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Best Overall Light (2019)

"Holy sh*t there is a LOT of tech that goes into Outbound Lighting’s Focal! This isn’t just a business, it's a way of life for these guys! They have sweated out the details, and emerged from the sauna of MTB component design victorious (and glistening in a sheen of glory).

The Focal doesn’t have the highest lumen output of the test, but it has a lot going for it. Particularly the lens shape, which is designed to optimize its beam spread to illuminate everything directly in front of you evenly and yet still offer ample peripheral lighting. It has zero hot spots and a nice, soft beam fall off that's both easy on the eyes while still offering phenomenal peripheral illumination."

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Ultimate Downhill Package

"There is a huge difference between a light that allows you to simply ride the trail and a light that allows you to ride the trail at near the same pace as with daylight. The Outbound Lighting Ultimate Downhill Package is definitely geared toward the later.

The Outbound Lighting Ultimate Downhill light without a doubt lives up to its name. While running the bar and helmet light, I never felt the need for more light. Compared to the more expensive Lights and Motion Seca Race and Glowworm X2 (with wide optics) the Outbound single unit isn’t quite as bright but the differences aren’t massive. Where the Outbound light shines is with great burn times and a high-quality beam pattern. The Ultimate Package is really all the serious trail rider could ask for with everything you need for many hours of fun in the dark. Running the “Trail” light alone on the bars"

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Trail Evo

"There is a new sheriff in town, boys. She is powerful, bright and has 9 LEDs with a flood beam pattern to light your way. I love everything about this light. The design, the details, the output, everything. The button and UI are identical to the hangover so the trail light experience translates well between both lights....

... The guys at Outbound want your business for life. If you have a problem, they will replace your faulty light under warranty for 3 years and fix it or upgrade it past that period. They will probably also take you on a trail ride and buy you a beer if you happen to be in their neighbourhood. These guys are really passionate about making awesome lights. They don't care how many sleepless nights they have to put up with if it means they are putting out the best product on the market and learn from customers all over the world.It is awesome to see two guys take on a saturated part of the market and knock the ball right out of the park. You are doing your night riding a disservice if you are not at least demoing Outbound Lighting products."

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"Outbound Lighting Hangover & Trail Evo Review"

Trail Evo & Hangover

"Outbound Lighting is a relative newcomer to the lighting world. They launched their lights via Kickstarter just 4 years ago. And in that short amount of time, they have shown they are contenders in the space. They have also shown they aren’t afraid to do things differently. Every other major light manufacturer has its lumen count front-and-center. Which is really what we’ve been programmed to look for when comparing lights: Because, well, more lumens, means more light, right? Well, more or less, but, Outbounds’s take is that: It’s not the brightness of the beam that really counts, but rather how that beam is used. Outbound believes in this statement so much that they made the bold move of basically burying their lights’ lumen counts on the website, if they show them at all.....

..... I really, really hate to admit this, but I was first drawn to Outbound via an Instagram ad: It showed the Outbound’s beam pattern compared to another brand’s light, and, like basically all Instagram ads, it looked too good to be true, but I wanted to see for myself. And, if seeing is believing, well, I guess I am a believer. "

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"Tested: Outbound Lighting Trail Evo and Hangover"

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