You asked for it (repeatedly) and we have delivered. A self contained light designed specifically for helmet mounting. Named after the famous trail in Sedona, AZ.

  • 100g total weight with integrated mount.
  • 2 hours runtime on high.
  • 1 hour charge time with standard USB-C.
  • Incredible beam pattern designed with helmet mounting in mind.
  • Ultra slim form factor.


Production has started and we have over 1,200 pre-order customers to fulfill first. Due to the large backlog, and because we build these in-house, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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We heard you.

We know you wanted a self-contained helmet light for a long time.

We know we can improve on what’s out there.  We can be lighter, charge faster, and maintain the output more consistently.

So we set out to develop a light, and like the Trail and Road Edition, we thought about a helmet light from the ground up rather than adapting an existing light to fit the role.

This is how we did it: 

For starters, we developed the optic in-house, from the ground up.  You can’t have a great light without a great optic, so we put hundreds of hours into simulation and prototypes to develop a beam pattern that fills your entire field of view with the light you need, not just a spot down the trail.



The blended TIR optic uses precision engineering to finely tune the beam shape, eliminating the typical “round hotspot” edges by redirecting portions of the beam to where you need it most, creating a dramatically smoother beam.  Creating a Light Carpet around your periphery allows you to see and react to the whole trail and not get “tunnel vision” with harsh edges.  The smoother the beam, the less strain on your eyes, the better you can see and the more comfortable your night ride is.




Then we focused on packaging. We absolutely wanted this to be the slimmest and lightest light on the market. So light you don’t even notice it on your head. So we put the battery sideways, used lightweight magnesium for the heat sink, lightweight optical silicone for the lens, and an over-molded poly-carbonate shell to form the top half.

The result is an incredible 100 grams total weight. Absolutely unheard of for a high power light.

Combine that featherweight with the fact that we can run this light at 2 hours of runtime and you start to wonder what else you could possibly need.


No excuses anymore: Full charge in 1 hour

Think for a second, how many times have you or a friend said “I can’t ride tonight, I forgot to charge my lights.”  Typical bike lights take 3 hours to charge IF you paid for the “fast charge” feature, 6 hours if you didn’t.

With the Hangover, you can get an hour of runtime in just 30 minutes with a compatible QC 3.0 charger, and a full charge in around an hour thanks to standard USB-C QC charging.  That means you can plug it in while you’re getting ready, or driving to the trail, and be ready to go.


American Made Quality.

Like the Trail and Road Edition, these lights are built in our Chicago workshop. We put a massive amount of engineering work into making sure we can assemble our lights quickly, accurately, and with the highest quality to ensure that we keep production stateside for years to come.  Backed with a no-questions-asked warranty and amazing customer service. We want you to be a customer, a friend, and an Outbound rider for life.


What is included?

  • Hangover Light
  • USB-C charging cable
  • GoPro Helmet Mount

Additional information

Weight.9 lbs


Peak Intensity82 lux
Peak Width26°
Overall Width60°
LED Chip6x Genuine CREE XQ-E HI LED
Chip Lumens850
LED Driver Efficiency96%
Battery3.7V 3300 mAH
Battery BrandLG Electronics
Charge Time60 minutes
Run Time2 to 16 hours
Dimensions82 x 32 x 48mm
System Weight100g
ColorDark Grey
Warranty3 year
MaterialsMagnesium, Silicone, TPU


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