You asked for it, and we have delivered. A self-contained light designed specifically for mountain biking and helmet mounting. Named after the famous trail in Sedona, AZ.

  • 100g total weight with integrated mount.
  • 90 minutes of strong output, with the ability to charge-on-the-go.
  • 0-80% charge in 1 hour with standard USB-C.
  • Incredible beam pattern designed with helmet mounting in mind.
  • Ultra-slim form factor.

Shipping same day if you order by 3pm CST!

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We know what you want from the best helmet mounted bike light. Lightweight, ultra-slim form factor, incredible output, easy to use,  and being able to recharge quickly is always a plus. So we did just that and developed the Hangover.

A helmet mounted bike light designed from the ground up to be exactly that, no bulky adapters, no wires, no nonsense.


This is how we did it: 

For starters, we developed the optic in-house, from the ground up.  You can’t have a great light without a great optic, so we put hundreds of hours into simulation and prototypes to develop a beam pattern that fills your entire field of view with the light you need, not just a spot down the trail.



The blended TIR optic uses precision engineering to finely tune the beam shape, eliminating the typical “round hotspot” edges by redirecting portions of the beam to where you need it most, creating a dramatically smoother beam.  Creating a Light Carpet around your periphery allows you to see and react to the whole trail and not get “tunnel vision” with harsh edges.  The smoother the beam, the less strain on your eyes, the better you can see and the more comfortable your night ride is.




Then we focused on packaging. We absolutely wanted this to be the slimmest and lightest light on the market. So light you don’t even notice it on your head. So we put the battery sideways, used lightweight magnesium for the heat sink, lightweight PMMA with integrated overmolding for the lens, and an over-molded polycarbonate shell to form the top half.

The result is an incredible 100 grams total weight. Absolutely unheard of for a high power light.

Combine that featherweight with the fact that we can run this light at 100+ minutes of usable runtime and you start to wonder what else you could possibly need. Need to last longer than that? We are one of the only bike lights on the market that offer pass-through charging. So you can hook up any USB powerbank you may own and it will supplement the light as your ride goes on. Giving you unparalleled flexibility for your specific riding needs.

Let’s talk about runtimes for a second. The bike light industry tends to like to use the FL1 standard, which rates runtime as the time it takes to go from full brightness to 10% output, an outdated measure that harkens back to the days of using Alkaline batteries, and when you would swap out your flashlight battery… But this is 2021. We need to get real about runtimes. Nearly every single light on the market starts out full brightness and diminishes over time, and this is okay. Our eyes adapt to the darkness and as long as the reduction is gradual, we literally cannot tell the difference until reaching about 50-60% of the perceived brightness.  Which is why we say that we have 100+ minutes of usable runtime in our standard Adaptive Mode, we aren’t going to call this “high” anymore and have a mode that isn’t actually high…. we made that mistake once.

Here is the expected runtime chart. This should be far more useful then just a single number. Also included is one of the more popular bike lights out there to reference how the typical “1 hour runtime” is advertised versus how it actually performs.

Our High, Medium and Low Modes are SOLID output modes that are designed for the rider that changes the light intensity often. Low and slow for the climbs, maximum output for the fast descent. Medium is the perfect setting when paired with the Trail Edition or another Hangover on the handlebars to get nearly 3 hours of runtime.  Adaptive is for the rider that hits the trail hard right from the parking lot and doesn’t want to think about changing output often. Just set it and forget it and get 90+ minutes of runtime.

Every mode has a 20-minute reserve that drops to low, we don’t want you getting stuck in the woods with no warning, or no way to get out in time. Plus let’s be honest, if you left it on high you probably were really only going to get another 3 minutes of runtime before totally going out, so lets put in a safety measure…


No excuses anymore: Charge to 80% in 1 hour

Think for a second, how many times have you or a friend said “I can’t ride tonight, I forgot to charge my lights.”  Typical bike lights take 3 hours to charge IF you paid for the “fast charge” feature, 6 hours if you didn’t.

