the wide form factor and the peripheral light it throws out. The center spot is very bright and usable, without being too harsh. I haven’t taken it on singletrack yet, but I am think it will have an excellent light pattern and enough center throw that I shouldn’t be outriding it.

    The case feels very stout, and the button feels quality. Large enough to hit with my thumb when wearing mitts. I like the integrated gopro tabs on the back of the light housing, and how flat it sits to the helmet. A+ for build quality.

    Battery life / runtime : This is where things get a bit less rosy. The light was (and still is) marketed on the website with the text “2 hours of usable light on high mode per FL1 standards”. This was very exciting to me when I ordered the light, even if I couldn’t imagine how they were getting this on a single cell. Well, what this REALLY means is “The light will run for 2 hours when you START it on high, after it steps down to medium after 45 minutes or so”. Quite misleading. Outbound, please change your website text to give more realistic expectations.

    That being said, I can run this for my entire bike commute on medium without an external pack, so it works for my needs there. I also LOVE the daytime running light / flasher mode which make cars take a little more notice of me coming down the bike trail / lane and not pulling out in front of me.

    Now, what I think is the BEST FEATURE of this thing is the “pass-through charging” over USB-C. This is what sold me on the light in the first place and it did not disappoint. So, I have a pretty compact 10,000 mAh USB phone charger. (I got it at Sam’s club in a pack of 2 for $35). When I want to do longer rides and still blast it at high the whole time, I can get as much runtime as I want. My initial test at home (running on high) with the 10,000 battery pack got me about 2.75 hours before the pack wore out, and then the light battery itself got me another 45 min before switching to medium for another 1.25 hours. So a $17 battery gets me 3+ hours runtime on high. No complaints there.

    Outbound, if you are listening, I would like to see more lights with a self-contained battery that you can still use an external pack for. I would love to also have one on the bars similar to the trail edition I could do this with. I’d rather buy a couple $17 packs for extra runtime than have to buy spare bike-light batteries for $40-70. Also, the flexibility to run with or without external packs depending on what kind of ride you are doing is excellent.

    Hope this helps. If you are looking for a great helmet light, I would not hesitate to recommend this, keeping in mind you understand the battery runtime caveats. Runtime is about the same on high as similar self-contained lights in this price bracket, but you get the option to increase it as much as you need with an external pack. Throw a cheap Amazon 20,000 mAh pack at it and you could pretty much ride all night. It is high quality, well designed and I feel it is worth the price for sure.

  21. Argin (verified owner)

    So far so good, I’m impressed! I also noticed that the USB cover fits loose but the owner of the company has assured me that the cover is not even needed as the USB port itself is water proof. It was.definitely worth the wait.

  22. Case Isaac (verified owner)

    Form factor is good on this light, the gopro mount works just fine for me as well. The whine the light makes is a bit annoying, but I don’t notice it while moving.
    The 2 hour runtime on high, now updated to included “per FL1 standard” is a big let down, you really only get an hour on high before the output starts dropping down, around 90 minutes in total and it drops to low. That’s a big let down and deceptive advertising to me. However, I don’t think a helmet light should be meant to be a sole source of light, and this works great with the trail light mounted on the bars.

    The loose rubber door for the charge port is also a bit of annoyance, though on the helmet the risk to the light is low and I don’t expect issues.

  23. Kyle Buck (verified owner)

    Got the hangover and the trail light. Awesome combo, best lights I’ve ever used for night rides. Run times aren’t quite as long as advertised but not really an issue in my opinion. Definitely reccomend both lights

  24. Jas Condley (verified owner)

    I was initially very excited for this product, but the undersized inductor that emits a high-pitched squeal is definitely a downside to the light. I’m also less than thrilled with the adhesive mount point and would have preferred a Velcro or other strap such that the light can be transferred between helmets easily.

    • Matt Conte (verified owner)

      We are working on a software fix for the squealing, as it was a result of the PWM switching frequency, not undersized inductors. Will be willing to do exchanges for previous customers. I also have some vented helmet mount straps we will be putting on the site soon, though contact me if you want one or an extra helmet mount.

  25. Oz Gravel Gal (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic light for the chunky, technical, “high-speed descending” gravel we have here in the Ozark’s of Arkansas. Beam pattern is excellent from my handlebars. I did have to take a Dremel to the bottom of my Garmin VIRM mount to get the GoPro mount to be able to pivot the light into position, but that was a minor fix. I am over the moon to learn that my only two other complaints will be addressed: 1. The “hummmmm,” and 2, the flappy rubber door on the charge port. [and yes, you were so correct we do need a flap because of MUD and dust]. Thanks for your continued support and improvement of this product. I am recommending it to everyone!

  26. Tim Abbott (verified owner)

    Like others have said, when it’s working, this light is brilliant – it really delivers for the short time it works. Unfortunately, I can’t get anywhere near the advertised times for output or charging. I can’t come anywhere close to 2 hours on high (most I’ve managed so far is about 1:20 – usually less – and just about 2:00 on medium before it craps out), and even using a quick charge 3.0 power bank, it takes a full 2 hours to charge until the green lights all turn solid. If I charge it for the advertised hour, when I turn it on it will give me four green lights, but it only gives me 20-30 minutes on high. In addition, I’ve got the high-pitched noise and the floppy USB cover that refuses to close. This would be a 5-star review if they advertised burn and charge times more in line with what I’m getting because the light is that good when it’s working, but the reality so far has been so off from what is advertised that it has to be 2 from me. It could simply be that I got a dud, but two emails and a message in their “leave a message” thing seeking assistance and/or a warranty replacement have gone completely unanswered.

  27. Mike Kostuch (verified owner)

    As others have mentioned, I too noticed the high pitch sound emitting from the light on the high setting (not a huge deal) and was less than thrilled by the adhesive attachment to the helmet. The brightness, weight and size of the light are fantastic but it won’t do you much good if the adhesive wears out and you lose your light.

    • Matt Conte (verified owner)

      Thanks for the review! The adhesive mount is the exact same 3M VHB that GoPro has used for almost 15 years. As long as it’s installed on a clean surface then you should have no worries about it failing. For the record the GoPro weighs more than Hangover as well 🙂

  28. Mark P (verified owner)

    After my first night ride, I am very impressed. I love the Hangover’s diffused light pattern. I have a 750 and a 1,000 lumen light that are single spot beams that create a tunnel effect to the light. Not so with the Hangover. The edges of the trail are naturally in view and allow a better idea of trail camber and upcoming trail changes. My favorite aspect of the Hangover is the light does not blow out the contours of the rocks and trail elevations. The rocky trails I ride seem flat in the the bright beam of other lights, and I frequently get surprised by a loose rock or a bigger bump than expected. The people at Outbound are obviously going for what riders want and not just chasing high lumens.

  29. Antonio Correa

    I have the Trail light which is excellent and which I highly recommend. But at high speeds and on trails with ups and downs, a helmet light is needed. I ordered the Hangover in May and finally received delivery just after Thanksgiving. Having used the light several times now, I can vouch for how well it lights the trail. I have no problems seeing the trail once I am riding. Also, I barely notice the weight on my helmet. Both of these are vast improvements over the Niterider I used on my helmet. I don’t have an issue with the high pitched sound some have mentioned. I would have given the light at least four stars and probably five it if wasn’t for a some items of frustrations.
    1. The light comes with a permanent sticky mount. Unfortunately, the mount did not fit on the top of my helmet. I had to separately buy the GoPro strap mount. Not that expensive but I had to wait for the strap before I could use the light.
    2. The rubber door protecting the plug does not fit well and more times than not hangs open. I have read Matt’s response to others that have mentioned this and I am glad to see the door isn’t really needed but I did not know until just before writing this review.
    3. I cannot seem to figure out how to connect to charge the light for quick charging. The light seems to decide when it wants to rapid charge and when not to. On one occasion, it charges at regular speed and the next time using the same method it charges rapidly. I use a smart USB charger and plug it into an AC outlet. I give myself plenty of time to charge before using the light in case it decides to go at regular speed.

  30. Matthew (verified owner)

    Good looking, high performing, and lightweight nite light for the night rides. Good times!

  31. whenindowt (verified owner)

    I now have about 5 rides in with the hangover. Runtime in below freezing weather is pretty good. I consistently get over 90 minutes on medium, with occasional use of high for fast or technical downhills. The wide beam reaches the edge of my peripheral vision. My former niterider 850 now sits on the handlebars running on low for 2 hours. Plenty of quality light for my needs.

  32. Zach (verified owner)

    So far this light has been fantastic. It’s small enough to throw in the hip pack and if an evening ride ends being a little longer you can quickly mount it on the helmet and ride with more illumination than I expected from a single light. Also has great charge time and the field of vision is great!

  33. Dale Krantz

    This is a truly impressive little light! I used it paired with the trail edition mounted to the bar, it enables me to see around those tight corners and nice to have when you get off the bike. Even as a stand alone it was better than my friends 2, NR 1200s(or what ever). The trail is an amazing piece of engineering, I did not think that a little helmet mounted light would be able to add much other than a convince, but I was wrong… I am now comfortable doing all the (lame)jumps and (pathetic)drops that I do during the day, on the darkest of nights. I can see it being a great emergency light too for when you might get caught out when the ride runs long.