With the Hangover, you can get an hour of runtime in just 30-40 minutes with a compatible QC 3.0 charger, and a nearly full charge in around an hour thanks to standard USB-C QC charging.  That means you can plug it in while you’re getting ready, or driving to the trail, and be ready to go.



American Made Quality.

Like the Trail and Road Edition, these lights are built in our Chicago workshop. We put a massive amount of engineering work into making sure we can assemble our lights quickly, accurately, and with the highest quality to ensure that we keep production stateside for years to come.  Backed with a no-questions-asked warranty and amazing customer service. We want you to be a customer, a friend, and an Outbound rider for life.



What is included?

  • Hangover Light
  • USB-C charging cable
  • GoPro Helmet Mount with 3M VHB curved adhesive pad

Instruction Manual

CLICK HERE for the latest instruction manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 205 reviews
Jonathan F.
Overheats in 10min in 50f weather; doesn't fit in standard 3-ear pivot mounts

Overheats in 10min in 50f weather, leaving you stranded.
Doesn't fit in standard 3-ear pivot mounts (go-pro, etc); weight is too far forward to stay in position.

Really disappointed.

Hi Jonathan, the Hangover doesn’t produce enough heat to overheat and shut down, so if it just failed while riding that’s a an unacceptable failure.

I’m reaching out now via email to get that replaced for you so I can figure out what happened with your unit, and get your mounting issues resolved, as this light uses the standard “action camera” mount design for compatibility, I’m sure we can figure out a solution for you.

Eric S.
Love this little light

I was on the fence on ordering this light but so very glad for my purchase. it is ridiculously bright, amazingly light and lasts a good amount of time. Not much more I would change about this little guy. Very, very happy so far!

Haven H.
Well, I didn’t crash…

Worked great. Plenty of light to follow a fast, pumpy singletrack.

Best Lights!

best light, best value because of it’s comprehensive features not because of lumen power alone. lightweight, solid mounting, smart adaptive battery power, wide angle and no tunnel vision or hot spots, mainly because of the fresnel lens in front typically found in automotive lighting but specifically designed for bikes, pass through usb powering using external power bank (just bought a 20k 2.5a brick for this) and lastly the price (got the trail evo + hangover combo) ... but wait there’s more! extremely responsive and customer oriented folks

Gus M.

Solid helmet light that puts out great coverage with good running time. Also doesn't feel like you have a brick strapped to your helmet.

Rodolfo L.
Somewhat dissatisfied

Despite the fact that the Hangover light offers a good wide spread of illumination, it lacks of the spot penetration. And if you use it at maximum capacity, very likely you will lose all your light before you are in your way back.

D N.
Aloha night rides

For about 15 years I have been riding with only one light. It’s been a great addition to move that light to my handlbars and have a hangover for my helmet light. Having a single form factor with an ultrabright center has been very helpful for ripping down the trails of Hawaii at night. Thank you, I will be buying more. And I think most of our crew has at least one Outbound light at this point. ALOHA

Walt B.
Great Products with Top of the line support

I love my hangover and trail evo. My shake down ride with them was the Fried Clay 420K. Maybe not the best idea but I sure learned a lot about these lights in the middle of the night in the middle of no where. The trail evo performed beyond my expectations and the pass through charging is a dream. the mount is a weak link but I'm betting that will be corrected The beam is wide and strong. The hangover wasn't quite what I was expecting it to be but that is my own issue not the light's issue. Beam pattern is tighter than I wanted and the stick on mount didn't really match my helmet. No worries though. A little adaptation and I was able to make an old strap mount work with the sticky mount.

I did have some issues with the trail evo mount but Tom @outbound lighting has been more than helpful with supporting me and all of my questions and any issues i have brought to his attention. Stuff fails it always does. to me what makes a great product is hoe the company deals with customer questions or issues. These folks have been top notch. I'm looking forward to using their products for years to come.

Super light and super light

It is very light weight and has a great light pattern. So far, I really like it.



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