    Thanks for making night riding fun

  34. Cliff Jones (verified owner)

    I have been night riding for over 25 years started back in the days of ducktaping a d cell mag-light onto your handlebars and have seen many many improvements over the years. I also promote a night MTB race so I have experienced dang near every light on the market. In the last few years I have seen Lumens increase with little increase in usable light and most riders end up using their crazy bright lights on lower settings so they can see better without the hot spot burnout. The Hangover is a totally new take toss out the lumens war and focus on usable light. I absolutely love mine and don’t want to go back. Some don’t like the 1.5hr ish on high run time or the 2hr on adaptive but if i was to compare it to my other self contained lights it preforms about the same on run times. And the icing on the cake is for the rare ride that I am going to push past its run time its the only self contained light that I know of that I can add a power pack to extend it’s run time. I would 100% recommend this to a friend and I have.

  35. Christopher Martin (verified owner)

    This light is great! The fit & finish, and performance is beyond any other bike light I’ve used. It’s obvious that there was actual engineering and R&D put into this product. The spread of light is perfect – 180 degree wide,and with a perfect hotspot that doesn’t overpower the peripheral lighting. The color temp is slightly warm, much better to see details in the trail versus the cool white color many other LED lights give. I’m now purchasing the Trail Edition light based on my experience.

  36. Tom S (verified owner)

    Having pre-ordered and expecting the light to ship in time for the start of my dark-commuting season, it was disappointing to have to wait until the middle of the season to start using it because of manufacturing problems. There were regular updates on the situation, which I appreciate, and now I see in other comments (but I haven’t heard about via email) that some other concerns are going to be addressed. It seems like a sincere effort is being put out by a new company who’s really trying to put out an awesome product. I’ve been riding with the light for about 3 weeks now, 45-50 minutes with temperatures between 20 & 30 degrees. Running on High I don’t even worry about it shutting off, but… it would be nice if there was some better documentation provided about the various power levels and expected run-times. The little card included in the box seems pretty low on useful information. I saw one review here that mentioned an “adaptive mode” which is news to me. As far as I know there are 3 power settings, 3 clicks of the button, nothing fancy. If there’s more to it than that, I’d expect it to be clearly outlined in the documentation that came in the box, if it’s on the website, I never saw it back when I placed my order, if it’s there now, purchasers should have gotten an email filling us in… we probably don’t all re-visit the website on a regular basis just to read the product description. I’m a little confused now, because I’m not really sure how the brightness settings may/may not work, and before I do any longer rides I’d like to be more aware. So, my review loses 1 star just because I think there are some growing pains evident by these things, but I expect Outbound to live long and prosper, and these little things will work themselves out. Otherwise – 4 well-earned Stars for the product itself! It’s super bright, lightweight, and yes – the beam pattern is perfect, I really appreciate the amount of light that fills in right around the bike. While commuting it’s an added bonus for my (bright yellow) arms to be fully illuminated – drivers need all the help they can get when it comes to seeing me. At times I find myself thinking there is a car or another bike coming up behind me, only to realize that it’s just my own light lighting up everything in my peripheral vision… that’s definitely something that never happened when riding with the cheap Chinese tunnel-vision lights! One last thing… the included Go-Pro mount doesn’t work with my road bike helmet, there’s a big fat vent right where I need to stick the base. I worked around it by zip-tieing it down, but because of how I had to route the ties I can’t remove the light from the mount to swap it to my mountain bike helmet. I’ll figure something out, but I hope it doesn’t come to buying a new road helmet.

  37. Jay Jones (verified owner)

    I have waited to write a review of this light until I had ample time with it.

    I love the weight of this light and when it’s mounted on the helmet, you barely notice it’s there, it “disappears” fairly quickly as far as it being noticeable. I like the beam pattern of the light and when I use it with my handlebar light (Light & Motion Seca, which I love!) it compliments it very well.

    The reason I only gave it 4 stars was that the advertised run time on high has not happened. I have ran the light all the way down and performed a full recharge twice and it still doesn’t run on high or the second setting longer than 60 minutes and then it starts it’s automatic dimming. It did run 90 minutes, but the last 20 minutes was a low light. Plus the rubber door for the USB doesn’t always want to stay closed, but after reading other reviews, this really isn’t an issue.

    I would recommend this light, but be cautious of run time.

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